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Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger: A British Perspective

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DISCLAIMER: I am British, and will be disucussing American politics in this blog, it is accurate to the best of my knowledge but please forgive me if get certain facts wrong.

So Jack Swagger (quite surpisngly) won the elimination chamber on sunday night, and with the odds of Ziggler cashing in before Wrestlemania looking very low, we have a very interesting feud on our hands.

Swagger’s new manager, Zeb Coulter has been saying some very racist things on TV, which will give Swagger meteroic levels of hate going into Wrestlemania. This suits the WWE, perfectly, as Del Rio has only just turned face, and what better way to get everyone behind him than make him feud with a racist heel.

Theres been a bit of outrage on the internet, but lets face it, WWE has done a lot of risky things before. Even involving racism. one recent event which comes to mind is JBL and his border patrol when he was feuding with Eddie Guerrero.

To be honest, i don’t thing racism is the real issue here. Don’t get me wrong, the ‘WWE Universe’ will see this as a racist feud, which againwhich is what they want. And at at the end of the day, its a racist heel, not a racist face. (when their roadshow rolls into some hick state/town Swagger will start getting cheers though). But what’s underlying this is possibly more sinister…

The commentators have opening been calling Swagger and Coulter racists and xenophobic, but it is some of their other remarks during his match this week on raw against Daniel Bryan, where Lawler mentions that Swagger has been getting ‘fan mail’ from Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and Alex Jones, who are all linked to the American Tea party.

For my British readers… the Tea party are very akin to the BNP: polices focues on immigration and most importantly they have a media image smeared with racism…

But lets look past the racism for a second, the WWE are well known advcates of the Republicans; Linda McMahon ran as a Repuclican last year. And my understanding of the matter is the the Republicans hate the Tea Party with a burning passion.

now, its not unheard of for Television shows to support political parties attack others… the BNP always gets bashed by British mainstream media. But theirs a thin line between attacking someone within your rights and making inflamatory remarks, and with the WWE overtly calling Swagger racist, its a tough call.

Also WWE’s audience and reach is a factor here. They reach millions of viewers in America alone, and therefore have a responibility to the public they serve. Also WWE’s product is self-admittedly ‘PG’: meaning aimed at children, who could be considered a vunreble audience. Opinion’s gained at a young age usually stick for life.

To put hardcore political rehtoric guised by racism in a TV Show aimed primarily at children is a bit unnerving isn’t it?

And in my opinion, The Tea party, racist or not, have a valid point to make on immigration and have a right to be heard.

Mentioning well knownTea party supporters by name seems really idiotic, and could get the WWE in trouble. Lets face it though, this is only week 1 of a 5/6 week buildup to the match at Wresltemania, lets see how far Vince is willing to take it….

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  1. Holographic_Universe's Avatar
    Fans seem to confuse patriotism/nationalism with racism, two extremely separate concepts. The line is inevitably blurred by the fact that a common theme seems constant in their ideologies, that is that their targeted demo is usually of minority race.
    To clarify
    This is not a racist angle, it is patriotism by way of foreign relation (a rather decent job on the part of creative for creating an actual provocative arc) Immigration doesnt pertain exclusively to Mexicans, but any other foreign ethnicity... It could be black, Puerto Rican, Gypsy, Romanian, race doesn't matter in nationalism, just ethnicity

    For some reason many can't make the distinction between the two
  2. zerosystem's Avatar
    Hmm...I don't recall JR or Jim Ross ever referring to Swagger as a racist. A Xenophobe, yes, but not a racist. Neither Swagger nor Zeb has delved into racism since neither has identified or targeted a specific race. Their commentary has been about illegal immigrants taking advantage of America, nothing more. However, it is also true that in the extremely politicised environment that America in in right now, such a storyline will be taken out of context.
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