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OO: Ozfan's Opinion - The New WWE Championship belt. Good or bad?

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Hey everyone. I am back with another opinion and this time, I will let you know what I think about the New WWE Championship belt that The Rock introduced this past Monday on RAW.

[B]My opinion:[/B] IT...IS...A PIECE OF MONKEY CRAP! as the Rock would say. It is BAD.

The title is small. It looks like an oversized replica of a Hall of Fame ring. And what's with the Brahma Bull side plates? You can tell that it won't be used for long, which is why I hate it the most.

Seriously, Zack Ryder's Internet Championship belt would look better as the WWE Title than the new title. (Okay maybe I'm exaggerating, but still...) The new title just looks like a non-spinning version of the WWE Spinning Championship. The spinner has been around for a while. At first, people thought it was cool, good looking and the spinner is what made it good. Since then, people have grown tired of it. Rock said it looks like a toy? His version, as I said before looks like a giant Hall of Fame ring and I actually prefer John Cena's WWE Title.

What really took me is that no doubt, Rock will most likely lose the WWE Title at WrestleMania or just after, and because of the Bull side plates, the new belt probable won't even be around for long after that. Cena will probably go back to the WWE Spinner Belt, which would be good. But what I don't get is why WWE would pay money like that to get an entire new belt designed, only to be used for a month or so and then retired...

In my opinion, they should have just brought back Rock's custom Brahma Bull Championship belt from the Attitude Era that was never used on TV. Instead, they have forked out money for a gimmick Championship that most likely won't even be around for long. I think that it was not a smart move AT. ALL. If they want a new belt, then keep the WWE Spinner around for another two years and then retire it in its tenth year and bring a new title around. Just please, have the new title bigger, have a different design rather than a huge ass W in the center with CHAMP or CHAMPION down the bottom just above the name plate.

Let me know what you think guys...
If you feel that I'm right, then thats good.
Feel free to add your own opinion on this situation.
Please...NO HATE.

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  1. Stevenhigney's Avatar
    It is kinda weirdly...obvious? I don't know, it's just like completely plain with a big WWE logo and nothing else. I doubt it'll have any side plates except WWE ones afterwards as only a handful of people could actually have some relateable side plate. I mean your pretty much screwed for life out of the belt cause you don't have a usable image to use to fit, lol. (Not to mention, in that sense, you may as well have WWE logos on the side, and the front face be replaceable.) It's definitely time for a new belt though, as it's usually custom to change it every several years. The spinner belt was around just as long as they usually keep the title around before redesigning. It's stayed around a bit past it's prime thanks to the replica sales it makes, plus Miz was able to redefine it into his own thing for a while which was...awesome.
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