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Jason's Thoughts: The next big indie promotion?

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Hey guys im back to posting after a brief hiatus. I figured Id give you guys something besides a review and talk about a company. This company is one of the best and biggest companies in the indies. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. Do not let the name fool you, even though its silly it provides you with some of the best, hard hitting, fast paced action in wrestling. Here are some reasons why.

The Comedy
Some people complain about the dumb comedy acts and storylines in WWE and TNA like Eric Young, Santino and Zack Ryder but PWG finds a way to put the perfect amount. All of the jokes and humorous moments are side splittingly hilarious bt even though they are funny they can still be taken seriously, for example Chuck Taylor has been in tons of amazing matches and even a guy like El Generico can main event and have it be believable.

Awesome Commentary
The commentary in the shows are funny, insightful and very interesting and the best part is its always a different team. Wheather it is Excalibur, Kevin Steen or The Taylor boys you are guarenteed to have a fun time. The only downside is the commentary and crowd noise sometimes do not blend well so the sounds can be a little off. Plus they can get way off topic at times.

Less events to follow
If you complain about how WWE has to many shows PWG is perfect. They usually have shows ranging from 6-12 in a year but make up for it in great events and sometimes two night shows like DDT4, BOLA and All Star Weekend. It also makes you love and savor every show because you will not see one for another month or two.

Great Roster
Never before has one wrestling roster featured so many styles. PWG has hard hitters like Sami Callihan and Kevin steen than high flyers like TJ Perkins, Scorpio Sky and Stupified. Brawlers like B-Boy, Strong style wrestlers like Rodrick Strong, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards then all around wrestlers like Adam Cole. Not only that but there are fly ins like Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin aswell as a lot of local talent. You can pretty much put any person against another and have a great match.

Dream Matches/ Prices
PWG is also known to spoil its fans by giving us amazing matches. For example look at their latest card. Dojo Bros (Rodrick Strong and Eddie Edwards) vs the Young Bucks, Inner City Machine Guns vs the Unbreakable F'N Machines and Drake Younger vs Sami Callihan. All of those great matches plus the fact the shows are only 15 bucks? This is pretty much any wrestling fans dream.

Not many titles.
In every other company there are tons and tons of titles but in PWG there are only two title. That makes the belts seem more prestigous and hard to get plus, the fact there are events like DDT4 where the tag belts are defended throughout a tournament and the fact there are only about 5 or 6 defenses a year and tons of wrestlers/ teams make the divisons awesome. They also make BOLA and DDT4 seem prestigous also since they are the only other things to win. Finally theres another factor and that is most reigns last a long time with most ranging from 4 to even 13 months.

A few problems
Nothing is perfect and PWG is no exceptions. Guys like B-Boy, Famous B, Ryan Taylor and Riccochet do not get used very much so it really sucks if theres 5 or 6 shows and one of your favorites isnt booked for about half of them. There also is the lack of updates or build up, they announce the card about 2 months in advance and a few youtube promos if you are lucky, after that you are just left with nothing. They also tend not to do alot with the locals like Wille Mack or even let go a few guys after 1 or 2 shows. Then there is the lack of storylines or continuty from other promotions, like how generico and steen feuded in roh but are partners on PWG shows. Also they do not go anywhere besides the Legion Hall so if unless you are in SoCal or are willing to travel to be in a tiny arena, with a bad AC you are pretty much screwed. Still even with all of this PWG is a awesome experience.

I highly recomend you watch them or check out their previews online, this company is going to be big in the feature, who knows maybe they will replace ROH as number three. I hope this brought in a few people to a already growing fanbase.

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