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A blast from the past - the IWC

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For my first blog here, I thought it would be interesting to look at us. Us, as in the Internet Wrestling Community. We always voice our opinions, and most of the time, think we are right! Let's check out what we have said before. It is fun and intriguing to see our opinions of the past, and how things really turned out.

I have dived into the archives of the Internet, to pick out some of these IWC classics. Check them out, and notice how similar we are today. History tends to repeat itself, and with threads these days debating between TNA and WWE, excitement about new pushes for upcoming stars, and discussion about vignettes, it has all happened online before. This is just a few things I have picked out. No real reason here, I hope you find it a little bit interesting!

29th of July, 1991

Referring to a young wrestler called Steve Austin who had appeared on WCW- "Austin, in my opinion, needed more experience and was brought up too soon. He has decent interview skills but his wrestling skills just are not very polished."

26th November 1996 -

"Did it occur to anyone besides me that Rocky Maivia could just as
easily have been named PETER JOHNSON?"

"Yea, speaking of Peter Johnson, he talks like a prick. If you have been
following his push in the WWF you would have seen some highlights of his
college football career at the University of Miami."

"Honestly I think Rocky has enuf charisma and athletic ability to
make a HUGE impact on the WWF. (not to mention he's easy on this
poor ole ladies eyes)"

7th of July, 1997

"Don't you realize that Vince & Eric get many of their ideas from here?
Hell, I take personal responsibility for the Rey/Nash match we saw on
Nitro last week. Posting something like this might appear to be a good
bit of harmless fun, until we get Survivor Series, the War Within.
Now, post responsibly please. Reckless posts like this inspire shit
like the return of Demolition and the Ultimate Warrior."

July - September, 1997

"Has anyone else noticed that the WWF announcers aren't mentioning Cain very much anymore? Perhaps we will not see Cain at all. Perhaps they will explain it as being a Paul Bearer ruse to attempt to distract The Undertaker. And with Paul Bearer no longer managing Vader (as it appears Vader is now a face) perhaps that fat tub of goo will finally leave the WWF."

Is DOA listed on this card, or else we can still see Chainz coming as
Cain (notice how Chainz and Cain sounds very similar)."

There was never a Kane, UT has multiple personalities, thus explaining why he doesn't think he started the fire.No doubt, this will most likely go over as one of the lamest and most desparate angles of all time... unless Vince pulls a realistic 'surprise' out of
his ass."

"I think it might be Vader. Vader has red hair just like Taker. And
when Paul Bearer said that Kane was alive, it was right at that second
that Vader jumped Taker from behind. Also, they are wrestling on
Sunday, right when this angle starts to take form so the timing is
perfect. What do you think?"

"The WWF is so messed up now they might try to make Yokozuna into Kane. or they might get desperate enough and say Sabu so they could make a WWF vs ECW angle look a little more attractive. Unfortunetly we will have to put up with Dan Spivey because he just signed a 3 year deal with the

"Glen Jacobs: He's about the same size as Undertaker. He's grown his hair out as well (for the Diesel role). Perhaps he could be made to resemblebCalloway, although unlikely. Interesting side note... If Glen Jacobs _does_ become Kane, will
Lawler say, "All this time, and I never realized my dentist was the
Undertaker's brother..."

And the never-ending arguments existed back then too! 4th July 1997

"The Undertaker's brother is "Cain", not "Caine", "Cane", "Kane", "Kain" or

I dont mean to fuel the fire, but when the Undertaker first appeared. He
was called "Kane".

Actually, It was spelled "Cain".

Actually it was spelled Kane. I have it on tape.

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  1. daveyrichards's Avatar
    good stuff, do you have more of this? :-D
  2. Van-Wilder's Avatar
    This is brilliant! I'd love to see more of this
  3. KingWade's Avatar
    I've always wanted to see something like this. I suppose it just shows that no matter how good the product gets, there will always be negativity from some angle and the pessamists will always be very vocal on here. Only when an era is considered over do most begin talking about how good it was after slagging it off during its course. Good blog though mate, if you could get more of this stuff together, it would be good to see what people were actually saying during 98-2001
  4. YOUcanCALLmeCRACK's Avatar
    They had the internet in 1991?
  5. bradelli's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by YOUcanCALLmeCRACK
    They had the internet in 1991?
    Yes, actually since 1980 people have been posting messages in Usenet groups. There was of course no World Wide Web, but Usenet was the main place to voice your opinions on all topics. Early forums I guess.
  6. akbar's Avatar
    "Honestly I think Rocky has enuf charisma and athletic ability to
    make a HUGE impact on the WWF. (not to mention he's easy on this
    poor ole ladies eyes)"
    Lol this dude called it.

    Nice blog

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