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Let's Paint The Picture: Elimination Chamber

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Well hello again my friends how are we doing?? Well we had a very active raw last-night with a lot of things happening and a few questions answered and even more coming shall we begin the here are my thoughts on what is bound to happen at the EC and a possible WM card....

Well first off, lets start with what we saw on Raw tonight. We have our participants for the World Heavyweight Championship No.1 contender chamber match: Daniel Bryan,Kane,Chris Jericho,Mark Henry,Jack Swagger, and Randy Orton. We saw Punk "taking" the WWE Title away from Rock, and we saw Heyman actually get involved by tripping the Rock which was a surprise to myself, as Heyman usually is just all talk....and finally we saw Ryback,Sheamus,and Cena take it to the Shield once again leading to a full retreat through the crowd...

Now on to the EC PPV and in my opinion, I believe we may see a fairly exciting PPV if done right. Since this is the last PPV before WM I believe we should expect the unexpected. That being said here is how I see things going at EC.

Elimination Chamber Outcome:

World Heavyweight Championship: Del Rio vs Big Show
I see Del Rio winning this but following his victory, Ziggler is cashing in point blank. It's almost 100% chance this will happen seeing that Ziggler got beat by Kane on Raw costing him a spot in the Chamber and a spot on the PPV...So I see Del Rio celebrating his victory and Big Show knocking him out opening the door for Ziggler to cash in...

WWE Championship: Rock vs CM Punk
This I see can going in a couple ways. The first possible outcome and the one that I think most people are expecting is Rock winning and then going on to face Cena at WM. Then that will leave Punk open for a new fued for WM which leads me to my next possible outcome for this match and that's Punk gets the win, with interference from Paul Heyman, or with the new stipulation to this match we may see something screwy...but either way Punk wins.....

WHC No.1 Contender Chamber Match: Daniel Bryan vs Kane vs Jack Swagger vs Mark Henry vs Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho
After what went down at Raw last-night I see Jericho winning the Chamber especially if we see Ziggler cash in and gain the Title because that was Zigglers soul purpose for wanting in the Chamber and that was to "End Jericho once and for all" Also during this match I think we will see the beginning of the end for "Team HellNo" and the possible fall of the Tag Champs leading to a WM match...

Six man tag: The Shield vs Cena, Ryback, Sheamus
Although it wasn't announced on Raw last-night, I see this one being put in the chamber in a war games type match, but that's just my opinion. That will keep The Shield from escaping "The Beating they have coming" I do believe we see Cena, Ryback, and Sheamus get the win but given it's not going to hurt any of them, we may see The Shield go over so they can maintain their strength and push...

Well that is my idea of what we may see at EC now on to the fallout from EC.
The following night at Raw, we are going to see a lot of things so here is where we expect the unexpected and the picture for WM gets painted for us. If Ziggler cashes in, we will see Del Rio come out and demand his rematch, now whether we see it on Raw or Smackdown is the question given the direction they choose to go...because I do see Del Rio's next feud being with Swagger after Swagger's "American" rant where he bashed immigration in his Raw promo with Dutch Mantell. The way I see is that Del Rio will get his rematch on Raw the night after EC and Swagger costing him the match setting up their feud and a possible match at WM...

Next thing we see the night after EC will be the WWE Champ. No matter who it is we already know Cena is sitting back and patiently waiting to get his hands on the champ. As I said above, I think we don't get the outcome we expect. I believe Punk will be champ continuing his claim as the longest title reign in the modern era. I could be totally wrong here, but that's the only outcome I see so Punk stays in the WWE title picture and the fact that he beat Cena every time they met last year, given that I do see a triple threat match at WM between Punk(c) vs Rock vs Cena. Rock will want his rematch and will argue with Cena over who is next hence we get the Triple threat.

I also see on Raw some sort of falling out between Kane and Daniel Bryan and a possible change of the tag titles leading to a feud between the two.

Now on to those superstars that will be looking to get a match at WM. Ryback,Sheamus, Big Show, Mark Henry, Randy Orton, possibly Undertaker,Brock Lesnar, and maybe Triple H...with all that being said here is my possible WM card and I hope to hear your thoughts on this...

WHC Ziggler vs Jericho

WWE Title CM Punk vs Rock vs Cena

Grudge match Del Rio vs Swagger*-unless they make the WHC a Fatal 4 Way

Daniel Bryan vs Kane

Miz vs Antonio Ceasaro

Wade Barret vs Bo Dallas

Brock Lesnar vs Triple H

and then I have no clue of what will be done with the remaining superstars: Sheamus Ryback Randy Orton Big Show Mark Henry etc....

but I know this is a long post but I hope to get your thoughts if you took the time to check it out.....

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    After tag division is brought back to heights not seen in don't have titles defended on the WM card? Team Hell No should either lose tag titles at Mania or have a rematch for the belts and lose at Mania.

    Bo Dallas shouldn't be on the WM card. Their feud should be over with come Elimination chamber.

    I think Swagger is the the one that may defeat Cesaro for the US title in like a 6 pack challenge or something like that.
  2. CerebralCarlito's Avatar
    Great blog post!

    I agree 100% with the outcome for the WHC match including Ziggler cashing in and winning the title but I don't think Rock will lose the title to Punk. I see Rock retaining and going on to face Cena and Punk having a match with Taker at Wrestlemania. I also agree that Team Hell No is definitely on the outs and will probably have some kind of match at Wrestlemania.

    I don't see Del Rio and Swagger having a match either. I'm thinking Del Rio will be in the WHC match with Ziggler and Jericho (assuming he wins the #1 contender's Chamber match). Lesnar and Triple H is definitely a match I see happening as well along with Miz vs. Cesaro and Barrett vs. Bo Dallas.
  3. Hurtts101's Avatar
    [QUOTE=CerebralCarlito;bt71103]Great blog post!

    I agree 100% with the outcome for the WHC match including Ziggler cashing in and winning the title

    I have to say I disagree with Ziggler cashing in at EC. I think he's going to wait til 'mania. An EC would be to predictable and reminiscent of Edge. Plus Del Rio's on a role.
    I think Ziggler will somehow cost Jericho the Chamber match wich will continue to set up their match at 'mania. Either Ziggler will lose to Jericho at WM and THEN cash in his breifcase which will carry their feud to the next PPV or Ziggler cashes in and we'll get 2 WHC matches in one night with Zigs going over Jericho.
    My opinion anyway.
  4. JHF's Avatar
    Nice blog. I like the WM card, and I do think Punk should be the champ. One of those remaining stars, I see entering a feud with Christian, since he's slated to return in the next couple of weeks, same with Truth. Maybe Truth continues his feud with Cesaro instead of having Miz/Cesaro.
  5. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    nice creativity there are a few long shots in there but i agree with almost all of it i like how you included the fallout part as well good job i have read reports about taking agreeing then now they don't know know if he will compete leaving the question of who will make the card i feel they want to give ryback a wm moment there are a few options floating around and remember that y2j and the rock are only signed until a little after wm so that might influence the outcome a bit but here's to a hopefully good next 2 ppv series

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