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A Dennis Blog -- Why a Face Miz is good for business

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Why a face Miz is good for business.
Hello, fellow ewn bloggers and viewers. I have been writing blogs for the past couple of weeks on topics that I thought many other members of the IWC were misguided on their current viewpoints. I actually had a hard time choosing another blog topic for that reason, because I agree with other members of the IWC often. For some reason though, many members of the IWC (or internet wrestling community for those who don't understand my lingo) hate the idea of having The Miz as a face due in large part to the fact that he plays a heel so well. I decided what better topic to discuss than this one in this weeks edition of A Dennis Blog.

Reason Number 1: The Miz is the star of the marine 3

I thought I'd start out with the very logical reason, the WWE is a business. The have Mike Mizanin (aka The Miz) as the star of The Marine 3 after some controversy due to Randy Orton being the original actor for the job. Why is this important you might ask and it's because if you produce a movie like they chose to do, you want it to succeed. The Miz turning face gives this movie the most chance to succeed because he is more popular with the major populous of the WWE universe and not just the minority populous in the IWC. If more fans like you, that could lead to a possible causation between his face turn and the success of this movie.

Reason Number 2: The Miz needed to freshen up as a face.
Ever since The Miz has stepped into a WWE ring, we were taught to boo him with no mercy! The Miz was a heel in the WWE for about six years, while he might of been great at that job why not give him a chance as a face!? Turning superstars into faces after long heel runs has worked in the past with superstars like Randy Orton and currently working wonderfully for a superstar like Alberto Del Rio so why not give The Miz a try as a face? He is a great talker and has great chemistry on the mic with current heel superstars like CM Punk and a change in his character gives him a whole new and fresh way to attack certain situations on the mic. The Miz is not a great tech wrestler as everyone here knows, but great mic skills like his tends to work for faces without much wrestling skill, ask John Cena.

Reason Number 3: The mid-card was calling for a good face.
I think people forget when The Miz turned face he was no longer in the main event scene, he was a mid-carder who just lost his belt to Kofi Kingston. Kofi would go on to lose that belt, the intercontinental championship, to a very good heel in Wade Barrett. So both Mid-card level title holders are heels. With the main event scene packed with good heels currently and the mid-card dominated by heels turning The Miz face leads to interesting feud possibilities as we have seen played out with him and the current united states champion Antonio Cesaro. The Miz is currently at least semi over with the WWE universe and having him feud with Cesaro, a lesser skilled talker, helps The Miz stay relevant in a WWE currently packed with great talent while also helping Cesaro get over as a heel. I call that a win win.

Reason Number 4: He could become a main face.
If you look at the current roster there just is not enough faces on the roster that could bare the responsibly of main eventing any major pay per view. Here me out, I am well aware that many other superstars on WWE's roster has the talent to do this, but they just wouldn't have the proper build up. If a superstar like John Cena were to get hurt, What would happen? WWE's flagship program would be out it's only major face excluding Ryback. Ryback isn't totally green but he hasn't been over with the fans long enough and doesn't have the mic skills in my opinion to be the face of the flagship program, though I'm sure many in the WWE would like to disagree with that. So putting the miz as a face and giving him a proper build is almost a safety blanket for the WWE in case they have to push a major face into the title scene quickly. I have similar thought to why they turned Team Hell No! into a face-like team.

So to summarize my blog into four simple points I think turning The Miz into a face was and is a good idea for the following reasons.
1) The marine 3...
2) Freshen his character up.
3) Too many dominate heels in the mid-card scene.
4) Possible Main event level face run if someone gets injured.

Thanks for reading this edition of A Dennis Blog, as always feel free to leave comments on the content of this blog. I embrace constructive criticism as well, if you have ideas for me to improve my blogs go ahead and give it. And as always fellow EWN users and IWC members, godspeed to you all.

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  1. kctippens's Avatar
    Love the fact that Miz is a face now. Miz is and always will be one of my favorites. Think he is very talented weather he is face or heel. Just hope that this whole figure 4 rick flair thing does consume him and he can make the move his own instead of him trying to be a modern day rick flair.
  2. Dennis's Avatar
    Yea, I don't like him using the figure 4 either. It doesn't fit his character... He doesn't need it and this is coming from the guy who loves to see matches finished by submission.
  3. The Piper's Avatar
    I love the Miz, even with the figure four! Normally I don't really like WWE faces, but I've loved Miz for so long that I can't stop now
  4. Jack Newport's Avatar
    I prefer The Miz as a heel, but I have no problem with him currently being a face.

    It was a nessecary change, and the feud with Cesaro has finally gotten the turn off the ground.
  5. WarMachine22's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis
    Yea, I don't like him using the figure 4 either. It doesn't fit his character... He doesn't need it and this is coming from the guy who loves to see matches finished by submission.
    What I would really like to see in that in regards to the figure 4 would be him using it repeatedly and failing, eventually turning the figure 4 into his own type of submission with a similar base so he can claim its his own (+ when he turns back heel he can be like "I took the legendary Ric Flair's Figure 4 and made it even greater blah blah"
  6. kctippens's Avatar
    Totally agree with Warmachine, Miz has to do something to make the move his own or he is just another copy cat. Being a copy cat will kill his image. But modifying the move and making his own would boost him. Modifying it like Tyson Kidd somewhat did with the sharpshooter.
  7. Dennis's Avatar
    What about CM Punk and the macho man elbow drop? or cody rhodes and the drop down hit in the jaw from his brother.... Alberto uses Carlito's backstabber... Dolph ziggler uses a superkick... I agree that miz using the figure 4 is not a good thing... but because it's not original has nothing to do with it in my opinion. Most moves are not original.

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