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The Enlightened One

WWE Patchwork at its finest!

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I have no problem with rematches, only a problem when the rematches suck or don't do much to continue the feud. This blog will dissect some rematches as well as some potential WM matches.

Most of the rumored matches will be rematches of some sort from years past. We know one of the main events is Cena Rock II. It is quite sad that even WWE subtly has to admit its mistake in saying Cena Rock "Once in a Lifetime" when announcers act like this match was always going to happen again. Their whole theme around the match at last year's WM was that it was only going to happen once and that is why it was supposed to be epic. It was epic, it was an epic disappointment from a wrestling perspective. Jabroni vs Fruity Pebble, you get the picture! I am not going to get hung up in the fact they are having a rematch as some, and by some, I mean a few people want this match, they are the same ones who enjoy being fed the same crap on a different venue or in this case, same venue different year. Rock Cena the match itself was not very good last year by almost everyone's standards, including those who don't have real standards (those are the ppl think Cena can pull of an interesting match). If you watched EC, you saw Punk carry the Rock through the entire match. I am not saying that as homer for Punk but because it is the truth. It was very slow paced and had all the spots Rock needed to look good, circa early 2000s Rock typical match (ref knocked out, foreign object). If you think Rock and Cena are going to wow you at WM, you are easily amused and enjoy watching paint dry. Cena cannot carry Rock as they are both the same worker, they need the talent in there to carry the match. Think of Cena's best matches, they are against stud performers (Jericho, Edge, SM, HHH, Ziggler, EG, Punk). Another interesting point is to watch the crowd. I presume that there will be real heat for Cena as NY/NJ crowds really do not like him and last night the crowd was not really behind the Rock. Punk had lots of supporters for him especially when he pinned the Rock for 10 secs with no ref. Rock will have more support but that is not saying much since most despise Cena (I mean as a wrestler, not judging his outside work for WWE which I respect as he does a lot of great things for the company). I really hope Punk sneaks his way into the match because they need a worker to carry those two but I know that won't happen. I am secretly hoping Cena wins but Ziggler cashes in (I know the briefcase is for Smackdown but Once in a Lifetime so enough said about making sense).

The WC title seems to be going Swagger vs ADR which I don't mind; however, I don't get why Swagger all of a sudden gets to jump to the front of the line. I guess the moral of the story is go away for many months and come back and you can get title shots aka Rock and now Swagger. I am a fan of Swagger in the ring as he can perform but I know he is a failed attempt at recreating KA, it's true, it's damn true. Both are decent workers so that match can be pulled off but how Swagger gets to go ahead of Rhoodes (just to name drop a worthy wrestler) who should be in this title picture. Even Barrett should be ahead of Swagger. I am presuming that ADR retains at WM and Zigg cashes in since there is no real point in holding onto the briefcase since WM is the biggest stage and you can steal the show.

HHH vs Lesnar will be on the card and that is rematch from a few months ago. Their match was not that great which says something since HHH usually can carry the other guy. I am assuming some sort of gimmic match to make the match worth while probably HITC since it is WM and HHH does a lot of those matches. They can build up the match as redemption for both HHH on two accounts: his previous loss and now to avenge his father in law. This match could be entertaining but needs a gimmic since a pure wrestling match did not perform up to expectations. Although HHH should be able to perform better with Lesnar in this second go about.

Punk vs Taker, again rumored, is also a rematch of a few years ago when they were feuding over the WC strap. This match made more sense when Punk was champ and could be streak vs streak. Now, being billed as respect match is lame as both have respect from everyone. Taker for his longevity and Punk for his tenure as Champ. The only way this match works is if Punk wins and ends the streak; thus, getting the respect as he did something that everyone else has failed and would have more prestige then being the championed. People can win titles, only one person can end the streak. I know that Punk will not win so he is going to be jobbed again, although losing to Taker at WM is far more respectable than to Rock, especially when he carries the Rock. This will be a decent match but it is too bad that the Taker is as banged up as he is for this match to parallel his orginial match with HBK.

Kane vs Bryan is a rematch of sorts as they feuded for the Title with Punk. These matches were good as Bryan and Punk are phenomonal in the ring. They have chemistry with whoever they wrestle. Team Hell No has run its course and these two will drop the titles, hopefully to the Shield who are a force in themselves. This match hopefully is redemption for Bryan as he got royally screwed last year on dropping the title in 18 secs. What a joke. This match could be a sleeper as Kane is alright in the ring and Bryan is a master.

