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WWE Issues That Need Fixed ASP!

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Hey been a wrestling fan my whole life. Only time I didn't watch it was while I was in Iraq with USMC between the years of 03 to 07. I have noticed some things that just irritate me about the WWE as of latly. Things that could go well for the show or prevent them from losing it if they fix it.

Team Hell No- Well Hell is one way too put it. That is where I feel like I am while watching this cheesy story line. Bryan is so talented and could easily be the next big little man. They should totally get him out of this tag team and move him toward bigger better things. Kane is supposed to be what Undertaker is. Weather or not Taker is going to show this year Kane could be what the WWE needs in Taker's absents. Orton put it well on Raw. At one point he would have been scared but now he is like Barney. WWE fix this! Kane should be more than a joke. He should be the one wrestlers fear. No more Hugs, More chokeslams and fire pits please!

Divas Division- This is about to go away sadly. The divas rarely get a match any more and when they do it's the lowest rated segment on the show. The diva's division used to be my favorite part of the show. But now there just not that good any more. They spend to much time shaking there ass than being a wrestler. I watch the replays of Trish for HOF tribute and I get goose bumps from the memories. Trish, lita those where the good old days. Kaitlyn, Tamina, AJ so on, there good but there no Trish and honestly I don't see anyone caring when or if they go in the HOF. Or atleast the WWE doesn't allow them to be. Better story lines for DIVA's is needed ASP! They can be so much more than Cheerleaders. Allowing them to be like TNA was prior to Hogan. Unique Characters, better match types, weapons, cages, back stage fights. TNA did all this at one point and had the best womens division. It was the only reason I watched TNA for awhile. WWE fix this before you lose your divas.

Not much to fix here. Great story, has what is needed to make a future HOF Stable like DX, 4 Horsement, NWO so on. All I ask is if your giving them a leader. Make it count. RKO, Shamus, Henry, these guys are all rumored and people just would not buy it. These guys have played heels so many times that people would be sick of it. Cena has what it takes. He is what Hogan was when he joined NWO. A baby face good guy who always had fans around his finger. I remember that night. Fans trash the ring with garbage because of how shocked and outraged they where. It was awesome! Cena I believe would be what it takes to get that reaction today. Anyone else would not matter. Cena would be what it takes to help Shield become the modern NWO!

Swagger- If he doesn't get suspended for his recent arrest. They need to ditch this Tea party thing. He has the talent to be the next top heel. As long as they keep him off the Mic. Sorry his lisp just irritates me. but him playing a quiet dominating type character would be perfect for him. Please WWE, lose the fat man with the stach and the political BS with Swagger.

These are a few of many things that could be changed. Just wanted to get the ball rolling with other ideas from you guys. This is my personnel opinions only and feel free to comment and let me know what you think or what you feel needs changed.

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Updated 02-22-2013 at 03:02 PM by kctippens

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. TheBritishInvasion's Avatar
    good blog I enjoyed it!. Although I disagree on your last two points. The Shield to me are doing great with their 3 man wrecking crew style group, they look legitimate and a threat, for me Cena Doing an N.W.O Heel turn would be both pointless and Damaging, not only to the company, But Cena and the Shield themselves. The Shield are built as 3 people who work as a cohesive unit with one goal, stamping out Injustice, Cena just wouldn't fit in that mold, besides you'd have to do a complete overhaul on Cena's character and I just don't think he can pull it off.

    secondly I firmly believe this is Swaggers last chance at reaching the top and it'll be his best, I personally enjoy the controversial angle and hope it continues.
    congrats on the blog it was rather well done set out, hope to read your blogs in the future
  2. ewantu2's Avatar
    If your Swagger idea came true = "I'm Swagger and I'm like 90% of all other heels hope i entertain"
  3. kctippens's Avatar
    Thanks. I was more less pointing out to the rumors that someone is going to reveal they are the Shield leader. Cena would be my choice. All tho shield is doing very well by themselves. As far as Swagger goes, just not sure about the route they are going with him. I don't see it going well. Wish they would have found something different with him. Maybe do what he is doing without this Colter guy. Just not a huge fan of Colter.
  4. Bagg's Avatar
    ya im going to have to go with Coulter is only helping Swagger. ewantu2 is right, with the exception really of punk, cesaro and sandow. all the heels are the same with minor tweeks here and there, this at least is something different. Ill give Swagger this though, he has been MURDERING ppl in the ring lately, which leads me to think they could in fact put him on his own at some point soon

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