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STATE OF THE 'E: Realistically Speaking

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This Wrestlemania season has been dragging like crazy. It's been an underwhelming build so far. We're under 50 days away and have been discussing it since Survivor Series. For what everyone is hoping for, I think 'Mania this year has full potential to suck. But again, I think it could be one of the greatest ever if done correctly as well.

Obviously we're not going to get Attitude VS Reality like everyone was thinking and that's what I based my previous WM card off of. But now things are becoming more and more clear so I'd like to throw in my actual prediction for WM XXIX's card. Here goes:


Match. 01: Over the top rope "Battle Royal" to decide the #1 Contender to the Intercontinental Championship

Wade Barrett VS. Bo Rotundo

-Bo Rotundo wins the Royal and becomes the #1 contender. The match is set but Barrett doesn't want to wait. The match happens on the preshow, new IC Champion crowned in Bo Rotundo.


Alberto Del Rio VS. Jack Swagger VS. Chris Jericho

- I believe Jericho will be added into the match in the next couple of weeks. It's pretty stale right now and if you add in the "historical" aspect of Jericho and Del Rio's dad and uncle... you could make it work. Del Rio retains here.

Mark Henry VS Big Show

- They really aren't going anywhere with these two Mastodons right now and seeing a big man dance would be interesting. Henry to win with WSS off the middle rope.

Kaitlyn VS Paige

- In the oncoming weeks I expect Paige to debut and take out Kaitlyn. She's been extremely popular in NXT and has been placed on a fast track to be 'E bound. With Kaitlyn beating all the women, they need fresh blood. Paige is it, and she is your new Divas Champion

The Shield VS Ryback, Sheamus and Randy Orton

-Over the next few weeks we see this feud developing more and more. Possibly this will be an elimination sort of match... some sort of gimmick will ensue. Look for Ryback to get redemption by Shellshocking all three members of The Shield at once getting his "moment". I also expect a new member or two to debut as well here.

Team Hell NO! VS. Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston

- For some reason I believe that Mr. Ziggles in the next couple weeks will interact with THN! and in that we will get a Tag-Team match that will spell the end of THN! for good. We may just very well get DB VS. Kane as well here just to have them explode on each other. The current area for them, it could go either way really. VS. each other or in a tag match losing the Championships.

Antonio Cesaro VS. The Miz

- Everyone thinks R-Truth will be involved and it may happen but, Antonio has been getting the best of The Miz for a while now. I think Truth is just being added right now for flare and unpredictability. The Miz will get his revenge here and be crowned the new US Champion.

Triple H and Vince McMahon VS Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman

- This will more than likely be contested under "Street Fight" rules and will be a great mixture of car wreck and awesomeness. I say it will be these four because of how things are playing out. Yes, the utter brutality of Haitch and Lesnar would be fine but, with both Heyman and VKM having such bad blood going into all of this right now... it will happen. THE 'E knows this would be a big match if done correctly. Haitch and VKM to win and get redemption.

CM Punk VS. The Undertaker

- No. I'm technically not happy about this one but I am as well. I believe FULLY that CM Punk will beat The Undertaker and finally make him 20-1... the reason is simply, he had to get something out of jobbing for the last two months against The Rock. They had to sweeten the pot somehow to just end the legendary 434 day reign.... and The Undertaker's streak is it. CM Punk will have another accolade after WMXXIX. Bank on it.

The Rock VS John Cena

- Yeah, we all know what happens here. Cena wins, gets his redemption, becomes WWE Champion while The Rock goes off and does a couple months of promotion for his four movies coming out. Bye Rock, hello Cena as WWE Champion.... yet afuckingain. -_-

There's my card, hope you like it. I also am hoping for Rey Mysterio VS. Sin Cara and Cody Rhodes VS Goldust but, neither will happen. Most of those guys will be in the battle royal on the preshow.

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  1. blink's Avatar
    Theres no way the streak ends. Period. I strain to see how that idea is even realistic at this point. But you did make a good point with all the jobbing to the rock. But why does the pot have to be sweetened? Why cant it just be punk doing his job? Also i dont see how the whc matchup is stale. Especially after monday. Swagger and Zeb are gold and they are making Del Rio look interesting and passionate in the process. Due to jacks legal problems i see del rio retaining at mania but i see swagger winning it shortly after.
  2. Big_D77's Avatar
    realistically speaking? weed the people?
  3. ArkhosBlack's Avatar
    The idea of The Streak is simple : Whoever beats 'Taker , will be hated and criticized forever. Doesn't Matter if it's The Rock, or Even John Cena. Whoever Beats 'Taker, will be the most hated wrestler ever.
    Why ? There is not ONE single person that don't like 'Taker. He got more respect in that company than anyone else.

    Maybe i'm overreacting. But just look : Who criticizes The Undertaker now ? Even the Writer don't think that it's because 'Taker is a bad wrestler. It's because he thinks that something good must be done with Punk.
    I Don't Know, I Don't Care. I just want 'Taker win anyone who faces him at 'Mania. (And I Wish The Best for CM Punk.)

    (Sorry for the bad English. Not my main Language.)
  4. Beer_Villain's Avatar
    Good read, but i don't find all the matches very realistic. I think we won't see Jericho added into the WHC match, but instead of that will go one on one with Ziggler. Both don't have anything going atm so why not give them a opportunity to steal the show?
    I also believe we will see a DB vs Kane match at WM29.
  5. jackw9's Avatar
    Please explain why they owe punk anything he was given the title for over a year is that not a reward he asked for a programme with the rock I believe if I heard correctly last year and he's been picked to face taker a reward in itself
  6. jackw9's Avatar
    Lesnar doesnt like taker so that's the one and only guy
  7. HolyJose2391's Avatar
    The reason R(ob) here is saying the 'E owes Punk is if he had been asked drop the belt to a full timer who is always appearing on RAW and house shows say Orton or Jericho then Punk would be okay with it because they'd be showing up on RAW and wrestling but since he was asked to drop it to a part timer that could ruin the credibility he had in 434 days he HAD to get something out of it to help elevate him further.
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