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The Game 3:16

Kane:The Big Red Machine Not A Clown!

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Hey Guys, This Is My First Blog Ever! And Feel Free To Advise And Give Opinions
Kane Is My All Time Favorite Wrestler, I've been a fan of him since he debuted at Badd Blood Destroying His Half Brother Undertaker. Their Feud Was A Classic, And If I Remember Correctly It Took 3 Chokeslams And 2 Tombstones To Finish Him For 'Taker At Mania. What Now? YES! YES! YES!, NO! NO! NO!, I'm The Tag Team champions!! Really? The Last Time I Enjoyed Watching Kane When His Feud With RKO Their Match At Wrestlemania 28 And Extreme Rules Were Good. After WWE Ran Storyline With Aj lee He Started To Act Like A Clown. That Sucks! Its Maybe Good for TT Division But A Waste of Legend.
I'm Hearing Some Rumors That A Kane vs D-Bryan Match Will Happen At Mania. It Will be Awesome Bryan Is One Of The Best Wrestler Right now And Kane Always Puts a Good match but It Will be More Interesting If Paul Bearer Returns And Turns Kane Into A Monster Again. And It Will be Epic If That Match Will be a Inferno Match! And Let Kane Win it. And Then Both(Kane & Bryan) Separate Ways And Gets A Push As A Singles Wrestler.
Thank you for reading. Feedback always welcome

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