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What to do with Wrestlemania

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I think you all forgot one possibility. Although it wasnt cool anymore to make high profile match in WWE a tag match, I wouldnt be glad to see them making one at WM.

Since theres almost no doubt they want to make Super Cena vs The Rock "3 times a year wrestling Peoples Champ" their main event, and its a rematch from last year, it would be too smart to make another rematch in form of HHH vs Lesnar, so heres what I wouldve done.

I would have Punk to start RAW the night after Chamber, running his mouth about respect at the start of the show, and HHH with anouncement adressing Lesnars F5 to Vince, ending up with Brock/HHH confrontation.
Then I would let the feud slowly continue every week, even HHH looking to have the upper hand, and then Punk joining Lesnar evenntually to double team HHH to end the show. Week after that, I would put Lesnar and Punk in tag team action to squash someone, with Punk making heel promo after the match about the company, bad mouthing everyone on the roster, Vince and HHH and talking about respect again.
HHH would come out making promo about respect and company from the stage, ending up with showing the fottage from slammy awards where he
says last WM wasnt the last we saw from the Undertaker. Lights out, lights back. Taker in the ring and HHH running to the ring, making Lesnar and Punk run away, and aranging tag match for Mania. CM Punk and Brock Lesnar vs HHH and The Undertaker.

When you think about it, it all clicks.
Punk wants respect and trash talks WWE - Taker is everything that symbolizes respect and WWE for more than 20 years
HHH wants revenge on Lesnar
HHH talks about not seeing the last of Taker
interaction between Lesnar and Taker when Lesnar was in UFC where Taker wants Lesnar in WM match
WWE wanting to focus on tag team wrestling

It might sound weird, but it wont be the first Takers tag match at Mania (okay it was more of the handicap match, but booked as tag match WM 19 i think), also it would help if Taker isnt 100%.

Also you can add an interesting dilema the RAW befor Mania if Punk tries to play mind games with Hunter as he tells him that he could help end the streak he wanted to destroy past 2 WMs if he would leave the Undertaker to fight alone, so he could at least inderectly help to end the streak. That could help the WM match story, with misscommunication between Taker and HHH, Taker could accidentally punch him or knock him off the apron or something near the end of the match, concluding with HHH leaving Taker alone for assault but on the way back changing his mind and wanting revenge on Lesnar more and come back for the save and letting Taker get the pin for the win to be 21-0.

What would you think?

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Very good idea....don't really like the cheapshot you took at The Rock. But decent idea for the match w/ HHH/Taker vs Lesnar/Punk
  2. Royce's Avatar
    Very good idea if taker is not ready to wrestle...
    first original idea i have heard in a long time...

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