That leaves WWE with the following wrestlers to be slotted in: Orton, Jericho, Ryback, Barrett, Kingston, Cesaro, Miz, Henry, Show, Ziggler, Rhoodes, Sandow, and Sheamus. There is no real history with any of them besides Orton-Sheamus, Miz-Cesaro so WWE has to be real ingenious with how to build these feuds. I think that Miz-Cesaro has run its course and another match just to put Miz over does not really do much as he does not have a lot of crowd support. There is time but seeing how well WWE has done to build feuds over the last little while I am sure that they will just patch it together and have most believe that this is what the WWE universe desired. Some of the names above have the star quality and in ring ability to pull it off but it still reinforces how bad this buildup to WM has been. As always, you're welcome.

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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    If this is the potential card, that's 2 rematches from Summerslam, like, really? Total bogus if you ask me
  2. Jack Newport's Avatar
    Yeah, it is a shame that the two biggest matches on the card - Rock vs. Cena and Brock vs. HHH - are both rematches from 2012.

    I won't be ordering WrestleMania this year. For the first time in many years, WrestleMania is not worth spending money on. I'll just watch it via stream.
  3. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    I agree with everything you are saying in your blog, Especially on the two championship matches but what I disagree with is when you imply in your blog that some how CM Punk was able to carry The Rock to watchable matches and Cena wasnt..... Cena actually had to carry the Rock at WM28. Cenas match with The Rock at WM Wasnt Great by any means or even Good but I would say that Cenas match with the Rock was better and more watchable then Punks back to back crapfest with Rock.

    This isnt a anti Punk or Pro Cena Rant, It is just the truth. I think You are giving Punk way to much credit and being much to harsh on Cena.

    Everything else I totally agree. Simply Not intrested in this years Wrestlemania... I would of been much more interested if Cesaro Challenged for the WHC. Cesaro has been on a tear for the last 6 months and Swagger just came out of no where to challenge for the WHC. Swagger has been jobbing to everyone and anyone for two years ( Jerry Lawler and Santino to name a few) and then he takes a 6 month break, Wins one match and he is in the WHC match at Wrestlemania? Sounds stupid to me.
  4. daveyrichards's Avatar
    I seriously hope they will make Punk&Lesnar vs HHH&Taker. At least its not gonna be complete rematch. Id rather see that than 2 singles matches.. And like every year to give WM spot ot everyone, i expect sum 5 on 5 dumb stipulation match to get everyone on the card. On the other hand, I dont really mind to see Swagger in a title match since Dolph is gonna be champ after WM
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    You make good points here with the rematches and how WM is not really shaping up to be anything spectacular....

    However, this blog comes off very biased and you seem to truly believe in today's "stars". Unfortunately, you're going to continue to be disappointed. There are several rumored potential WM 30 matches of Rock vs Brock, Cena vs Taker, Punk vs Stone Cold...etc. Can you see the trend? A year from now, the highlights of WM STILL don't include your favorites like Ziggler and Barrett. There's a reason for that. Plain and simple....NOBODY WOULD BUY WRESTLEMANIA 30, if those guys were headlining.

    It's the reality of it all. There's really no way to get around it. There are no stars today. Only cult favorites. They gotta keep bringing back stars from the past to draw interest.
  6. The Enlightened One's Avatar
    I disagree, people would buy that PPV and by the end of the year, you will see the Shield, Ziggler, Rhoodes, Bryan hopefully Cesaro and Barrett in the main event picture come WM XXX. I know that "cult favourites" as you say will always return for WM but the focus will not solely be on them. If the WWE wants to continue to develop, they have to let some of the new guys run with it like the people mentioned above, and Sheamus is probably in that mix too.
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Enlightened One
    I disagree, people would buy that PPV and by the end of the year, you will see the Shield, Ziggler, Rhoodes, Bryan hopefully Cesaro and Barrett in the main event picture come WM XXX. I know that "cult favourites" as you say will always return for WM but the focus will not solely be on them. If the WWE wants to continue to develop, they have to let some of the new guys run with it like the people mentioned above, and Sheamus is probably in that mix too.
    What you say is 100% accurate. But the thing is, what WWE SHOULD do is different than what they WILL do.
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