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Deadsectors morgue- Knowing when to step aside

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First before we head downstairs, I just wanted to say think you for reading my other blogs, and for not making fun of me... See i relized about two seconds after i hit the post button on my WM dream card that I had made a typo in my name. I can be a real idiot at times. SO thanks for ignoring that, or at leasting laughing quietly... These will slow down shortly but I had something else I wanted to go over. Again keep in mind that everything is just my opinion and your free to agree or not as you see fit. Now... Lets hit the morgue we've work to do.
One of the things that is holding young stars back is the older stars not knowing when to step aside. I understand that after a while wrestling becomes an adiction and the guys and girls just have to been infront of the crowd to be happy. But at some point they need to leave. For us fans sometimes its very hard to let them go, sometimes they are our childhood heros, sometimes we've met them and liked the guy enough to follow him no matter his role and sometimes, its a guy who just holds you captive, he may be a jerk outside of the ring, he might not even be that great but for whatever reason you just can't get enough of him. Yet the fan needs to know and understand when its time to let their guy step aside. Lately we've found ourselves in a bit of a jam, a limbo if you will. Both WWe and TNA have exellent young tallent, but they can't break the holding patteren, they are waiting for guys well past their primes to get out of the way. Many stars just can't do it, they'll go until they drop and this leaves the young guys in limbo, theres no room for them in the main event, theres no money outside of midcard money because the older guys are still getting paid the big dollars and they just kind of float around. There have been cases where a star willingly steps aside and retires. HBK is the most recent of those examples. HBK had the good sense to go out on top, he whent out after a huge match and he whent out with the fans love. Thats the way to go out. Some, like Edge have their career brutaly and tragicly ended early. Edge is a great example of fans having a hard time in letting a guy go. Day after day he has to answer tweets about if he's going to come back. It isn't fair to him and its not fair to the guy who got to take his place on the roster. And then... Then we have guys like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair. they just can't move one, they are stuck in a mosh... Hulk Hogan currently gets more air time on IMPACT then any other star on the roster, a guy who can't wrestle anymore still has major storylines revolve around him. But never mind that, lets talk about the real issue with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. Two of the best, two of the greatest stars to ever set foot in the ring... Are now looked apon as jokes, as perverts, as spotlight hogs. They've lost so much credit from lawsuits, from devorces, from sextapes, from tweeter feuds and from not being able to step aside and give their place to someone who deserves it. It's truely sad to see the state they are currently in. Stars, tarneshed by bad choices and poor planning.
Dear me, this is over long, I'm sorry. I'll rap it up quickly then. For the sake of wrestling, for the sake of the fans and for the sake of the wrestlers health, when the time is up, when you've done everything there is to do and you've proved you truely are one of the best, have one final great match, pass the tourch and leave. Sail off into the sunset ablaze in glory and the tears of the fans who wish you didn't have to go. Leave with the love and respect of the fans and leave with that final match being something everyone will want to watch again and again. Leave, before you turn into the laughstock, leave before you lose the respect and love of the fans, because once you've lost it, you'll be to old to get it back again.
Atopsy complete.
Thanks for reading this long rambling blog of mine. Feedback is welcome. Tell next time.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I for one thank some of these guys are hurting their legacy. Guys like Bret, Flair, and Hogan hurt themselves for staying around and not wrestling. Hell, Flair hurt his a bit by his WCW days when he was a jobber after Hogan came in than just being a midcarder on WWE for several years. He gained more respect than anyone could have asked for in 2008 Raw after Mania. Came back, not the same level of respect you have. Hogan has just made impact worse especially now Brooke is on there. Hogan talking about having matches.....I'd rather him just shut up. I don't want him to wrestle a match again especially vs some of the likes I don't care to see him face. I've been wanting Sting to retire since he lost to AJ at BFG. He is still around, my fav from WCW days. Top 3 all-time right behind Austin and Rock. Rock is having dream matches though which is why I'm not all that critical. I was angry a bit by Rock winning over Cena. I felt Cena should have gotten the win. Rock didn't need it as bad as Cena did.

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