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Grading TNA's Booking of Every Roster Member Part 2

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Madison Rayne-Madison is talented but right now is at the bottom of the Knockouts division. Story with Earl Hebner went nowhere except to introduce Taryn Terrell and she hasn't been involved in much since. Tag team with Gail Kim might be picking up. Again, TNA's lack of commitment to the women (remember, you're not WWE, the women draw) being a cause. She should be seen more.
Score: 2/10

Guy is a beast and a good power wrestler. Seems okay on the mic but has no real gimmick except "Hey! I'm British!" That doesn't work. I did like his feud with Samoa Joe but it's disappointing to see his character not progress in any way. Could be a main eventer if they get him a better persona. At least they put him over on the UK Tour which was smart.
Score: 4/10

Matt Morgan-Morgan is one of those guys you don't have to fake anything with. He looks like he can beat anyone. Good wrestler but hasn't gotten to show it much since he's been back. I liked him taking Hogan's cape from Wrestlemania 3. So he comes back wanting to impress Hogan and he goes out there and squashes people with the carbon footprint either during or after their matches and crushes Doug Williams in a match of his own....but then gets beaten by Chavo and Hernandez twice and disappears. Argh! They better have future plans for this guy.
Score: 2/10

Mickie James-Would take me a long time to get tired of seeing her wrestle especially against Gail Kim. Great babyface knockout with a country gimmick that works and a great theme song. I was glad to see her rise to the top of the division but then not get the payoff with winning the title. She does deserve a run in the future though. Right now unfortunately not doing much.
Score: 6/10

Mike Knox-Wait who? Oh right that guy who got unmasked in Aces and Eights and we were supposed to care about knowing who it was but didn't at all. At least Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco got some mic time after being unmasked to explain themselves. Haven't seen anything impressive from this guy in the ring and given no reason to care by the writing staff.
Score: 1/10

Mike Tenay-Always excellent at presenting history between two guys on commentary and what matches mean to each of them but he needs to get amped up about the bigger moves more. That was something Don West was great at bringing out of Tenay and while he's no Jim Ross he still does a fairly good job.
Score: 7/10

Miss Tessmacher-Was not a good wrestler when she started out and she has really improved. I like her entrance and theme music. Not sure how I feel about the lesbian moves and her version of the stink face but at least they get a crowd reaction. Thought her feud with Tara should have ended in a much bigger fashion and it was just kind of another match. Somewhat disappointing. Still seeing some of her but again not doing too much.
Score: 5/10

Mr. Anderson-His microphone thing still works but it shouldn't be his ONLY thing. Feel like his addition to Aces and Eights was because they had nothing else for him to do. Has not done anything too memorable lately although feuding with Angle was looking promising. Really bothered me that his decision to join Aces and Eights never was something he officially agree to he was just kind of like oh well I like this, so yeah I guess. Should have been something like attacking one of the good guys to solidify him as his decision to join the group.
Score: 3/10

-I like her with EY but she's been a jobber with nothing to do while waiting for him to come back. Strange when she is one of the champions in TNA. She is someone who I think is due for a character change after doing the same thing for so long. I get that not everyone can be at the top of a division but that doesn't mean they have to always lose.
Score: 1/10

Rob Terry
-Still not quite there on the wrestling but Bigger Rob's got a good look. Also, not a good or at least confident talker. I admit I laughed when he won the Bro Off between Jessie and Robbie E it was fun to see Robbie T with some character. Looks like they are doing a jealousy story between the Robbies so he's in the middle of a character transition. Waiting to see where it goes.
Score: 5/10

Rob Van Dam-Seriously, has RVD EVER done anything differently? Same moves, same hand gestures, no gimmick. It works and I do like his moveset even though he's very often not clean. Harder to get a really good match out of him these days. I'm fine with him being X Division champ but can't he please get into a feud where he acts like he cares?? Really needs a good feud with something based outside of just the wrestling aspect in my mind. Someone making something personal would be big.
Score: 4/10

Robbie E-As far as wrestling goes he seems like he's too anxious a lot of the time. Just watch one of his matches and how he moves about and you should see what I mean. He can talk although he doesn't have much that is interesting to say. The Jersey Shore gimmick is fine and I enjoy watching The List but feel like he should be able to do better. Weirdly rare that he competes in tag matches with Robbie T for two guys attached at the hip. I guess since he isn't all that great I'm fine with where TNA have put him.
Score: 7/10

Rockstar Spud-Judging on limited evidence but Spud can go. Not only that but he has natural charisma along with a great entrance and seems like he can talk too. Very, very stupid to have his Impact debut to be interrupted by the Robbies, throwing one punch to Robbie E, and putting Rob Terry's hands in a "let's rock" position. Why not a match after that?! Guy could be huge in the X Division but I hate how he debuted.
Score: 2/10

