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Booking the "best" possible card for Wrestlemania 29

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I know what many may be thinking.....another blog booking WM29. We know some of the rumored matches that are expected to happen, but what about the undercard? Which is the point to book the best possible card aka best US, tag, Divas, IC and world title matches. I will give reasons behind it along with results. I'd also like to hear your thoughts on this card along with what you would do with the undercard. So here we go, the best possible card for WM 29 with expected rumored matches aka HHH vs Lesnar, Cena/Rock 2, among others.

US title 6 Pack Challenge: Cesaro(C) vs Jack Swagger vs Christian vs Miz vs Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow-Cesaro has had a long reign with the US title. Best time to have him to lose the belt to an American is at Mania. Also gives a Mania moment to a returning Jack Swagger who is dubbed the All-American American. Coming off a return and winning the US title on the big stage would provide a boost to him along with beating a guy who fans don't like will get the crowd behind him. Rest of the guys in the match deserve to be on the card. 6 Pack challenge is better than a stupid tag match.
Tag titles: Team Hell No!(C) vs Mysterio/Cara-If tag titles will be defended on the big stage of WM, who do you think should defend or challenge for the belts. In my eyes it is Team Hell No! Certainly arn't gonna have Usos vs PTP make it on WM. People say them 1 on 1. Are we really going to have guys who can barely get booked on Raw or SD make the show? Can't have that Mysterio/Cara match after both missing time due to injuries and personal issues. Not enough of a story to hype up a match. Should have them win tag titles possibly face at Summerslam or something.
Divas title:Kaitlyn(C) vs Layla-I was thinking AJ here, but Kaitlyn should hold on to the belt for a while. If AJ gets a shot, she should win. Layla staring at the Divas title after her big win vs Eve tells me this should happen. Best possible Divas match for Mania.
IC title: Wade Barrett (C) vs Big Show-Not a big fan of Big Show's at all. I really would rather see Big Show vs Ryback, but since it is likely that Jericho faces Ryback. I think this should be the match to help put Barrett over. I was debating over Cesaro or Barrett, but I feel Barrett needs that rub more. The only 2 guys he has defeated was Kofi and Bo Dallas. Him knocking out the Big Show on the biggest stage of them all would be a Mania moment for him. Hell, Cesaro doing to Big Show his finisher would be awesome too. I would be cool with either choice. However, Barrett needs the rub more. Big Show knockout punch vs that deadly elbow.
Ryback vs Jericho-The situation here is that, Jericho is more of a face right now than a heel. Will this backfire with fans rooting for Jericho at Mania? The kind of storyline I'd do is Jericho attacks Ryback for being pushed to the top so quickly while he had to work his butt off to get to the top. Ryback obviously wins here.
Fatal 4 Way World title: Dolph Ziggler(C) vs Sheamus vs Randy Orton vs Del Rio-Many expect either Del Rio vs Dolph or Sheamus vs Orton for the world title. Just how many matches can we have at Mania. Than people think or want Orton or Sheamus to win the belt only to lose it to Dolph Ziggler in a short time period? Do you want Orton to be a 16x world champion? You want Sheamus to be step closer to having another 10x world champion? I don't!! Here is how I see it going down even though I'd rather see him cash it in at Mania. I think Dolph cashes it in at EC after Del Rio is victorious. He runs out after Mark Henry attacks Del Rio to say to Booker T, I want a world title shot. Dolph cashes in and wins world title. Del Rio has a rematch clause and we have a new #1 contender for a world title which makes it a triple threat match. Sheamus beats Orton on SD to get a spot in the world title match. Obviously Ziggler wins after another Mark Henry beatdown on Del Rio while Sheamus and Orton are battling outside distracting the ref.
Grudge match:HHH vs Brock Lesnar-Even though I don't want to see this is more likely than not will happen specifically after Lesnar beat up his dad on Raw. HHH wins more likely than not. I'm still rooting for Lesnar though......LOL!
Respect: CM Punk vs Taker-I was thinking Shield challenging for the tag titles, but which 2. Plus, it would take them out of the Main event type of picture for a while. I fully expect Shield to get involved when the ref gets knocked down. Be cool to see Taker getting ready to hit a signature move and lights go out and it is the Shield. Pyro hits and Kane comes out to help his brother. Attacks them and double choke slam to two of them. Taker wins too obviously here.
WWE title: The Rock(c)vs John Cena-I'm the minority here who wants to have Cena/Rock 2. I believe Cena should have won last year which is why I want him to get a rematch. Everyone acts like it is the end of the world that Punk lost to him, but acted as if it was ok that Cena lost to him at Mania. We knew this months going into it that Rock would likely beat CM Punk for the belt. Than we see all these blogs talking about him not being there which is why he shouldn't have beat him. Who should have beat him? What young guy in WWE who works a full-time schedule should have beat him for the belt? Rock has worked more shows than Undertaker in yet a lot of people have blogs up booking Mania having Taker beat him for the belt at Mania. The same guy who works about a handful of shows a year, but attack the Rock for the same thing. Another Cena reign whine, but whoever would beat him for the belt would be over. Anyone who beats Cena will be over with the crowd whether positive or negative chants. Just imagine Barrett beating Cena at Summerslam this year for the WWE title. Would you be upset than? Instead of looking at the negatives....look at the positives. For goodness sake, Punk can't hold on to the belt forever. I saw someone say he should have held the belt for another year. Are you nuts?

In any case, that is my best possible WM29 card. Do you have one? Include rumored matches along with that and impress me!! How'd I do? Leave that in the comment section below. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed!!

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  1. Akshat's Avatar
    Nice blog... But i think WHC match Would be Orton Vs Ziggler..
    And Ortons Gonna Win...... He Deservs to Win.........
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