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Get it Together WWE

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Now, I will first give WWE props in that it had one of the best matches defintely this year (I know the year is still it is infancy) as well as over the last couple of years. Cena and Punk put on an instant classic! That match had everything in it that makes a great match compelling even with the outcome already pre-determined (you had to know Cena was winning). I will give Cena credit as he had one of his best matches in his career and deserves kudos for that match. It also shows that Cena's best matches are when he is in the ring with a superb worker like Punk. Punk was at his best in that match and their chemistry is fantastic. It is a shame that Punk cannot be added to the Rock Cena match because he would be the gel to make those pieces work. Cena is not the type of wrestler who can carry anyone and Rock is what you have seen of him. Their match is what it is. Hopefully Punk gets to main event a WM before his career is done, and if it is against the Undertaker this year, then he has a chance as the Streak has headlined the last couple of WMs including SM I believe. As some have stated, maybe he does win and break the streak as he has jobbed to the Rock and now Cena. If there is wrestler to break it, Punk fits the bill as he held the title longer than anyone of the last 20 years. That being said, I doubt anyone will end Taker's streak. Punk deserves to headline one WM before his career ends.

The WHC picture to me seems hypocritical. Not talking from the wrestling point of view but from their professional stance. They have a wellness policy in place which was completely violated by Swagger and I am not criticizing Swagger for his violation. He is a grown man who makes his own choices and must deal with the consequences, whatever they are, or more matter of factly speaking, if there are any. I know that WWE has a double standard as Randy Orton has had more than a couple of slap on the wrists, as has Rey Mysterio. The Truth was able to compete at SS before having to serve his penalty. I don't know if him losing to ADR now at WM is the penalty but this whole thing undermines their Wellness Policy if upper talent does not automatically serve their suspension like all other wrestlers. There may be more to the story but from what I ascertain, this is a joke.

Now why is Ziggler jobbing to everyone and their uncle too. What is the point of him having the MITB when he cannot win, even cheat to win anymore. He did another great job making Ryback look good in the ring but gets nothing for it. If he is to become the next WHC, then he needs to be booked better than an excellent jobber. He has more than paid his dues and should be building steam heading into WM to look like a legitmate threat for when he decides to cash in the briefcase. He should be winning by any means to show that he is ready to take that title.

WWE needs to figure out what it is doing with Mark Henry. I am in the Hall of Pain from having to watch The Great Khali wrestle him. Give him a real feud leading into WM. He is a monster heel who is being wasted.

Ryback, although I personally enjoy that he no longer is in the main event picture as I think he is a one trick pony went from this monster push of needing three guys to take him down to now just wasting in limbo. I think he really should turn heel and start another push as right now he just has no real feud as The Shield seem to be heading to bigger things, which they should. He beat Ziggler but that means nothing as everyone has done that over the last couple of months unless your name is Kofi, nuff said.

Hell No, first you make the Tag Team division interesting and restore its credibility and now you are tarnishing it, which may not be their fault. To have them defeat the PTP with one blindfolded and the other with one arm totally diminishes PTP players as well the that whole division since they do not need to be 100 percent in terms of having all body parts to win. If they are to wrestle at WM, then drop the titles, preferrably to the Shield and have that match. If they wrestle each other at WM as the champs, then again that delivers another blow to the tag team division.

Barrett and Sheamus, if this is a projected match, then Barrett drop the title as neither need the belt. Also, they had a series of matches months ago so why now over a movie critique are they heading down the WM pathway. This just shows another example of wasted talent in a meaningless feud. Both are great workers but this match has little intrigue heading into WM.

Jericho, Orton, and the Shield just seem to be biding their time as there is no real direction for them right now. I can't see the Shield vs Jericho and Orton at WM as that would be a waste since they would be there just for the sake of them being top talents. These guys need a real feud to make WM worthwhile. When is Orton going to go heel, just turn him already.

This WM just seems to be more disorganized and lacking real interest than any WM I can remember. I know that there is still time but they way the last couple of months have gone, it looks like they are just going to butcher this badly. Sure it will draw and make money but it seems hollow. As always, you're welcome!

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