Samoa Joe-Great in the ring and good on the mic, it's almost impossible to book Joe correctly unless he's in the main event scene. Another guy being held down with his involvement in the Aces and Eights storyline while not having a specific feud with anyone in particular. At least he's on TV.
Score: 4/10

Sting-Very badly needs to add some moves to his offense in the ring. It's all punches, Stinger splash, and Scorpion Death Drop. Was really hoping for big things in his return maybe a return to the old crow gimmick but he came back with the same Insane Icon thing which does not work so well. His charisma carries him almost completely these days. It's fine for him to be involved with the Aces and Eights and in the background of the Hogan drama but wrong for him to look so dominant.
Score: 1/10

Tara-Acting like a needy celebrity A lister does not play to her strengths but she's had a good run as a heel Knockouts Champ and I like all the stuff she does in her entrance with Jessie. Obviously still a very talented wrestler. Very silly when she's name dropping hanging out with Brad and Angelina or whoever else but I guess it fits the gimmick. A longer feud with someone, again not based on the wrestling, could do her wonders.
Score: 7/10

Taz-Joined Aces and Eights and has been working as a mostly heel commentator. Surprisingly not only crediting the bad guys however like most heel commentators do and still says his wacky Tazisms. Disappointing he will never get his comeuppance like what happens to the best heel managers. He's also been mostly annoying in his bickering with Todd Keneley.
Score: 4/10

Todd Keneley-Has fit in seamlessly into the commentating group and I think been a good addition. Taz has given him a really hard time and the three of them need to work on who talks when so they don't interrupt each other. Still needs to get more excited but his play by play has added to the show like every good commentator should.
Score: 8/10

Velvet Sky-Came back and looked good in the ring. She doesn't have much of a gimmick except shaking her booty (not that I'm complaining about that part). She is also lacking on the mic and very repetitive. She keeps repeating how she is more focused than ever and how 2013 is going to be her year. I also don't think her finisher is over. Again, as I've said for most of the women, she needs a real feud and not just compete in matches to have matches. Does deserve a turn at the top of the Knockouts ladder so I don't mind her being pushed there.
Score: 7/10

Wes Brisco-I liked how Wes was brought in through Angle and then competed on Gut Check, which was one of the better Gut Check segments even though it was completely scripted. Haven't seen too much of him in the ring but so far looks promising. I think they could do a cool story with him acting like a privileged brat because of his lineage but maybe that's just me. Another wait and see what they do with him guy.
Score: 4/10

Zema Ion-Really underrated as a wrestler. Fluid, high flying, and plays cocky very well. I like his Z hand motion he makes and think the hair spray thing makes him stand out even if it's a bit silly. Not a great talker but not bad either. Very disappointed that the storyline of him breaking people's bodies never went anywhere because that submission finisher of his looked sick. Seemed to fall off the face of the Earth for a month after he lost the X Division title but looks like he is back and about to start a feud. Needs some sort of catchphrase to get himself over more but can't deny his wrestling ability.
Score: 7/10

Hope I got everyone. Let me know in the comments who you agree/disagree with.

For emphasis, I am repeating this....this is NOT a grade of how good a wrestler is it, this is a grade of how well TNA has used the wrestler based on how good they are. Keep that in mind!

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  1. Poot-Hair's Avatar
    So basically TNA hasn't used anyone well but Hogan and a couple others? There were more 3's and 5's then anything else. Agree with some, disagree with some.
  2. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    A couple others? People they are using well (rated 7 or higher) including Daniels, Styles, Joseph Park, Aries, Roode, Bully Ray, Gail Kim, Jessie Godderz, Hardy, Kenny King, Zema Ion, Velvet Sky, Robbie E, Todd Keneley, and Tara. That's 15 not counting Hogan.

    I haven't looked thought about it that much but WWE even with what I'm guessing is a bigger roster probably wouldn't have that many highly rated and if so they for sure have way more that would score a 1, 2, or 3 out of 10.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    so I'm not the only one who thinks Robbie E is being used better..yes, Robbie E is being used better and so is Robbie T (these days he got a character which is lacking in many people in wrestling altogether)...I'm enjoying Robbie E these days (at one point of time I felt he's not at all entertaining)..I have an objection with your rating on Robbie T...I guess for his given limitations he's being used well by it looks like both the Robs may end up feuding...

    I want to see Zema Ion back as X-Div champ!!!
  4. thedag's Avatar
    the cape matt morgan wears isn't from wrestlemania 3. it's just one of the capes hogan wore before he was in WWE.

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