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KAYFABE: What happens when wrestlers BREAK THE LAW?

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Hey there everyone hope the weekend is treating you all well... so now on to the show. With the recent arrest of jack swagger (#1 contender WHC) there are now many things up in the air as to how the E will go about fixing the situation. Also this is not the first time an incident like this has occurred will the E lean from there mistakes or air on the side of business?

OK so MR. Swagger was pulled over for speeding .... then was found to be under the influence of a smoking substance in which may i remind you he was leaving the smackdown taping. WHAT WAS HE DOING SMOKING RIGHT AFTER A TAPING OF THE SHOW? i do understand its his own personal choice i am not here to judge. as it is his first violation of the wellness policy anything could happen.It has also been reported that they leaked the original plans of him winning the belt from Berty at WM... not a good sign he has been pulled from a few shows as well. The E has only issued one statement about this saying that he is responsible for his own actions (OUCH) what no support? Really...

I would like to say that he is not the first superstar to have done this... R truth, Evan Bourne, Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio have all been suspended or disciplined in some form for a mistake they made on there own time. lets take a look at the outcomes of the punishments. Randy got a 60 suspension on his 2nd violation (Smoking) Rey also received the same 60/2nd. now Evan received the 60/2nd on a synthetic smoking charge but he was the tag team champion with Kofi Kingston at the time (AIRBOOM) so they mad him drop the belts after they wouldn't let him wrestle for weeks. Ok kinda not fair to Kingston but the kicker was the other party that was also caught with bourne. R- truth who was tag teaming with the miz at the time ( awesome truth)

Awesome truth was set to square off with the rock and john cena for the rocks comeback match at survivor series 2011. The match happened as the rock got the win shocker huh no......anyways the next night we find out the truth was suspended for testing positive 30 day / 1st violation they wrote him off TV by miz attacking him on the ramp for losing the match . now if the E really didn't play favorites and followed the policy truth should have been suspended the same day with evan bourne but because of the high profile match they looked the other way ... totally not fair to the other talent who by there own fault mess up stilll should all get the same treatment.No one should be able to escape from punishment not even the main eventer's period....

Now i have a feeling that the E will come down hard on swaggs due to the fact that wrestlemania is so high profile and they trusted him to be the #1 contender. They are only human understandable but whats really good for business. They might have a different position on this now that bruno sanmmartino is being inducted and given his views on drug policies it coould be a deciding factor? Now ii do hope they do whats right wihthout ruining a good career or a personal life of an employee. THEY SHOULD ALWAYS TREAT EACH CASE THE SAME NO MATTER IF YOU ARE THE CHAMPION OR THE JOBBER WHO ONLY WRESTLES TWICE A MONTH


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  1. Dennis's Avatar
    Good subject matter for a blog. I think he will eventually get some repercussion for his actions but until he is to intertwined with WWE's big money maker at this point to kick him out for such a minor violation. It's his first mess up, 30 days after mania would do him well... Have Del rio kayfabe break his arm or something.
  2. areyouready?'s Avatar
    When are we going to get a pothead champ. Stonner life swagger vs straight edge punk at mania would be awesome
  3. kctippens's Avatar
    The way I look at the situation is they made Orton, Rey, R-truth, Bourne, so on pay for there mistakes by suspension and taking away titles, opportunities, money and other actions. They need to do the same with Swagger. What he does in his own personal time is his business but not at or leaving a taping and behind the wheel. He is a celebrity who has fans including kids fallow him. He needs to act professional and obey the law's. Don't think anyone would gave a crap about him doing it in his hotel room since it is now legalized in several states. But even in those states its considered the same as drinking and driving. Just not a smart move with a huge shot like he had coming up. WWE should do the right thing and remove this shot from him till he can prove he is clean and going to fallow the rules. Give him another shot down the road. If they don't then it would not be fair to those who had been punished like Orton and have busted there ass to prove they have changed and yet no title shot for Orton this year at WM. Its going to be a tough situation for them because they have built up so much hype for swagger and WM. My thought is use ziggler and the MITB. Have him injure swagger to where he can't compete. Use the MITB to take his place, have him win. Once Swagger is clear from suspension, have him return for a revenge match and get the title from ziggler. Everyone has been wanting this match to happen so its a win win.
  4. wphill's Avatar
    The WWE doesn't technically have to do anything at this point, Swagger has not failed a wellness policy test and therefore does not need to be suspended. OK he was arrested and had possession of marijuana but he has not technically failed any test.
    I think they will continue the story line as planned and have Del Rio retain the title which will then be followed by Swaggers return to jobberville... he only has himself to blame.
  5. Mr Punk's Avatar
    I don't think he should be suspended. Also I'm pretty sure for smoking weed they get fined. The only reason R-Truth and Evan Bourne got the wellness policy thing was because they where smoking that spice crap or whatever it was if I remember correctly from last year. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't RVD just get stripped of the title when he was pulled over with marijuana with Sabu when he was champ.
  6. Stevenhigney's Avatar
    Yeah they did. They had RVD drop the WWE title on Raw, and ECW title the following night. But again, like Swagger, RVD and Sabu were pulled over. As far as weed smoking itself, the WWE doesn't care. It shows up on the drug tests, but since it has no ill-effects towards the you, they could care less. They don't care if you drink either, unless your showing up to the show drunk or getting arrested for it. The WWE really doesn't want they're talents getting arrested and like mentioned above, it is an odd circumstance revolving Bruno's stand on stuff. Pretty much all wellness violations are from steroid-like growth hormone stuff, which unfortunately for some, several guys ended up with stuff in places where legal becomes illegal (crossing borders for instance) which got them suspended, even though it's 100% legal where they got it.
  7. Liston's Avatar
    That was difficult to read.

    For a start he has not failed a Wellness Policy test. He was in fact pulled over for speeding, and then charged with a DUI.

    Secondly he has not been proven guilty of any crime yet, that is what the court is for.
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