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2013 Wish List

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Happy New Year Everyone! I know it’s late but still. For my first blog of the New Year I wanted to do a wish list that I want WWE to do for this year. So here we go.

CM Punk to Remain WWE Champion
This is a big one for me. I would love the concept of WWE keeping CM Punk WWE Champion for another entire year. I would however like him to alter into a diverse heel by becoming more audacious. With CM Punk becoming more dauntless as a heel, he would be a bigger threat to the WWE superstars he faces. Anyways, I would be much more intrigued with keeping CM Punk champion as 1.) He would add even more prestige to the WWE Title, 2.) He looks even more potent, 3). It can allow more superstars to feud with him as it would create an unconventional and different ambiance for the WWE Title picture as well as elevate the newer superstars he could feud with, 4). He can revisit older feuds that the fans were really into whether just in this title reign or in antecedent years (Daniel Bryan, Kane, Randy Orton), and 5.) Whoever defeats him for the WWE Title will look even more credible (not that if someone beat him now they wouldn't). So CM Punk remaining WWE Champion for another year is a thumbs up for me.

Rhode Scholars & The Usos Becoming Tag Team Champions
There are 2 associations I want to see encompass in becoming the Tag Team Champions this year. Those teams are Rhode Scholars and the Usos. Let me commence this with Rhode Scholars. They manifest a cerebral type wrestling style and are golden on the mic. Although it halts their singles' career, it permits them to take time to evolve and become more (although I do believe Cody Rhodes has lost some of his touch). Besides, especially for Damien Sandow, many of the greats were in a tag team at some point (Shawn Michaels, Edge, Eddie Guerrero, The Undertaker).Plus, they would constitute a different feel in their feuds as champions. Now let me move onto the Usos. They are a legitimate tag team unlike many tag teams who are only throw together for a circumscribed amount of time. The Usos have the determination, skill, and the heart as a tag team. I am firmly convinced that they are the most deserving team in the WWE today to be Tag Team Champions. If I had to choose, I would have Rhode Scholars enter and leave WrestleManiaas Tag Team Champions and then later in the year have the Usos beat them for the titles.

Randy Orton to Become Heel
Randy Orton as a face just does not work for me. He is very bland as many people say. As a heel, he is more diabolical and is permitted to be in different feuds as he would be put against faces. It even helps many baby faces get over cause who better to beat then a former 9 time world champion to add to your resume. That’s all I have to say about him.

Kofi Kingston to Prove Himself

Now this deliberation has been around for quite some time. I am not saying Kofi Kingston should become WWE Champion this year, but I am saying Kofi needs to embellish himself with the criteria essential for making it to the main event level. He has the performance down inside the ring, he is over with the crowd, his gear does very well in merchandise sales, and has the endorsements of being a 4 time IC Champion, 2 time US Champion, and a 3 time Tag Team Champion. All he really needs is 1). Better mic skills as he does need to become more enthralling on it although he is somewhat average now. 2). A Gimmick Change! Seriously, his whole smiley face, Jamaican wannabe gimmick is not efficient. It only devalues him from getting to that main event scene. Personally, that rigorous animal like gimmick he had against Randy Orton in 2009 worked well for him and I would like to see him progress from that. 3). An entrance change. Again the whole Jamaican theme just is not working, although the "Boom Boom Boom" slogan is very familiar with the fans. And 4). A possible heel turn. He is very over with the fans and I am not sure if it would only hurt him. Though, Kofi Kingston being more austere in character as a heel could do wonders. If he was one oft hose bad butt heels that does not cheat too much to win as well as being inapprehensive, he can be that dynamic heel WWE needs today. Besides, if the Miz and Alberto Del Rio could turn face starting last year, why not turn Kofi heel this year?

Progress in the Divas Division

This apportionment of women has not been treated the way they should. I mean, I remember hearing Michelle McCool talking about how Melina and her on occasions were told they were looking and performing"too good". What the heck? That’s absolutely atrocious. Now look at the division. We only had 1 storyline last year really, involving the whole attack of Kaitliyn at Night of Champions. Today, our reigning and defending Divas Champion just defends the title and wins with no real background or storyline.I mean Kaitlyn and Layla had it with her but otherwise their really has not been any. And what happened to other divas feuds within the divas division.? Imean WWE just does not just have only the midcard titles be feuded around inthe midcard scene. They allow other feuds to occur as well. Also, how many divas are there anyways currently active in the WWE? 9? 8? Seriously, get Paige and Summer Rae in there to mix this subdivision up. So all in all, the divas need 1). Actual and Better Storylines, 2). Longer Matches, 3). A Growth in the Roster, 4). More Promos & Segments as they really cannot show their character just purely through ring work, and 5). Long and Prestigious Title Reigns as they really have not been all that great last year. I mean it was not defended as much as well as sort of disappearing every now and then. Altough, Eve is doing well as Divas Champion. 6). Just contemplated this one being performing every week both on Raw and Smackdown. Sometimes they just abscond from it for a week or two. That should not happen.

