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CREATIVE Vs. MCMAHON who is right/wrong 2013

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I have been thinking about my hopes for this year in WWE, and among the things i wish to see but probably wont, is a better booking system. I'm not saying that the E' cant do there job but, i think big changes need to happen. I have read many of the great blogs posted about what should/shouldn't happen this year and, I believe they are great suggestions. I just cant help but feel that despite how predictable the shows are MOST OF THE IWC IS DEAD ON with what is gonna happen, finishes/story lines/surprises as much as i love a good surprise win or return most of can tell what will happen 6 months from now and that is sad. Sometimes when i am reading your great posts i begin to think that creative/McMahon read these sites and build off of them even though there is is huge out cry for it not to happen (IE: cena/rock 2, same matches booked for months straight).

There have been many scenarios last year to the present day that should have not happened, the fans just didn't want it to and many people suffered for it money wise and career wise. the who fiasco that happened last year that was reported about frustrated talent and money issues could have been avoided, these talents could have used that anger to prove to the world that they can succeed.the creative machine books a certain way to keep people looking like they can never be a main event star or even just a fan favorite. I cant begin to tell you how many talents i personally feel could have been great if they just would of had the support fora push even if it wasn't to the wwe title or even the u.s title scene, just enough to get the crowd behind them.

creative gets paid to do there job, i know ultimately Vince makes the final decision but going for a short term fix does not help the superstars of the future or even the current mid card to low roster. yes i know booking matches that you think will draw might sound like good business sense (IE: Once in a lifetime, or punk/ ryback 4 times and having a bad finish every time wtf) but it doesn't always work like SS 2011 tag team match cena rock vs awesome truth which i thought was a good combo, then the PPV didn't sell like planned and who but the MIZ got the blame for the ratings which is complete BS , what the two golden children cant get any heat for it that's wrong to not admit that creative made a bad choice. I would hope the the E' is getting the message that we are sick and tired of the same crap which is so obvious when you have a crowd quiet for a whole show never mind a PPV (HAS HAPPENED RECENTLY) you are obviously doing what your paying , loyal fans want to see.

I hope they can put some honest creativity into this product, with surprises and great storytelling anything for these superstars. so until they give these mid carders the chance they deserve we will continue to have no dimension to this product. They need to stop dropping the ball on obvious fixes ( IE: Daniel Bryan yes/no, Kaitlin and her spear utilize it's potential) AND STOP BEATING THE SAME OLD STUFF DOWN OUR THROATS LIKE A DEAD HORSE. ( animal advocate here, don't harm animals) I'm not saying that the E' has to do everything we ask but stop doing the exact thing we don't want to see. with HHH taking over duties in the last two years i'm hoping that he can be a force for a good change in CREATIVE AND BOOKING

thanks for reading now this is just my opinion and not everyone will agree with the changes i listed but i think the one thing we can agree on is that EVERYONE WANTS TO SEE A CHANGE IN SOME ASPECT OF THE PRODUCT WE ALL LOVE AND ENJOY

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  1. Holographic_Universe's Avatar
    Alot of these points you may have read in my blog but I am going to show you why they are not opinions, but facts.
    Yes the storylines are predictable but only to fans like us who have a little "wrestling knowledge", not to the large amount of viewers who are casual or new (they can't appreciate the changes you suggest) It has become a very simple product and formula that creative produces and follows
    Now I will say that Cena and Rock II, Brock vs Triple II sound horrible but retrospectively they are the only matches that work that allows for a stacked PPV.

    It's been proven before that any midcard worker with potential will be pushed but if they can't deliver you need to stop blaming the machine and replace the parts. The miz was pushed and he can't draw, they pushed ryback, Cesaro, Barrett and if others exhibited enough talent to be pushed they'd be given a shot.
    I can agree that creative has become lazy in many areas but not enough to make Vince change his mind
  2. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    I know Vinnie has the final say but one thing you're overlooking with mentioning Triple H, head of creative is Steph. So when Vince shuffles off this mortal coil Creative will still be the same but with Steph probably having final say.

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