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Hi there! Now I know that this is a place for wrestling fans who really enjoy wrestling and I bet all of us are a part of WWE universe.Like it or not but it’s true.And this has made me think what does that really mean.

Money.Yes,it all comes down to money but this is just a part of it because in order to get money WWE has to offer something.Since the first day promotion has grown rapidly and it’s amazing achievement.In other words people have made WWE big and that’s understandable because wrestling is one of the most american sports there can be.

We need entertainment.I think those were the first words when WWF was created although even before that people wanted a backstory to a fight.There’s always a reason for a fight otherwise it’s just two bags of muscles kicking each others teeth out.And that’s where E comes in WWE.For years there have been many great storylines and that’s how a lot of great fights have been born and made.But the thing is that no matter how many times you tell the same story it is history and in my mind there are things that should stay so otherwise there’s no place to grow.And isn’t it really about evolution? Past should inspire people not to make them try and relive it because it’ll never be the same today.But the thing is you can also sell a story and obviously there’s no surprise that WWE are doing it.But there’s a problem when you look at what WWE have because there was a time when there were limitations that really didn’t matter and didn’t do any harm for anyone but it just isn’t so anymore.

Corporation.It really is a matter of business and WWE is business.And since wrestling and entertainment has been merged into one piece it seems like it’s something amazing.God knows how many shows WWE will keep on making but I do hope there’s a number.But here is the thing RAW always will be the main show.There have been many other shows but most of them have been ended and even with Smackdown still going on for more than 10 years it really seems like it’s being kept alive only to keep people intereseted.As I said before its all about money and well that’s why producers are creating new shows and now even a network for WWE.

You need a ticket.Many talents have what it needs to enter the ring and do what a wrestler does but nowadays it’s a bit more harder to do so on your own.Talent scouts and developmental areas are just a part of it.I understand how many fans are furious because their favourites are grounded to do things they really shouldn’t.WWE do it every day.But lately I think the pace has gone in a different way.You see,a lot new guys have been called in but the thing is most of them are being kept off the camera or on shows that in reality don’t do them a lot of good.My problem is with WWE thinking that if they use a guy they use him until he can’t contribute anymore in any way.Wrestlers have their value and WWE knows who can offer them the most and it’s a good thing because this way there are guys who break trough and become real superstars.But the problem with the top guys is that there’s a limit of how many there can be.

Scripts.I think internet has stolen that excitement factor of watching WWE shows.Now practicly every detail has been leaked every day on the internet.And with that said I have been thinking what that really does to WWE.I think that has made things a bit more chaotic within WWE.With WWE writing team not getting along quite so well because of politics and everything they have on their shoulders it really seems that everything is done in the last minute.But the worst part is that nothing is really thought trough.How many ideas of what you could have seen have been leaked on internet and nixed afterwards?Now I know that even such a big corporation has a vision of what is it they want to do in the future but as for now it seems like this giant is stuck.

I know that maybe this isn’t the place or even the time for such a blog but if you read it then I am glad you did.Im sure there are many things you already knew but that’s not my point.My point is to make you think about future of wrestling and what is happening with WWE.

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