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Mikee Riggs

CM Punk: Best in the World?

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Ok so this is my first blog. I was very hesistant about doing this mostly because I don't know to much about how this community works. In the time I've been reading here its become apart that everyone has an opinion. That said I am writing this more for the dialogue that will follow.
I have been watching wrestling for years now, many years. I understand the lingo I know the terminology and I get thought process behind the scenes. With all that I see a lot of mixed feeling on CM Punk.

Personally of all the current WWE roster CM Punk is my favorite on the list. I enjoy many others, and I'm not making this into a who's better conversation. I am stating this so my opinion is made honest and visible from the beginning. So for those of you that are not fans of Punk my question is why?

It seems obvious that Punk can handle the Mic and that his skills on it are pretty much the standard by which others currently active should be judged. His ability to engage a crowd and invoke response in them is uncanny. Plus you have to add to this the fact that regardless of his stance (Face/Heel) he manages to remain engaging.

Speaking of this Face/Heel transition, I've always been under the impression that this was a sign of being one of the greats. People Like Chris Jericho and The Rock withstand the test of time because whether they were good or bad they still remained engaging. Jericho has spent most of his WWE time as a heel and still manages to have fans screaming for him. It's not because he's good or bad it's because he managed to ensnare the crowd with his ring and mic abilities and in the end that's all we remember.

As far as his in ring ability goes I find Punk to be a solid wrestler. He has both technical and basic moves in his move set and has the ability to improvise and move on the fly. He has shed a lot of his ROH moves but still has them available to throw out for the old school fans if he chooses. That said I have some issues with the GTS as a finisher mainly because I find that at times it can be a hard sell.

So all these things considered my main points in addition to this are based on CM Punk as a person. His ties to the punk/hardcore scene lead to subculture appeal and his never ending comic book reading helps his nerd appeal. The man is so relatable in his interests it makes him a current day Steve Austin. Austin sold well because he appealed to the working class ideal, in this day and age of Nerd Chic a counter culture approachable character like CM Punk works. Not to mention how incredibly marketable the Straight Edge lifestyle could have been in the PG era. The guy could have been a walk DARE campaign.

Does CM Punk work for me as a heel, Yes. Does he work better as a face, I believe so. That said he still is one of the best heels in the business. When it's all said and done he will be remembered as one of the best of his time period.

So I ask you the community for your opinions. Be honest and be direct I am not the type to shy away from an open dialogue and look forward to maybe learning something I didn't know. I thank you for reading and humbly ask you to not rip apart my grammar and spelling. I know it's bad I will work on it.

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  1. Dennis's Avatar
    Nice first blog. I liked the fact that you pointed the relation between him and the uprising "nerd" culture, and drew comparisons to what you would think is his polar opposite in Stone Cold Steve Austin. I am curious on what your opinion on tweener punk is though, which was illustrated from the time right after the pipe bomb, until his love interest AJ Lee became prevalent. To be honest most people here feel the same way that you do about CM Punk is the best, or at least one of the bests, in the world.
  2. Rick BoA's Avatar
    Until Kurt Angle retires nobody will be able to hold the title of the best wrestler.
  3. weems's Avatar
    Good blog. I don't agree that Punk is a modern day Steve Austin. Austin was a beer drinking, blue collar guy, that did not like his boss. Everybody can relate with that. Punk is a straight edge, tattooed up loner. Very few people can relate to this.
  4. Akshat's Avatar
    Nice blog..... But still Cena nd Orton engage to peeps better..... Punks aftr them....
  5. wsm1996's Avatar
    Kurt angle is a great wrestler,, that I can agree with but when he switched to tna the way he has been used makes his apeal decline. With cm punk, I never watched roh but right when he broke into ecw I was a huge fan of his and still am. Bitw
  6. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    My biggest beef with CM Punk is that his promos are greatly lacking since his initial "pipe bomb". I can appreciate that he's a great talker, but his promos have been fairly boring and lacking of late. I find myself fast forwarding thru most of them these days.
  7. gank's Avatar
    One of the reasons that i like CM Punk is that he is extremely good on the mic , when he talks it looks real even thought most of the time is scripted he knows how to sell , he doesn't make poop jokes like Cena, or is being very AWFUL like Miz . He just like Paul Heyman is a extraordinary talker,hell i would even bother to hear him doing play by play commentary of my parents having sex (yea i know stupid joke , but the guy can sell). On his ring abilities i love the fact that he is technical and he combines mix martial arts moves with wrestling moves, plus he can make anyone in the ring look good even if he wins or not. Best in the world? Yes in this "era" absolutely , close to him in my opinion are Roode,Bryan,Aries and of course Ziggler.
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