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The sad road to Wrestlemania

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We all know that the main event of the Chamber is Rock Punk and that Rock is going over to retain the title. Even though I was against the Rock winning in the first place, WWE is going to remain predictable. For those that said Punk didn't draw, his PPV buyrates were good and TLC, the one he was not one and headlined by Cena did quite poorly. Thus, Punk was legit as champ and his reign will one day be legitimized, after all, most great accomplishments receive there accolades long after they are due. It is sad since this match has no real drama as Rock Cena is headlining WM (which I will post about later once the WM card gets finalized). Punk cannot regain the title since Vince wants his main event which will fail like the first matchup in terms of quality of match. Punk is in waiting for his opponent for WM even though it is Taker which most assume it is, then he will job for Taker to keep that streak alive. Punk has been great on the mic and keeping the feud with the Rock relevant while Rock is doing his promotional work for his movies. Right now Punk is the best thing going in the WWE and hopefully will regain the title later in 2013 or headline next year's WM since he has not won the Rumble or main evented WM. I would prefer him to be the Rock Cena matchup since he can carry the match as neither Rock and Cena can carry a match and the crowd will be hot for Punk this year. I will speak on this at a later time.

Cena, Sheamus and Ryback vs the Shield is another nothing matchup as there is no build up for WM. Cena is on course for the Rock, Sheamus will not be feuding with Ryback at WM so there is nothing to gain for this matchup. It is another holding matchup since Sheamus is rumored to go against Orton while Ryback has been linked to Show or Jericho. Thus, the Shield should prevail to continue their push. The Shield should go on to win the titles at WM as that allows for Team Hell No to dissolve and give them more credibility. I would have Rollins and Reign as the champs and allow Ambrose to grab the IC title. They are a legit faction and all have the ability to become main eventers.

The World Title match is just doing the same thing over and over with Show and Del Rio. This feud lacks the entertainment value when you have the same match over and over again. Del Rio vs Ziggler was fantastic on Smackdown and could be a legit match at WM; however, how many times is WWE going to show the same thing. Recall Sheamus Ziggler for a while, now Orton vs Barrett.

It is a shame that both Cesaro and Barrett are title holders who can beat everyone but WWE's favourites ie Orton, Ryback. Cesaro has quietly gone along and made the US title relevant as it used to change hands every three weeks. Cesaro should be getting more of a push and it demeans him when he has to job to Ryback. He should beat Ryback by cheating or get DQ, thereby making him look strong as opposed to a jobber for Ryback. Barrett loses to Orton every other week now on Raw or Smackdown which defeats his purpose as being a champion. I understand the feud with Bo Dallas to bring him up to the roster kinda like Razor did with the 123 Kid. Hopefully Barrett does not drop the title to him. Both of these should defend and retain successfully at the Chamber and build a feud into WM. The problem is that the WWE does a half-hearted atttempt at making mid card feuds meaningful and do patch work for both of them as champions.

The only Elimination Chamber matchup is for Smackdown World Title opponent and most of the people cannot win. Bryan cannot win as he is in Team Hell No and Kane will probably cost him in the matchup. Swagger just came back and to see him get a main event spot at WM does not make sense, same with Henry. Orton could win and become heel and face ADR but Ziggler is winning the title, probably at WM with his MITB. This match does not have as much suspense as it could since the competitors have storylines already made up for them or no real build up for them in the match.

Hopefully there are some surprises in this PPV but highly seems unlikely. This road to WM has not been as interesting as in years past and I know that the undercard of WM will steal the show as the main event as planned will not live up to the hype again. Once again, the WWE has relied on generic cards instead of building some new stars.

As always, You're Welcome.

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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    The issue the first time was they rushed him to the top too soon. Hell, no one saw him winning MITB after his losing streak heading into Mania. I think it would be best for Swagger to win a midcard title like US to get fans behind him.
    But giving him the U.S. title did nothing for him last year, he needs more then that to get over
  2. Bagg's Avatar
    They would be foolish to give this to Swagger, the guy came out to ZERO reaction on monday and the title is already tanking. Hes doomed, Swagger is already practically in aces and eights. As for your blog, I couldnt agree more. The guy that carried the company on his back for well over a year, gets the shaft, no pay day and fed to the undertaker (or worse).

    Im also scared to death with the Sheild match at EC. With how much Super Cena, Super Sheamus and Super Ryback actually lose matches, very very frightening. I knew at TLC that the sheild was going to take it, but this is a very different story. SuperCena cant have a ppv loss on his record going into his once in a lifetime money grab, ooops.
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