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WWE just in general!

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First time blogger here!

I have been a fan of WWE since i was 6 years old and i just turned 18 past Saturday, and in the past recent years i have seen many mid-card talents settling in to their mid-card role and not trying their heart out for a push. There is just no enthusiasm on the roster, they are all set in their ways, in the past, you had a large amount off superstars that fought for number one contender-ship for a title now a days you get maybe 4/5 superstars that will challenge for number one contender-ship and then all the other superstars being happy getting a match now and again on ''superstars'' or ''main event'' its pathetic.

Then there is the non-americans winning the united states championship this i have always thought to be wrong, americans should fight for the us title and the non-americans should fight for the intercontinental title.

The tag team division got a slight push toward the end of 2012 with kane and daniel bryan (i'll come back to people like kane) and then dropping tag teams like the rhode scholars and putting together a team like broadus clay and tensi who get lots of tv time, then there is tag teams like the uso's, the prime time players, justin gabriel and tyson kidd, rey mysterio and sin cara on the main roster that appart from rey and sin cara hardly get the opportunity for any tv time what so ever never mind a title shot.

The Diva's division! not even going to lie there is about as much diva's as there is tag teams, the diva's get no time on tv at all unless they are like aj and rosa mendes who are with main roster superstars, the wwe need to hire more diva's and actually make it more competitive and make the diva's title prestigious to the diva's and not just an award for winning a match!

The BIG GUYS OFF WWE!!!, You look at guys like kane, the big show, mark henry, the great khali, ryback, Big E Langston, broadus clay, lord tensi, ezikiel jackson, mayson ryan, Guys that should be running through the locker room knocking down everybody in their paths but what are they doing, Kane is in a dysfunctional tag team that makes people laugh, khali tensi and broadus clay dance every week, big e langston is a body guard, ezikiel and mayson have hardly been seen in the past months, the big show and mark henry live upto what they should be doing and bullying people and ryback is just getting the biggest push of his life! these guys should be in title pictures galore but instead they are used to fill the card and left on the bench till they are called up on by the creative to get a push into the title picture!

The young talent on the roster, the wwe roster is exploding with talent but creative just don't know how to use it, instead off giving them a push like they did with dolph ziggler after him being in the business for 7 YEARS, they wait and they wait and they wait and eventually the talent says screw it stops trying and wwe release them and boom tna, ROH e.c.t. pick them up and actually use them, its ridiculous the young talent should be getting over on the older more experienced guys on the roster,like have for example tyson kidd get a clean win over sheamus, or the shield get clean wins in single competition, evan bourne getting a win over a cm punk or y2j, just to give all these young guys on the roster the boost that they all deserve cause what happens to them all? they all get put in nxt where they train the rookies while the big guns battle it out for all the titles, why not giv the smallest guy the biggest shot, even on the run up to wrestlemania just give all these young guys a little bit on television time to show case their talents so the world is talking like... aww did you see evan bourne beat cm punk on raw he has some talent or did you see dean ambrose beat sheamus on smackdown in that cage match?... stuff to get the wwe universe buzzing and get ratings up.

Also (the last one) the lack off big named HEELS on the roster! there are plenty off baby face's in the big title pictures but where are all the heels? turning del rio face? was that such a good move? main Heels on the roster... the big show, mark henry, dolph ziggler, brock lesner, cm punk, the shield... main baby face's y2j, DB, kane, The rock, cena, the miz, sheamus, randy orton, rey mysterio, ryback, they need to even the playing field either turn some face's to heels or push up some talent to the main main part off the roster and make them a big name and a big heel!

thanks for reading if you did, much appreciated if you leave comments telling me what you think, if you agree, if you dont, just want to know if anybody feels the same way i do about wwe recently.

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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    good read, most of it spot on
  2. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    The problem that most people dont understand is the backstage politics that go on in the WWE. Well, more or less politics. If you are a young star, they will set you out on the right foot and let you sink or swim. If a star does not pick up the ball and run with it, they will fall flat. The WWE pushes guys who are always proactively coming up with ideas for their character behind the scenes. Guys like Carlito, Benjamin, Masters, etc who just sit around and wait for creative to come up with something for them, tend to flame out rather quickly. That's probably the biggest problem with the younger guys today. Not very many want to continually push their character in the ear of creative team members. You have to constantly be in the face / ear of Vince, HHH, Michael Hayes, Stephanie, etc. Talent will only take a young WWE star so far. They have to show the desire and work ethic backstage to get pushed. Someone like Ryder who is really big on YouTube, is very passive aggressive. He'll promote himself online, but when it comes to having the balls to push himself to Vince, HHH, etc... he has no sack.
  3. GaryBallantyne's Avatar
    TheGreatOne i agree with you about cesaro, but in my eyes he is to good for the mid card title pictures, i think after wrestlemania he should push himself even if not for the wwe title he should push for the world title, i know there is alot off big guys in the world title picture but he would fit right in! even if he dropped the title to a younger talent and then went on and won MITB so he can win it whenever he wants that would be the push that cesaro needs to make his career even bigger than it already is, i also believe if not using the big guys to push the younger talent they should use john cena, what better way to get noticed than to get a clean victory over the poster boy off wwe....
    ToiletBowl, yeah i totally agree that backstage politics is also a big influence in wwe superstars careers

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