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Missed Creative Direction

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(NOTE: I tried posting this a couple of weeks ago, but it wouldn't show up for some reason. Hopefully it works this time?)

Long-time lurker, first-time poster.

As I was watching RAW last night, I had an epiphany. As Mr. McMahon came out to address Paul Heyman and they began to go back and forth over The Shield, it just hit me like a ton of bricks. Stay with me here.

All this time, they’ve been building towards Heyman conspiring and being the driving force behind The Shield. It’s never been much of a secret. They’ve nearly crammed it down our throats. They should not have done that. It’s too obvious. What if, after all this time being lambasted, it turned out that neither Paul Heyman nor CM Punk was involved at all? What if, instead, The Rock was the mastermind behind the whole thing?

Why? Let’s say The Rock despised CM Punk. Maybe he didn’t like CM Punk’s attitude. Maybe he didn’t like CM Punk’s Pepsi tattoo, or apples. “IT DOESN’T MATTER…!” The Rock’s dislike of Punk lined up nicely with his desire to regain the championship, so he organized The Shield to ensure that Punk held onto the title going into the Royal Rumble, where The Rock would seize his opportunity. All the while, perhaps even merely by chance, incriminating Heyman and Punk since The Shield’s interference always seemed to benefit CM Punk.

Eventually, of course, all of this would come out. Whether Paul Heyman could have found out and outbid The Rock for their services and have them turn on him, or maybe The Shield would feel they had outgrown The Rock and didn’t want to lurk behind the scenes anymore. This could lead to having The Rock be revealed as a having been a heel all along and build quite nicely to the Rock/Cena redux at Wrestlemania – with Cena being the “face of the company” and the ultimate babyface blah blah blah (more on that in my next post) -- finally putting an end to it all by getting back the belt and sending The Rock on his way back to Hollywood.

Don’t hurt me.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Understand why you would have it that way, but after Rock was attacked by them internally bleeding.....made it make no sense if it were The Rock.
  2. wsm1996's Avatar
    'The great one' I've commented on your comments multiple times befor and I keep seeing you not fully understanding what any blog is intended to be for. You need to stop commenting bro

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