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Mikee Riggs

WWE: The New Pecking Order.

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So after a lot of reading and contemplating what has been said by the IWC I decided to go forward with a thought I had seen and then taken further.
One of the major problems at WWE currently is how the titles and roster are being used in relation to each other. With that in mind I present the pecking order. This pecking order will be used to show who should be fighting for what title and why . I will use short examples when necessary to explain my overall thought process.
John Cena (Face)
CM Punk (Heel/Antihero)
Ziggler (Heel)
Randy Orton (Face/Heel)
Sheamus (Face)
Christian (Face/Heel)
Overall: You need a small stable that can be switched between storyline fueds and title shots that can be two of your top three matches at a ppv.
Christian tends to be injury prone but can really make it in the top class as one of the last attituders out there and a solid sized frame for this title.

Alberto Del Rio (Face)
Wade Barret (Heel)
Kane (Face)
Mark Henry (Heel)
Ryback (Face)
Big Show (Face/Heel)
Jack Swagger (Heel)

Overall: This title should be more for the guys that are close to over but can never really seal the deal 100% and the training ground with which to do that. This title is about building your character on the mic. Kane and Big Show and Mark Henry are all here because they aren't WWE title material. That said Kane should really be more of a feud character that pops in and out of this grouping and go back to his Dark Violent Persona. Ryback just doesn't deserve a push past this (if at all) and needs major mic work past a tacky catchphrase.

Kofi Kingston (Face)
Daniel Bryan (Face)
Ted Dibiase (Heel)
Cody Rhodes (Face)
Dean Ambrose (Heel)
Tyson Kidd (Heel)
R Truth (Face)

Overall:This is the belt that has always signified pure legend potential. This belts purpose is to let the hungry shine and give us the matches that have pops that leave us in shock. You put your ring masters and high flyers here that maybe able to work the mic but really there in ring ability speaks for them. Mix them with some character people like Ambrose and Rhodes and have this be the proving ground title. Kofi is here literally because he would help make it for a year then move up. He deserves more.

Antonio Cesaro (Heel)
Brodus Clay (Face)
Damien Sandow (Heel)
Zack Ryder (Face)
Miz (Face/Heel)
Evan Bourne (Face)
Big E Langston (Heel)

Overall: This is the belt that gets you out of the tag circuit and into the game. This belt should be for title changes and quick gimmicks at the bottom two WWE shows. Cesaro is the Kofi of this category and Sandow the king of it. Keeping Sandow low like this gives him time to gain momentum and seperate him and Cody long enough for them to eventually fued. Zack Ryder is the person this title was made for and Miz just works better low in the title picture less pressure more room for fun. Brodus honestly I feel like needs to get a hand in somewhere so he can really start to look at the ladder he can climb.

Chris Jericho
The Rock
Brock Lesnar
Triple H
Overall: They are all made men, kinda. I could debate Brock but it's obvious that these men aren't subjected to a pecking order. They come and go as they please put over who they need to and feud when it's necessary for ratings or hype. This goes for anyone former and not active roster that was wrestling during the attitude era.

plus new ones!!
Overall: The tag circuit helps talent get air time. The tag circuit should only cycle in main eventers when it needs to regain attention. Past that it's for people who are looking for a chance to wrestle not even shine just wrestle. From that great tag teams can be born. From great tag teams Superstars emerge (Shawn Michaels). The tag circuit can be a fun way to throw a curve ball into the other sections of the roster sure but it should have some die hard teams that can do solid work in that division for long periods of time.

Look I know most of you may disagree with my layout or choices, but we can all agree that currently things are a mish mash of people losing and winning with no real purpose. People are confused on there screen time and the shows are patterned to focusing on titles instead of characters. Also feuding between pecking orders can be encouraged to help switch people around and find new opponents with good chemistry but not the title just character feuds. If someone is a champion they are the cornerstone of that division and at that time that should be there main focus.
Ex: Wade Barrett is IC champ. He should only be wrestling and fueding surrounding that title because people are hungry for it. If Wade Barrett loses that title to say Kofi Kingston, then Wade Barrett can start an incident with Kane. The feud will go on for a month or so then lead to a big match (not necessarily on PPV) that has some weird style or stipulation. So Barrett and Kane feud Barrett and Kane end up having an inferno match. Kane loses and Barrett elevates himself to the WHC picture. It's not rocket science and it's still leaves room for creativity and change but gives a guideline as a base to work with that way Barrett isn't losing 5 matches in a row and still the IC champ.
That's about it I'm done ranting I'm starting to get agitated.

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  1. Jack Newport's Avatar
    This blog is the definition of how the IWC operates.
  2. Mikee Riggs's Avatar
    Is that a compliment? Or are you saying I wasted my time writing this. If it's a compliment thanks! If no I hang my head in the shamiest of shame.

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