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Top 5 wrestlemania opening matches

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Wrestlemania season is upon us, So My Top 5 list will revolve around Wrestlemania's. Today I'm ranking the Top 5 opening matches in Wrestlemania history.

The Rules are simple, The match has to be the first match on the Wrestlemania PPV.

5. Money In The Bank: Wrestlemania 25

I picked this match over Matt Hardy and Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania 19. This Money in the Bank was a less than stellar outing than the other Wrestlemania MITB matches, but Even a bad Money in the Bank still makes a decent match. This had everyone hitting their spots and some comic aspects to it but in the end it didn't live up to expectations. No matter how hard Kofi and Benjamin tried the match was stuck in a rut and end up being a mediocre affair. Rating ***1/4

4. Edge vs Del Rio : Wrestlemania XXVII

Edge and Alberto Del Rio Opened Wrestlemania 27 (Considered one of the worst Wrestlemanias of all time), This World title match was what you would expect from these men. A little less emotion and excitement Then you would expect from a World title match at Wrestlemania but still a Good match. This isn't a match you would go track down or you put on a best of DVD but still a fine match... Edge and Del Rio was one of the high points of Wrestlemania 27 (Which shows you how Disappointing of a Wrestlemania it actually was). This would be Edges last match in his Hall of Fame Career. Rating ***1/2.

3. Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero: Wrestlemania 21
Rey and Eddie had a string of great matches over the years and this match had a lot to live up to. This match opened up Wrestlemania 21, Even though it didnt live up to the high expectations it was still a really good match. If anyone other two men had this match they be praised but since it was Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero, Expectations were too high.

As Rey Mysterio said in his DVD, This match could of been much better then it was if it wasn't for Rey's mask malfunction. From What Rey said in his DVD bio, The mask was held together with buttons instead of the usual velcro and in the beginning of the match the buttons snapped off, which interfered with Reys performance. Rating ***3/4

2. Money In The Bank: Wrestlemania 23

The Money in the Bank Ladder match opened this Awesome Wrestlemania. Money in the Bank set the pace of the night, It wasn't a classic by any means but a exciting MITB overall. Jeff Hardy had his insane spots, Edge brought his greatness when it comes to these type of matches, Finlay brought his rugged in your face style, Matt Hardy showed why he is one of the innovators of the ladder match and guys like Booker, Orton and Kennedy really had a good first outing in this style of match that was foreign to them.... It was exciting and entertaining all the way around, History would prove that Kennedy wasnt the best choice to go over here but still a fun match. Rating ***3/4

1. Bret Hart vs Owen Hart: Wrestlemania X

Bret vs Owen at Wrestlemania 10 is not only the greatest Wrestlemania opening match but it is without a doubt the Greatest opening match in the history of prowrestling and one of the greatest matches Ever!. What can I possibly say about this classic, It won match of the year awards, Greatest match of the 90's awards all over the place... If you are a wrestling fan or just starting to get in to the wrestling world, This is one of the top matches you got to see.

You may not agree with all of my list but I'm certain their isnt a wrestling fan on here that wouldnt put this match at number 1. Rating *****

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  1. weems's Avatar
    This was a great idea for a blog. I can't imagine we ever see an opener that tops Bret and Owen's.
  2. Renevious's Avatar
    I absolutely agree with your number 1 pick. I'd have to be an idiot not to, but I don't know too much about the rest of your list. You even seemed to kind of downplay your own choices in the descriptions, talking about how they didn't live up to the hype. I personally would've thrown in a few older choices, such as perhaps Y2J v. Regal at Wrestlemania 17 or the 20-man battle royal at Wrestlemania 4. That one in particular was great because it showed Bret Hart, still as a heel, start to establish himself as a real character. He drew a lot of praise from the crowd when he destroyed Bad News Brown's trophy, and it wasn't long after that we started to see a Hart Foundation face turn. And, as we all know, the rest is history. But as always, I enjoy reading your work. Keep it up, dude.
  3. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Honestly you are right about me not being to excited about the other choices on my list. I liked the Eddie and Rey match, I liked it alot but I can think of 5 matches they had that blew their Wrestlemania match away. I also liked the WM 23 MITB but honestly It wasn't in the league of WM 21 MITB... It was kinda like fielding thru a bunch of mediocre to Really good matches for number 5 to 2.... I like the Bret Hart and Bad news Brown trophy moment but the match is forgettable, Its a great moment for me but not a great match. But Honestly, I could not put any opening matches over the ones I picked, Hardy vs Rey might of edged out the MITB for number 5 but other than that I cant think of any that belonged match wise on the top 5 list over these 5.
    Updated 02-28-2013 at 06:10 PM by THE_CRIPPLER
  4. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    I wasn't excited about the matches cause most the matches on the list are nothing to get excited about. Wrestlemania just doesn't have a history of great opening matches.

    as for being lazy by including MITB? The truth is if I didn't wanna include MITB I could just replaced the matches with Rockers vs The Barbarian & Haku and Rey vs Matt Hardy. It really wouldn't be any easier or Harder to include those matches over MITB.. The reason I added MITB over those matches is cause they were simply better.
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Without a doubt, #1 is the #1 opening match in the history of WM. I think it was better than the Ladder match vs Razor and HBk.

    Rey/Eddie instantly comes to mind as well as the MITB matches.
  6. Rick BoA's Avatar
    Edge vs ADR was a terrible match, but most Edge matches were.

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