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The Med Blog #1 -A Wrestlemania Idea

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The Med Blog
Blog #1

A Wrestlemania Idea

Hey everyone in the E-wrestling world. I come onto the site weekly and find myself reading through the blogs so I thought I would take the plunge and register to start blogging myself. Hope you enjoy…..

I have watched Wrestlemania since Wrestlemania 12, after the iron man match against HBK & Bret Hart I was hooked. And living in the UK I stay up to watch most pay-per-views where possible and record Raw every Monday. Thinking about the grandest stage of them all I enjoy reading bloggers dream cards and prediction cards for Wrestlemania 29 and it got me thinking and I had an idea.

Over the last year or so I see WWE have a pre show/match prior to Pay-Per-View events running on YouTube and ultimately this would be to get last minute buys for the show that follows, WWE is a business and companies want to make money at the end of the day.

So am sure we will have a stacked card for mania, maybe matches such as Cena vs Rock “Twice in a Lifetime”, Cm Punk against Undertaker and HHH vs Lesnar. But what about the Pre Show. So here was what I was thinking would be a good idea….

So roughly 20-30 minutes before Wrestlemania 29 kicks off why not have a big pre show match, my idea was to have a few mid card wrestlers throw down in an 8 Man Ladder match for the US Title. Antonio Cesaro (c) vs Michael McGillicutty vs Christian vs Shelton Benjamin vs The Miz vs Jack Swagger vs Mark Henry vs Zack Ryder. So let me explain my reasons for each participant.

Antonio Cesaro (c)
Being the champion and I have a feeling he still will be the champion by the time Wrestlemania is here he would have to be in the match, lately I must admit I have been impressed with his in ring performances, maybe its just his promos that need some work but he could build this as his ultimate challenge to prove himself to the US that he deserves to be their champion with all odds stacked against him.

Michael Mcgillicutty
Maybe you read the name and wondered why, I stopped and asked myself the same but he was lately praised by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnston helping him get wrestle ready for the Rumble and it would be a nice way to bring him back onto our screens and put a good showing on for him.

Sadly I feel ever since his world title five minutes of fame, then no sooner leaving our screens and being reintroduced he is a lost thought, but Christian can put on great matches and could be gold for some great spots in the match, I think its safe to say he wont make any main card match this year so why not have him help the pre show.

Shelton Benjamin
I sat and watched each ten second countdown looking forward to Shelton’s return to WWE at the Rumble and it never happened in the end, but he was their ready and I would like to think soon he will grace our screens again. In previous Wrestlemania Money in the Bank Matches he has shone and gone the extra mile with big spots and generally being a good wrestler, and also what a way to bring him back onto our screens. His spot could also be kept a secret until the night like a surprise entrant could get the crowd right into the night straight away.

The Miz
Mainly for his promos is why I would put him into this match and using Miz TV in a segment to build the match up could help as well. Like Christian, I cannot see the Miz in any main card match so this would be the next best thing for him.

Jack Swagger
With Jack I would start by saying his latest return has been a disaster. I was expecting a new character, maybe different ring wear, and new look to match but all we have is the same old Jack with his finisher re-named. The WWE have him back on our screens so building him up again would be a start having him in this match, plus with it being for the US championship and him being the all American American would be a nice touch for the match as a whole

Mark Henry
Short and sweet, we need a powerhouse in the match. Using Mark to say lay out a few participants near the ending of the match. Simple.

Zack Ryder
The last superstar who made the US title mean anything in my opinion. It was quite sad to read the other day that since Raw went 3 hours Zack has had less on screen time on Raw. I cannot help but feel he’s owed a great deal from WWE, mainly for his social media work with his You Tube show and Twitter etc. I like Zack and his promos during the whole Cena/Eve situation were great TV I thought. He could promote this match loads through his Twitter for example and use his previous US title reign in the build up.

Am sure a pre match like this would bring in a ton more PPV buys for the WWE and get a real buzz going from the crowd who can ultimately create the atmosphere within the stadium. Also for the mid carders this could potentially help start feuds post Wrestlemania for the likes of the Smackdown and WWE Superstars shows etc.

And the winner is….Writing up the match it’s only right to pick who I would like to win and would also like your thoughts as well, but for me I would want Antonio Cesaro to retain his title. Post Wrestlemania he could potentially cut some great promos about how he defied all odds and has finally proven he deserves to be the US champion and represent the USA, I think this would be golden TV for him. Plus this could bring back some credibility and interest into the US title, maybe even going as far as WWE keeping the title on Cesaro for as long as possible, trying to take over the longest reign on record held by Lex Luger for 523 Days. Almost like a countdown until he reaches this milestone would keep viewers interested I think.

So what do you guys think? Good idea? Bad idea? Pros and cons? And my first Blog?, would be good to hear your views and comments and I look forward to writing up Blog #2, until next time…………

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I think it would be cool to see a 6 pack challenge start the show.

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