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Another WrestleMania 29 Predictions

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Welcome to Da Blog i will give my predictions and thoughts on what will go down at Metlife Stadium.

Da BLOG: Presents Wrestlemania 29 Predictions

Wrestlemania 29
Metlife Stadium
Attendance- 89,634

Match 1- Singles Match
Chris Jericho Vs Dolph Ziggler
I think this is most likely going to happen i mean theirs not really that much going for them on Raw & Smackdown. This match could steal the show if pulled off proper.

Winner Dolph Ziggler

Match 2- Singles match
Kane Vs Daniel Bryan
I just don't know what is going to happen with the tag team titles but am pretty DAM sure this match will happen. These two can put on a good match

Winner Kane

Match 3- United States Championship
Antonio Cesaro Vs The Big Show
I think that Cesaro's feud with the Miz is over and The Big Show will be the next in line. Antonio will hit The Nuetrilizer on Big Show.

Winner Antonio Cesaro

Match 4
- Singles Match
Ryback Vs Mark Henry
This guys are two behemoths and will slog it out with Ryback getting his wrestlemania moment when hitting shellshock on Henry.

Winner Ryback

Match 5- Intercontinental Title
Wade Barrett Vs Christian

I think a returning Christian will get his hands on Barrett. and become the new IC champion.

Winner & New Champion Christian

Match 6- WHC
Alberto Del Rio Vs Jack Swagger
This has potential to be a good technical match with Jack Swagger winning and im going out on a limb but Dolph wont cash in until EXR.

Winner & New Champion Jack Swagger

Match 7- 6 Man Tag Team Match
The Shield Vs Sheamus, Randy Ortan & The Miz
The shield will win when Ortan RKO Sheamus and Rollins picks up the win.

Winner The Shield

Match 8- Street Fight
HHH Vs Brock Lesnar

These two will go all out with majority of ringside being destroyed and HHH will pick up the win.

Winner HHH

Match 9- Singles Match
Undertaker Vs Cm Punk
We know this match is coming and i think they can put on a great match even with takers old age.

Winner Undertaker

Match 10- WWE Championship
The Rock Vs John Cena II

I think that this will be better than there first outing with a few spots there and then. John will win this match getting redemption.

Winner & New Champion John Cena

I hope use all liked some of what i wrote down feel free to criticize.

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  1. bastianboogerismydad's Avatar
    Everyone thinks Christian will return before or during Mania....wont happen guys!!
  2. y2jray's Avatar
    Pretty realistic card I think though that cesaro will defend in a multi person match maybe a six pack match with cesaro truth kofi miz sandow and Rhodes with miz winning to keep his wrestle mania streak going

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