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Thongman's Thoughts, Man - The Jack Swagger dilemma

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Hey dudes, hows it goin? I've been reading blogs here for a long few months now, and while the quality is generally really good, theres been a few occasions, particularly recently, where I've thought "I could do better than that", and as I always say, if you think you can do better, pull the finger out and do better. I'm not gonna bother with introductions to me, if part of my life becomes relevant to a subject or post you'll learn about it. For now, I'm just a wrestling fan with ideas, opinions, and dem sick writing skills. So, crack open a cold beer, get comfy, and lets start this mother UP!


This first blog is going to deal with a current issue in the WWE, the Jack Swagger situation. I'm sure I don't have to tell anyone about how stupid the mans been, so we can skip that. For what it's worth, I don't have a problem with weed, or people smoking it if they can control and regulate their intake, but I do think it's really stupid to do so when you know your employer has a very, very harsh anti-drugs stance. It's the reason I don't like Randy Orton much, despite how good a wrestler he is. Jack Swagger is clearly a different beast from Orton though. He's never been particularly 'over', this 'Real American' being the biggest reaction he's gotten since back in ECW, and he lacks the sheer star power that Orton brings to the table. But Swagger is, undoubtedly, a fantastic wrestler, deserving of a push like the ones he's gotten with Dutch Mantel (Zeb Coulter is a rubbish name, so I'll be sticking with his older one because I do what I damn well please).

Which is why his weed smoking, right after a Smackdown taping at the start of a huge push, reportedly towards a title win, is the most baffilingly stupid thing ever. But I'm not here to preach about how what he did was dumb, we all know that. What I do want to talk about is what WWE should do about it. Now, I'm a big fan of booking long-term angles, ones that take a few months to be realised and are legitimately interesting. Recently, the 'E have been doing a lot more on the fly booking, which peeves me, but this has actually given them the opportunity to make a really good,several month angle, which harks back to an older storyline.

It starts on tonights RAW - After a quick squash match against Titus O'Neill or someone, Del Rio is out, being all facey and Hispanic with Ricardo (NB: Love Del Rio as a face, almost makes up for the dumb decision not to give him a mask). He says how he won't be stopped by Swagger, how despite he and Mantel's negativity he will continue to represent the people up until and long after Wrestlemania. Cue Ziggler coming onto the ramp, with AJ. He starts cutting a promo to remind ADR that Swagger isn't all he has to worry about, that at any time Ziggler could pounce and take Del Rio's title... as he says that, Big E comes from under the ring, takes out ADR with a STIFF few punches and a Big Finish, before restraining Ricardo as Ziggler runs to the ring, throws his case to the official who's still at ringside from the match. Bell goes off, and Ziggler gets the 1-2-3.


Ziggles, AJ andBig Angela Langsbury celebrate over Del Rio. Swagger comes to the ring, staredown as Ziggler gloats. That's all we get on Raw.

The next night on Smackdown, Del Rio opens talking about how he was robbed, how Ziggler is a cheater and a paper champion, but that Del Rio will take his belt back. Enter Swagger, who gets up in ADR's grill, telling him how HE is the #1 Contender, and how it is his place to take the belt from Ziggler. They argue, Booker T comes out and says how it is a problem, as both have a claim to a match at Wrestlemania against Dolph - So the two will face off in the main event of Smackdown! (This could be a submission match, which would be awesome) The match comes, Mantel and Ricky Rodd fighting at ringside as Swaggs and ADR go at it. The finish could either be interference by Ziggler/Big E (Which might work in the long term), or a clean win - Either way, ADR beats swagger, who goes on to serve a suspension for his Wellness Policy Violation.

ADR vs Ziggler at 'Mania - To be honest, Dolph was probably always meant to take the title here, so I don't see any problem with him winning here. I'd love to see this match, both men are really good workers and could make each other look strong. When Swagger comes back, lets him have another slow build, but have backstage segments of him and Ziggler/Del Rio. Extreme Rules, we see a Ziggler/Del Rio rematch, but as we get towards the end, when Ziggler looks like he's beaten - JACK SWAGGER! He gets ADR DQ'd, setting up a triple threat at the next PPV between the 3, with Ziggler saying he shouldn't have to go against Swagger again after beating him so much in the past, Del Rio saying he has now been robbed by BOTH men, and Swagger going with a "Stopping Mexicans taking our title" angle for ADR and the long-term rivalry with Ziggler.

It has potential to continue for a longer time with these three men to be honest, but my beer is getting warm so I best stop writing. Let me know what you think, and hopefully I'll find something else to write about soon. Until then, Live Thong and Prosper!!!

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  1. Michael Cobb's Avatar
    Ziggler needs to stay out of this story line. MITB isn't until July. There's plenty of time to let this feud continue without being too rushed. They should let it last until at least Extreme Rules before involving Dolph.
  2. blink's Avatar
    Well swagger didnt fail a wwe drug test so didnt he technically not violate their wellness policy? Even still, does weed wind up with a suspension? Or is it just a fine? I cant recall. Anyways if things were to come of it, it most likely wouldve already happened. But seeing as how he is still winning and looking dominant in the process over established stars like the miz, i think its a safe bet that he still could very well win the title at mania. Del rio looks better chasing the gold and itd be nothing but a positive move for swagger and his new gimmick to have the title right now. Even more so with the win happening at mania. May just be wishful thinking on my part seeing as how im a big swagger mark.

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