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Booking Wrestlemania 29 – The Card That Never Was! Part 1

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Booking Wrestlemania 29 – The Card That Never Was

Hey Guys & Dolls
With Wrestlemania soon upon us, I felt this inner urge to book MY event and show upon the world the realistic wonders that could have been.
Please remember this is my combinations about what I'd like to see, what was realistically possible, and what would draw money!
I encourage you to leave comments and provide me with your feedback.

Saturday 6th April 2013 – WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremony

Hosts: 2007 Hall Of Famer’s Jim Ross & Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler

Headline Inductee - The Living Legend: Bruno Sammartino – Inducted by Arnold Schwarzenegger
The Hardcore Legend: Mick Foley – Inducted by Terry Funk
2x WWF Champion: Bob Backlund – Inducted by Bret Hart
Posthumous Inductee – The Loose Cannon: Brian Pillman – Inducted by ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin
Diva Induction - The Quintessential WWE Diva: Trish Stratus – Inducted by Lita
Tag-Team Inductee: The Fabulous Freebirds – Inducted by Diamond Dallas Page
Celebrity Inductee: Donald Trump – Inducted by Vince McMahon

Sunday 7th April 2013 – Wrestlemania 29

Live at 7pm EST from the MetLife Stadium, New Jersey.
Attendance: 90,173

Theme Songs:
“Coming Home” by Diddy – Dirty Money Feat. Skylar Grey
“Surrender” by Angels & Airwaves

YouTube Pre-Show

Josh Matthews and Scott Stamford welcome everyone to Wrestlemania 29’s YouTube Pre-Show.

Match 1: WWE Diva’s Championship
Kaitlyn © Vs Tamina Vs Natalya Vs AJ Lee Vs Layla

Background Story:
Raw Supervisor Vickie Guerrero orders WWE Diva’s Champion Kaitlyn to defend her championship at Wrestlemania. This is Vickie’s of trying to prove to the WWE Universe that she is a changed woman, and intends to provide all diva’s in the WWE a chance to become the champion. Kaitlyn just believes she has it in for her.

The Match:
Length: 11 Minutes
The Match includes many roll-ups and pin break-ups before Kaitlyn hits the Spear on Tamina for the win, and retains her championship.
Winner and STILL WWE Diva’s Champion: Kaitlyn

Matt Striker is in the back, and he is talking with Dolph Ziggler w/Big E. Langston.
Ziggler claims that he doesn’t need Big E. Langston with him tonight, and he is glad both he and AJ are banned from ringside. He wants to prove to all his haters that HE is the best wrestler in the world today and vows to make Y2J tap out and retain his World Heavyweight Championship.
“Tonight, the whole world will know who the man is in professional wrestling today. I am better, than Ric Flair ever was. I am Better, than Shawn Michaels ever was. And I am BETTER… than Chris Jericho ever was. He is a has-been! And tonight, I prove it one more time!”


The Pyro explodes around the ramp and titantrons, whilst “Surrender” is hollering throughout the arena, as we are welcomed to Wrestlemania 29 by Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.

Match 2: Free-For-All Elimination Tables #1 Contender’s Match
Mark Henry Vs Cody Rhodes Vs Christian Vs Kofi Kingston Vs Damian Sandow Vs Randy Orton Vs
R-Truth Vs Zach Ryder Vs Brodus Clay Vs Mystery Wrestler (Shelton Benjamin)

Background Story:
3 weeks ago, the COO Triple H states on Monday Night RAW the success and impact that the Money In Bank Ladder Match has had in the WWE since Wrestlemania 21. Providing us with great matches, surprising winners, historic cash-ins and has now has its own PPV.
So, in order to fill that void at Wrestlemania, he has come up with a new concept that is both original and exciting. He announces the Free-For-All Elimination Tables Match, with the winner becoming the #1 contender for the Championship of his choosing at Extreme Rules.
A series of qualifying matches take place on RAW, Smackdown, Superstars and Main Event, with the winners booking their place in the official match at Wrestlemania.
As 9 have booked their places, Triple H confirms a returning superstar will also compete in the match.

The Match:
The first 9 superstars are in the ring, eagerly anticipating who the 10th entrant is.
Shelton Benjamin is the mystery opponent!
Each wrestler is gradually eliminated in spectacular fashion, including Randy Orton delivering an RKO on Kofi and Christian simultaneously through the Spanish Announce Table! The remaining 4 are: Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes and Shelton Benjamin.
Orton eliminates Henry. Rhodes eliminates Orton. Rhodes eliminates Shelton Benjamin with the Disaster Kick on the apron to send Benjamin through a table set up at ring-side.
Length: 19 Minutes
Winner: Cody Rhodes
Part 2 Coming Soon... Stay Tuned!

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  1. Nitro_99's Avatar
    I like this already! I think the idea of the elimination table match adds something new and plenty of action. I would love to see that and 1+ for Rhodes winning!
  2. mrrobotnow's Avatar
    Love this idea, cant wait for the rest of your card!
  3. MattTY2JHBK's Avatar
    Thanks kindly for the comments.
    Part 2 coming in the next couple of days.
    What wrestlers are everyone interested in seeing where they are in the card?
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Why would Tamina get another shot at the Divas title? Why would you put AJ in a Divas match if she doesn't win? that would be a waste. She is a manager right now. If you have her in a divas title match she should win because she is the most over in the company. I think it should just be Layla vs Kaitlyn for the Divas title.

    Elimination tables match with 10 men. You do realize 9 tables will have to be smashed like every minute or so which makes it to me a dumb concept. Ladder match would be better.What is up with people wanting jobbers on the show. Not everyone should make the Super Bowl of wrestling. Not everyone made the card before nor should they. Zack Ryder can't make a Raw or SD appearance consistantly, but he gets a match on WM? Really? This WM that could have been is looking like, let us book everyone on the show when most don't deserve it.
  5. weems's Avatar
    I love the free for all tables match idea. Maybe having this match be first on the card opposed to the divas match so that mania starts with a bang and provides an opportunity during the divas match for a food or bathroom break for everyone later in the show.

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