An Evolvement & Distinguishment of the Shield
I am really enjoying the Shield. They constitute this engaging and thrilling aura. What I do desire is more promos from them. They really need to evolve and in order to do so they need to speak to the WWE Universe and actually compete. Although what WWE doing with them is good, as them being a Shield against injustice, I fear as if they’re going to become an unfinished faction like the Straight-Edge Society, the Nexus, New Nexus, or even the Corre. What do I mean by unfinished? I mean that WWE did not really be advantageous all the way with these stables. They did not accommodate all these factions’ endeavors. Therefore, I want WWE to take advantage of every possibility they can with these guys before they disband. And again, I would love to see more promo time with these guys, or at least Dean Ambrose. Dean Ambrose is just so aphotic and nebulous on the microphone. I just adulate it.For dinstinguishment, I mean that Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns should all stand out as their own characters if that makes sense. I do not want all of them to seem like just this accumulation of guys who cannot stand on their own. I know they can from seeing them in FCW and NXT, but majority of the fans do not really pay attention to those shows. For instance, look at the Nexus. At the time, Wade Barret was really the main guy to stand out from this amalgamation of people. I would say Daniel Bryan, but he was only in it for a brief period of time.

Wade Barret & Daniel Bryan to Get Their WrestleManiaMoment
These two are phenomenal wrestlers in the WWE Company today.You have Daniel Bryan with his high charisma, variety of submissions, and amazing technicality. You have Wade Barret with his brawling wrestling style and top notch performance on the microphone. Both of these guys scream world champion. Anyways, these two are most deserving of a WrestleMania victory. At WM27, Wade Barret would lose in an 8-Man Tag Team Match with the Corre, while Daniel Bryan would be in a dark match for the United States Title which I believed turned into a battle royal. At WM28, Wade Barret was unable to attend due to injury while Daniel Bryan would lose the WHC in 18 seconds! Still makes me somewhat mad. Anyways, these two are most deserving for a WrestleMania victory and would love to see a much longer and in depth feud then their previous one they sort of had around Summerslam of 2011.

No More Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler
I am done with this match. They faced off how many times in just this year? 19 I believe. But 19! Geez, WWE stop being lazy and give us something fresh. By the way, Sheamus won every time. Whether it was a tag team match, a triple threat, or even just a one on one, it was always the same outcome. They never even faced off in a stimulated match. Sheesh!

Do I think all of these will happen? Absolutely not. Do Ithink at least one will happen? Absolutely yes. Now I can go on and on about how WWE needs to be more edgier and how the midcard area needs to have more feuds and what not but I am going to keep it at these 7 wishes cause I do not want to overwhelm myself or yall with even more stuff we want in the WWE to make them a more successful product. Some are just obvious. So here’s my wish list. Please leave a comment on your thoughts on this. Are there some you disagree with? Are there some you agree with? Whatever it is, please share your voice. Thank you and remember the Cross and Who died on it.

"I have been crucified with Christ, and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by the faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me."-Galatians 2:20

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    I'd love to see all of this and also a steady push for Tyson Kidd, Mason Ryan, Cody Rhodes and Corey Graves.
  2. KingWade's Avatar
    I agree with this whole list. I would love to see a push for Gabriel and Kidd as a tag team as well. They lack mic skills but like the Hardy's they don't need them as much cause people just wanna see them kill it in the ring. I would also like to see Bray Wyatt debut with his Wyatt family gimmick and also see Kassius Ohno join the Shield. However, i would sacrifice a lot of these wishes to keep CM Punk as champion for another year.
  3. Bagg's Avatar
    Agreed, awesome list, all things the wwe needs to focus on this year, especially with Kofi, the smiley babyface has certainly run its course. I think the Orton heel turn will be sooner than everyone thinks, theyre slowly planting seeds with sheamus on smackdown. The only two things I might add to this list is attempting to save some of their current "enhancement talent" ie: Brodus clay, tensai, maybe Primo and Epico (whose win/loss ration would give dolph and del rio a run for their money), gabriel and kidd without a doubt. The other thing, and I know hes not going away, or turning heel, ever, or doing anything other than what hes done for nearly 10 years but the less Cena in 2013 the better.
  4. PSOjedi's Avatar
    You can be sure that if Punk remains WWE champ for another year, RAW will start to be boring and ratings will go down. RAW needs a new champ, it's becoming boring with Punk. Bad bad idea for me.
  5. Marx's Avatar
    Like a lot on your list, but the Kofi-stuff always makes me smile. I don't know what people see in him.. every wish list follows this style of argumentation: 'If Kofi just does everything he does now completely different, he'll be really good'.. which means at the moment he's not that good.

    He seems a nice guy so I wish him well, but I actually think he maxed out and this is as far as he'll go. Which isn't bad at all. He's making money, is over with a portion of the fans, and seems to be doing what he loves & whilst being relevant on the midcard level - he isn't a main event superstar, but no jabroni.
  6. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Like a lot on your list except for Punk staying champion for another year. No need for it especially these days.

    PTP to win the tag titles would be on my list.

    Barrett to win the world title in England on ppv.

    AJ wins Divas title & Ziggler be world champion at the same time

    Ryback to win the world title

    Orton not to win a world title-havn't wanted him to win one since he made the comment in an interview about the lack of depth in main event talent.

    Damien Sandow to win a singles title
  7. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    My wish list:
    - Completely scrap the waste of time that is the Divas division. The most interesting females in the business right now are Vickie and AJ. Both wrestle on tv every now and then, but their biggest impact comes with a mic in their hand. Make the rest of the Divas managers / valets.

    - Have Daniel Bryan embrace the "Yes" chants, thus allowing him to become the most over guy in the company. For some reason, seems like the E thought Bryan was getting too popular and wanted to stifle his fan reactions.

    - Break up the Shield. I think they are already losing any steam they had. Let Ambrose start his singles career.

    - Relegate Khali & Hornswaggle to the kid shows or Superstars only. They have no business wasting our time on RAW or SD.

    - PTP getting a decent Tag Title run

    - Sandow getting a singles title run

    - Have Dr. Shelby become the manager for Kane & DB.

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