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What to do with Taker for Mania

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This is my very first blog and I'm writing this because I think I have a great idea for The Undertaker to wrestle at Mania 29 without doing much work. We all know that Punk is going to lose to the Rock at EC so he figures into this equation. Whenever HHH comes back to Raw to avenge his father-in-law getting hurt by Brock he challenges him to aatch at Mania. Brock comes out with Heyman to answer HHH and Punk comes from behind and they both take out Hunter. Punk and HHH have history that was never really resolved as they rushed into their match back at Night of Champions a couple of years ago. With this happening Heyman tells HHH that they want a tag match with the 2 Heyman guys with whoever Hunter can find. What better partner for him to have but Taker. HHH comes out and says that the last 2 years he tried ending the streak and now wants to help keep it going. Taker has issues with Brock from UFC and we all know that he can't handle a physical match alone with him. I think this is an excellent way to get all these guys on the card and gave a good old tag team grudge match!

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  1. daveyrichards's Avatar
    That wouldnt be smart IMO. Jon Moxley is gold on mic, so they dont need a talker, and Taker cant do too many matches so why to even put him there. Dont forget that Undertaker is on that level hes above being Face or Heel, hes a legend. I cant imagine anyone that hates the Undertaker, and the Shield r supposed to be heels I dont think they even need a leader, but if so, I hope its gonna be some new guy, that deserves a push, or sumone thats returning. I personally would love to see William Regal in that place. IMO thats a guy that deserves at least 1 world title run. Hes one of the greatest to never hold the world/wwe title. And also Christian would do just fine for me
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