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The Leader Of The Shield

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Ladies and gentleman virgins and nerds I am going to give my opinion on who I believe is behind the Shield. Well I believe that several people could be behind the group and I would love to hear your irrelevant comments as you are reading my irrelevant blog. OK? Deal? Lets do it.

Option 1

The Rock: Sounds crazy I know but something just wasn't right about when the lights went out and The Rock was just lying on a broken table. CALM DOWN NERD I know Paul Heyman said he paid them but something doesn't add up.

Option 2

Kevin Nash. A while back he was on twitter babbling on(British slang) N.W.O and how the Shield are the closest thing to making an impact. Also he had beef with Punk so.... You know what, that was a shit option. Next.

Option 3.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Simply because it will be bad ass. AND HE HAS A BEARD. QUIET NERD!

Option 4:

The Undertaker. I know sounds messed up but hear me out. Undertaker looks like he went to school with Moses.(reference to his old ass DUH) and he can use that to bring out American Badass/Heihachi(from Tekken) and talk about keeping Punk fresh to face him as all of this has been about respect.

Option 5:

Triple H: Why? Simply because he is in charge of the breeding in WWE and can start his own N.W.O./Kliq/DX/Hammas army ( CALM DOWN THAT WAS A JOKE)

Option 6: I believe it is Chris Jericho. The reason for this is because he had a little beef with Rollins on twitter which can divert him from being the leader, and he is known to put talent over. So it would be pretty epic.

Now if The Shield doesn't have a leader and just is some dumb ass idea then break them up. Get Rollins to drop the Punk wannabe act, feed Roman some food ( crazy howl sounds like a hungry man horse) and put Ambrose in shit loads of matches with Punk, Y2J(if he stays) Ziggler, and DB.

Oh snap I forgot Option 7: Dolph Ziggler.

So I hope you enjoyed this irrelevant blog. Hope you can share your irrelevant comments. I hope you have a lovely day in the most heterosexual way possible.

TheOne(not Neo)

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  1. grave's Avatar
    the shield is behind the shield ... where the fuck do you people keep seeing there ghosts ...
    but I like the Nash idea, but the man can't go anymore
  2. Lowki's Avatar
    Option 8: They are the only members of the shield. End.
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I know the format, but I'll just give my thoughts on the options you posted.

    Rock just doesn't make sense at all because he got the crap beat out them on Raw before the Rumble.

    Nash would make the most sense here, but I don't see why Heyman or Punk can't be the leader.

    He isn't going to be on the road for a long program. It would lead to a match as well which he should only come back for a 1 on 1 match. Not a Survivor Series type match.

    Taker has so much respect from the crowd that I don't think it would make sense at all. Why would Taker have them attack Ryback time after time after time.

    Since Punk has slammed HHH verbally with his words during his pipebomb promos.....doesn't make sense because of that.

    Jericho makes a lot of sense as well and it would make sense for them to have that WM match with Ryback.

  4. GazD's Avatar
    I agree with k_roll00 and rob velcoff, the only ligitimate heel persona to work with a group would b orton or christian, however if the hype is to be believed one of the three members will shine and will naturally be built towards the lead role. The only other reason to bring in a leader to the group would b to give it longevity and a predictable wwe swerve. Of the above list I would say there is more chance of pleating fog! Well written blog tho.
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    Shield has destroyed biggest of stars in WWE...because their leader want them to do it...they have not attacked only CM Punk because they want the blame to go on Punk...

    But at Wrestlemania all the secrets will be unfolded when the man who paid them will be BOBBY ROODE!!! Because "When Money talks, Shit Walks" :P

    Okay I was just kidding...

    If at all Shield needs a leader then I believe it will be either Randy Orton or John cena..most likely RKO though I prefer Cena..
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