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Top 5 wrestlemania rematches

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Wrestlemania 29 is almost set and stone and it looks like we are going to get a rematch to the disappointing Rock vs Cena WM 28 match. This got me thinking of wrestlemania rematches that surpassed its predecessors and those that disappointed... So todays top 5 list will focus on Wrestlemania Rematches.

The match has to be a rematch. The original match could of been legendary or iconic but the rematch is the match that each will be judged by.

If two wrestlers have more than two matches against one another at Wrestlemania, Only the best match will count out of the rematches.


(Rematch from WM 3)
This is a rematch from WM 3 and is one of the 1st round tournament matches for the Wrestlemania IV WWF championship tournament. Andre was having serve health issues in this match and there was no way Andre and Hogan would match the magic of their first Wrestlemania encounter at WM 3. The match was a major disappointment with a terrible ending.

This was Not a classic by any means but since they are so few Wrestlemania rematches (6 that I could think of), So for 5th place it was either this match or Undertaker vs Kane from WM 20 and since Undertaker and Kanes match is basically forgotten, I chose Hogan and Andres disappointing Wrestlemania IV match for my number 5 pick

(Rematch from Wrestlemania 25)
This was a Rematch from their Wrestlemania 25 Classic but in this match Shawn Michaels career was on the line in addition to the Undertakers legendary Streak.... This was a Superb match but a far Cry from the Match they had at Wrestlemania 25, It lacked a lot in comparison. So I ranked this match Number 4 on the list cause it didn't live up to the impossible standards of their first Wrestlemania match.

(Rematch from Wrestlemania 27)
So many fans and critics had mixed feelings on Undertaker and HHH's Wrestlemania 27 match, Some hailed it as a Classic and some said it was lazy and a overrated Bore-fest. but The match at Wrestlemania 28 was a All time classic and everyone agrees on that. Its a bit overated but still a Great emotional rollar coaster. HHH and Undertaker no doubt topped their Wrestlemania 27 match and even surpassed some peoples high expectation at Wrestlemania 28 in Hell in the Cell. Excellent rematch that deserves its number 3 spot.

(Rematch from WM 2000)

These 3 teams blew everyone away with their death defying Ladder match at Wrestlemania 16 and Their Incredible TLC match at SummerSlam, But its their Wrestlemania 17 Classic that most people remember as the best of the series..... The Hardys, Dudleys and Edge and Christian Revolutionized Tag team wrestling in 1999-2001 with their series of matches. All 3 teams had a impossible task at Wrestlemania 17, How would these meet the standereds of the last two ladder matches they had? I mean they did just about everything you can possibly do with a ladder and table in the last two match. How would they set this match apart from the last two?. Well these 3 teams not only set this match apart but in many peoples mind they topped it. Ground breaking match match from three of the Greatest Teams of All Times.

(Rematch from Wrestlemania 15)

And This is your number One, Another match from Wrestlemania 17. This match far surpassed their Wrestlemania 15 encounter and was one of the greatest main events in Wrestlemania History........A lot of people crap on this match for the ending but Honestly it don't make a bit of difference to me. This match was just so well done, With Rock stealing elements from Bret Hart and Steve Austins classic matches at Survivor Series and Wrestlemania 13 out of desperation in trying to put away the Rattle Snake, These men threw everything at each other in this match and had the Houston crowd in the palm of their hand from start to finish. Incredible match that just must be seen and deserves to be number 1 on this list

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  1. 3countdcg's Avatar
    what about Bret Hart vs. Yokozuna?
  2. John Lonce's Avatar
    OK....1st off, Hulk/Andre was NOT a round 1 opened round 2 as they were both given byes.
    SO my list would be as follows.....
    5) Bret Hart vs. Yokozuna - WM10
    4) TLC 2
    3) Stone Cold vs. The Rock - WM17
    2) Undertaker vs. HHH - Hell in a Cell
    1) Undertaker vs. HBK - streak vs. career
  3. cjstonecold's Avatar
    5. TLC II WM17, 4. Bret Hart vs. Yokozuna WM 10, 3. The Rock vs. StoneCold Steve Austin WM 17, 2. HBK vs. Undertaker WM 26, 1. HHH vs. Undertaker WM28
  4. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    @cjstonecold and @John Lonce

    The Reason I put Austin and Rock at number 1 and TLC at number 2. Was cause they were both legit 5 star matches or close to it. Undertaker and Shawn Michaels 2nd WM match to me clocks in at about 4 1/4 stars and is a down grade from the Mania 25 match they had... As for HHH and Undertaker, It was a Great match but I couldn't give it 5 stars, It was a good 4 1/2 but I wouldn't give it much more. Plus the story for HBK and Taker and HHH vs Taker were kinda the same. It was all about ending the streak. Rock and Austin and TLC were totally different matches and storylines from their first mania encounters.
  5. cjstonecold's Avatar's all good. We all have our own opinions!!! I just love the build up ad te Hell In A Cell with HBK in the mix for the HHH vs. Undertaker match. Can tell the ol' Undertaker is reaching his final matches.
  6. RagefulRhino's Avatar
    What about Triple H and Taker?
  7. weems's Avatar
    Great concept for a blog, this was a fun read. I was glad to see that Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan was not on this list after their abortion of a match at WM 27 followed by their 17 second WM 28 match.

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