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A Dennis Blog -- Oh Hell NO!

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Welcome to this weeks edition of A Dennis Blog, OH HELL NO!!!
Hey, it's Dennis again back for my second. I have to admit I didn't really know what to write about in this second blog but then I was reading some forum posts on this site about two of the greatest superstars in WWE, who just happen to be the tag team champions. As I am not afraid to stir the pot, I decided I would tell you why I think Team Hell NO! should stay together as a tag team. This might not be a popular decision but I hope to give solid reasoning to why keeping Daniel Bryan and The Big Red Machine together is the most advantageous thing for WWE, and their careers.

The world title scene is packed.
Right now we have three superstars who are for sure going to be in the wwe title scene for the foreseeable future. Those superstars being Punk, Rock, and Cena. Their feuds will likely last until wrestlemania. The World Title has The Big Show, Alberto Del Rio, and Mr. Money In The Bank Dolph Ziggler in it going into the elimination chamber match. While Team Hell No are in the number one contenders chamber, I don't think anyone really expects either member to have a real chance of winning it. According to reports on this site late last year, Randy Orton is suppose to feud with Dolph Ziggler for most of this year over the world title. Using some basic deduction, I think Randy Orton will likely win the chamber match. That being said, where is the room for Kane and Daniel Bryan to do anything with in a major title feud? In my humble opinion there isn't any room for them.

The crowd loves them!
Everyone Loves Daniel Bryan and Kane right now. Why ruin it? Sure it's not super popular with the IWC, but guess what YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY FANS! I know this is crazy guys, but seriously everyone needs to realize that the WWE is a business. A business needs to do what is best for the company. Daniel Bryan is more over now than any other time in his WWE history in my opinion, why spoil it now? Sure I'm a huge fan of Daniel Bryan, I'd love to see him get a run with a major title... but the fact is, It's not going to happen quite yet. Kane and Daniel Bryan are pulling off being main event-like superstars with the tag team titles. Why not get the fans more into Daniel Bryan's character, and after they break give Kane a run as champion and have Daniel Bryan chase him as a face who is crazy?

They are are fun to watch.
The WWE hasn't had much humor in it for a long time. We have got to see some of their crappy humor but it wasn't quite the same. Daniel Bryan and Kane have great chemistry during their promos. Kane is becoming a lovable giant, who is still for sure still a monster. Daniel Bryan is the crazy guy you just have to love. it's truly a win win. Their gimmick is not stale yet, which is different than what we can say for most superstars currently on the roster.

To summarize, in my opinion, the WWE should keep team hell hell no as a team for three reasons.
1) Packed title scene
2) Fans love them.
3) Great chemistry makes them fun to watch.

Feel free to critique this blog. This is only my second blog of this series, and I hope to become better as time progresses. Thanks for reading my blog, and as always, godspeed to you all.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Daniel Bryan was funnier and my fav til he got with Kane. Kane ruined him like he always does. He ruins a lot of great things cuz he has nothing to do because he is usually stale. Always riding someones coattails, Bryan, RVD, Hurricane, Taker, and I could go on. I was ready for it to end after that tag team tourney. I did enjoy the anger management segments, but most recent one stunk.
  2. Dennis's Avatar
    Don't get me wrong, I would love for Bryan to go after a major title, it's just not going to happen right now. He's better off with Kane where he is well perceived by the majority of the WWE universe.
  3. Iron Ape's Avatar
    While I don't necessarily agree with you in all regards, you still craft a pretty compelling argument. Nice work.

    You're doing some pretty solid stuff with this blog thing, Dennis. You should definitely stick with it.
  4. Dennis's Avatar
    Thanks Iron Ape!
  5. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    You're welcome, Dennis. You're welcome. Glad you're sticking with this like I told you to. Keep going... stay away from normal topics such as TOP 10 LAWLZ! and OMG!!! lists and all will be well.
  6. B-MCINTYRE's Avatar
    Dennis avoiding lists leads to good things. Who would have thunk it!
  7. Dennis's Avatar
    hahah Thanks R(ob) I actually enjoy writing these blogs. I'm glad I haven't had any real attacks on my logic quite yet. I was warned to be weary of that. Did you like the title of this blog? I got a chuckle when writing the title.

    B-mac, I have been reading blogs here since for a while... I knew the list blogs tend to be hard to be overkill... not always, but a lot of the time they seem to be too subjective.
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