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STATE OF THE 'E: What's In A Name?

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Hello again my fellow bloggers and readers. Welcome back to the often imitated but never duplicated, STATE OF THE 'E!! I'm just going to get right into it becauseToday I'm going to be touching on a subject NOT as polarizing as The Rock (Which sparked some great discussion and it's much appreciated no matter what your opinion is.) winning the WWE Championship. No, no, no... this time, we'll be discussing names and how they effect the product. Lets get this carnival on the road!


Now, as we've all seen recently... THE 'E signed one of my favorite wrestlers in El Generico. We all assumed he'd be repackaged and basically be Lash Leroux 2.0... I mean, I know I did. But, something magical happened in Vinnieland. Oh yes Undertaker... something magical happened indeed. He kept his gimmick and his name upon arrival to NXT.

Mind. Blown.

VKM has been notorious for wanting to change names to protect copyrights so talent can't take those names elsewhere. That's why CM Punk is still an anomaly in THE 'E, he's the last of a generation where they were allowed to keep their names. VKM got into a spot when there was the mass exodus over time to TNA, got butthurt and made sure that no one who left his company were allowed to compete with their names since then.

This is why Tyler Black has now become Seth Rollins... Chris Hero into Kassius Ohno and Jon Moxley has become Dean Ambrose and Bryan Danielson into Daniel Bryan. VKM's logic is, build up his OWN names and make profit. Of course, he's a business man. Duh. That's what he wants. Well, to me it seems logical as to what needs to happen.

A lot of Indy wrestling fans have no interest in supporting any of their beloved idols once they move into 'E territory. And why is that? Because of their new shiny corporate name. Given to them from the finest of lists. -_- Either way, why not strike a deal? This would benefit both ways... one, the fan base that's supported these guys will now continue to support them in THE 'E when they transition and also... wait for it...

It gives them name power. What do I mean? Well, when they are established on the Indy or International scene... THE 'E strips them of all that when they come aboard. No acknowledgement of anything anywhere else except for vague "He's a world traveler, he's been all around the world." references.

Now, if you've watched for forever you'd know that... that particular wrestler had spent time in ROH, NJPW, and elsewhere. But, THE 'E doesn't acknowledge that at all. And truthfully speaking, they technically don't need to right? They're the WWE!!! They've bought all their competition! They've innovated the scene!! They're the giants in the industry!! Exactly... that's why they can't CREATE new talent and have to keep going back to the well for "Attitude Era" superstars because they don't have any name draws right now.

Waitaminute... no... big name... draws. WOW!!! Bright idea, LET THESE GUYS KEEP THEIR NAMES WHEN THEY COME INTO THE WWE!!! VKM needs to literally get his head out of his ass about the whole "created talent vs already made talent". Maybe by letting the guys keep their names, you'll get more ratings, maybe by letting the guys keep their names you'll get more notoriety, hell... the worst that could happen is they leave the company.

And? Ritchie Steamboat could leave the company. They let him keep the Steamboat name, why not others? Again... homegrown vs. established previously. Maybe El Generico will be the beginning of a new direction? Maybe were beginning a time where an established Indy star can come in, with history behind him and start kicking ass. Not:


I've had enough of it. I'm sure many others have as well. And for those that don't think it matters, sound off below! Remember to everyone... leave all questions, comments, cell phone numbers, alcoholic beverage mixes and whatever else you deem necessary below. Have a great one and see you again soon!

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  1. sret's Avatar
    Well, if they really can't let them keep their indy names they could at the very least let them have a say in the names they get, and that goes for everyone. Perhaps they do get a say, like how Brodus picked the Funkasaurus name (but he probably had no say in his Brodus name) and perhaps some are fine with whatever name they get, but I feel like it takes away from their stardom when most of them have regular names. Jimmy this, Johnny that... they aren't character names, just pseudonyms. Occasionally they repackage them and throw them a character name like Brodus and Johnny Curtis (Fandango) but I feel like the character name is fine on its own. Hell, if it worked for Undertaker and Kane and so on I don't see why it couldn't work for everyone else.
  2. blink's Avatar
    They could take the indy name and copyright it, but the endeavored could just go to a different promotion with a different spelling of the name ex. D-Von to Devon, Rhyno to Rhino. Or even a variation of the name, like a synonym ex. Bubba Ray to Brother Ray. So really they should rename new superstars. And why not, they invest their time and money in to the individual, and if the superstar doesnt work out then why should some other company make profit of all of VKM's effort? Just how i feel on the subject.
  3. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    To be fair, hate e El Generico gimmick; this is the first time I actually wanted WWE to re-package someone...
  4. ewantu2's Avatar
    Yeah, someone is really going to turn off RAW because of a name..... To be honest there new names sound better then there old ones.
  5. CMBison's Avatar
    After being fired from WWE in 2010 for choking Justin Roberts with a tie, Bryan Danielson wrestled in Indy events before his return at Summer Slam. Right after a match, he grabbed the mic and said the following.

    Bryan Danielson: "I would go to TNA, but I don't think fans would want to see Desmond Wolfe(Nigel McGuiness) vs Lloyd Boner!"

    TNA's creative owned.
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