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Coffee Talk: Let's Discuss This

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Hey everyone. DK Wrestling Savior here with another edition of Coffee Talk. I've gotten a great response to the format of this blog and the concept as a whole so I want to keep it going. I usually take major situations and use them for this but this edition, we will discuss a few things as we are on the heels of Elimination Chamber, and the final PPV stop, before a six week final stretch into Wrestlemania.

So grab your cup of joe, espresso, latte, steamer, whatever your poison is, and let's enjoy some Coffee Talk.

Elimination Chamber. Is it me, or does it seem to lack real star power? I know they've pushed Swagger in this little comeback along with Mark Henry. But how does everyone see this playing out? Is Orton the clear cut winner here? I don't know. He's clean jobbed a few times recently and it's not like he's really in the midst of a push of any kind. Honestly, and I think this has become almost a predictable scenario. Jericho wins the EC. Ziggler cashes in on Del Rio. Excellent set up for a what should be a very good WM match, and for the title. That's a major possibility. Who else is really going to carry a World Title Match at WM in that group? Probably not Mark Henry. Doubtfully Bryan or Kane. I'm not completely sure about Orton. So it's basically Jericho or Swagger. Who brings more relevancy to the situation? Jericho. What other possible match is there for Jericho? Ziggler is the only one that comes to mind. I personally think that one is set in stone.

Speaking of Ziggler. I have a question for everyone that is sure to spark a little debate. If Ziggler cashes in and doesn't win the title, is it a complete waste of his current push? Those who know me pretty much know my opinion on this one.

Now for some storytime...only this time, better than the Rock's. I remember watching in awe, week after week, while Kane walked through superstar after superstar following his debut in 97. Then, one time, he messed with the wrong man. He choke slammed Dude Love. And that spawned the return of Mankind, who was absent for several months prior. They had a short little 2 week feud build up leading to a match where everyone knew Kane would win. And while the match wasn't exactly great seeing that Kane dominated most of it, Mankind showed signs of potentially winning. He nailed his signature move set and if not for a distraction from Paul Bearer, he seemed to have the match won. I remember cheering so much for Mankind to pull it off, even though I knew he wouldn't. But it was exciting to see. So what does this have to do with anything? I'll tell you. We all knew Kane was fighting Undertaker at Wrestlemania. That was a given. But instead of just having Kane destroy people over and over, they threw him into short little feuds with Mankind, and another with Vader. (Both former Paul Bearer guys, btw). So, am I alone in thinking that they should have done the same thing with Brock Lesnar and The Miz? They followed up Brock's attack on Miz with, a Miz match against Cody and a continuation of a very stale and practically meaningless feud with Cesaro.

Wouldn't it have been better to follow up Brock's attack by having Miz call him out. Brock show up. Miz get a fluke little flurry and get the better of him, setting up a match for this Sunday. One where Brock would dominate most of it, Miz would get his move set in and show signs of a potential win, and then BAM! Heyman distracts, Brock with the F5, and good night Miz. The true benefit of this would have been getting people behind the Miz for his valiant effort. His face turn has been ok, but he's not getting the crowd following that he has the potential of getting. Plus, we know that there's probably a 95% chance of a Brock/HHH rematch at Mania. So why not do this as a throw in to bridge that gap. Instead, Brock will be absent until it's relevant for him to reappear leading up to WM. Would you have liked to see something like that with Brock and Miz? I know I would have.

My final topic for this week is the utilization of Sheamus, Cena, and Ryback to face The Shield on Sunday. Could anything really good come of this? Cena has a title shot at Mania. Ryback and Sheamus have pretty much nothing to do. And The Shield has been dominant. So who stands to lose the most in this match? I say The Shield does. If they lose, what does that mean for them moving forward? If they win, it cuts the legs right out from under three of the top stars in WWE today. I'm not sure I like the idea of this match. I think it's a Lose-Lose situation. It probably will be just an all out brawl so we won't see anything special as far as great moves and wrestling ability. It'll be reminiscent of the TLC match where it just beating each other with whatever they can find and going through tables and stuff. If there was a way they would actually showcase these guys from The Shield without just 3 on 1 brawling attacks, then I say go for it. But if it's just going to be a fight that's all over the place, it doesn't really serve much purpose, does it? Let's see a finisher from Ambrose or Rollins that isn't the triple spike powerbomb. Let's see a match where these guys are going one on one and actually wrestling a bit instead of just isolating and ganging up their opponents. Not that they're stale or anything, but give us some more now. What would you guys like to see?

Ahhhhh, my cup of joe is now empty. I hope you all enjoyed the topics this week. Let's hear your thoughts on this and other things you wanna discuss.

Thanks for reading this week's edition of Coffee Talk. Enjoy the Elimination Chamber. Have a great weekend and Be Safe!

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I was thinking Orton was the only one who had a chance. Now Im thinking Jericho since he was added.
  2. The Enlightened One's Avatar
    The Shield should win and it does not hurt Super Cena or Ryback because Sheamus is the fall guy, he gets pinned so the other two still are booked strong. If the Shield loses, then it is a waste of their push since they need to go over the WWE's best (although not best in my mind).

    EC- Swagger comments allude to immigration so maybe he wins and his match is set with ADR. Personally I hope Zigg cashes in and then ADR and Swagger can be mid card on WM.
  3. LostOmega's Avatar
    Honest to God, The Miz as a face bores me, especially since it's not all that different from his heel persona. Maybe it's because he doesn't wrestle all that often now and just shows up for his Miz TV crap. I have no reason to get behind him.

    I would rather see The Shield win at EC as it doesn't really harm the other guys if they lose and The Shield looks even stronger. But I agree that they need to showcase some wrestling ability. They all have it, but they just don't use it.
  4. jackw9's Avatar
    I think that we wont see lesnar or the rock wrestle on free tv for a very long time
  5. weems's Avatar
    I think the idea of Brock v Miz is intriguing but let's face it, that match is not going to help sell more PPVs so WWE has no interest in using a couple of Brock's contracted dates for this feud. I am not sure what to think about the Miz. He is getting a lot of air time as he is hosting MizTV, commentating on Main Event and regularly wrestling (even though he is completely lost in the midcard). My guess is WWE has no idea either.

    Keep the blogs coming, always a good read.

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