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The Leader Of The Shield

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Ladies and gentleman virgins and nerds I am going to give my opinion on who I believe is behind the Shield. Well I believe that several people could be behind the group and I would love to hear your irrelevant comments as you are reading my irrelevant blog. OK? Deal? Lets do it.

Option 1

The Rock: Sounds crazy I know but something just wasn't right about when the lights went out and The Rock was just lying on a broken table. CALM DOWN NERD I know Paul Heyman said he paid them but something doesn't add up.

Option 2

Kevin Nash. A while back he was on twitter babbling on(British slang) N.W.O and how the Shield are the closest thing to making an impact. Also he had beef with Punk so.... You know what, that was a shit option. Next.

Option 3.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Simply because it will be bad ass. AND HE HAS A BEARD. QUIET NERD!

Option 4:

The Undertaker. I know sounds messed up but hear me out. Undertaker looks like he went to school with Moses.(reference to his old ass DUH) and he can use that to bring out American Badass/Heihachi(from Tekken) and talk about keeping Punk fresh to face him as all of this has been about respect.

Option 5:

Triple H: Why? Simply because he is in charge of the breeding in WWE and can start his own N.W.O./Kliq/DX/Hammas army ( CALM DOWN THAT WAS A JOKE)

Option 6: I believe it is Chris Jericho. The reason for this is because he had a little beef with Rollins on twitter which can divert him from being the leader, and he is known to put talent over. So it would be pretty epic.

Now if The Shield doesn't have a leader and just is some dumb ass idea then break them up. Get Rollins to drop the Punk wannabe act, feed Roman some food ( crazy howl sounds like a hungry man horse) and put Ambrose in shit loads of matches with Punk, Y2J(if he stays) Ziggler, and DB.

Oh snap I forgot Option 7: Dolph Ziggler.

So I hope you enjoyed this irrelevant blog. Hope you can share your irrelevant comments. I hope you have a lovely day in the most heterosexual way possible.

TheOne(not Neo)

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  1. baj's Avatar
    How about John Cena? He turns on his partners at EC, thus finally turning heel and setting up a much more interesting match at Wrestlemania.
  2. Cross22's Avatar
    I have to agree with Baj... It just seems like a perfect setup for JC to turn on his partners at EC. Will WWE have the gaul to do it??? I doubt it!!!
  3. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    good read i liked the options you gave as most of them are actually possibilities i don't see it being the rock but your point was very valid something was up with that they also did that kinda to ryback as well

    kevin nash would be cool but i don't see him coming into the tv picture anytime soon even though he has a legends contract

    i would love it to be stone cold would be epic ....... but if anything it couldn't be till next year he just signed two movies and he also stated that he wouldn't return unless he could go 100% which is the reason he didn't show up to the 1000th episode he was on crutches this would be my pick though

    HHH is a good option due to the fact that they could start to screw punk because hes a heyman guy as well a brock lesnar could start something good without him getting physical in the ring big possibility

    MHMM undertaker where do i start he could be behind it but most likely not because hes not really that active anymore with in the company and i don't think he can really get as physical as he should to continue the story the respect angle works tho

    JERICHO would be awesome if it was him he would be my second pick he is arrogant and doesn't care about rules he also always has a way to get one over and pulll some things you don't see coming EPIC

    Ziggler he goes to the same as jericho arrogant pulls off the impossable he could pay them off to help him cash in then continue from there

    last i hope that having no leader is not the case since it would bring alot of buzz to the WWE because like you said they can't be together forever so they should break it up sooner rather then later and showcase what they got
  4. RobVelcoff's Avatar
    I pick Randy Orton. They've been planning his heel turn for quite some time now. And Orton was top notch when he led Legacy before. Sorry folks, it won't be John Cena. While that would make a great wrestling storyline, Vince McMahon doesn't care about wrestling, he only cares about mainstream media attention, which is why the Rock is the WWE champ now, and which is why Cena won't ever turn heel.
  5. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Yeah, Orton is the only possible option I see, but I dont think that group needs a leader. They are working well the way they are.
  6. k_roll00's Avatar
  7. 913's Avatar
    I've been trying to post for a couple of weeks about my idea of having The Rock behid the Shield, but I can't seem to get my blog to appear anywhere. I suck at life.
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