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Deadsestors morgue- wrestlemainia dream card

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Hi all. I'm sorry about the spelling in the last blog, my auto-correct it seems wasn't working very well. I hope this is better
I'm stepping out of my dark setting for a bit here, i wanted to talk about my dream WM card. This isn't likly to happen but its a way for you guys to kind of get to know me and my tastes in wrestling. It's ten matches i'm not going to go into great detal about them, just the winners. Your free to book the matches however you like, or tell me they suck. Ok so layth the subject on the table and lets get to work...

Wrestlemainia Deadsector
live from commenwealth staduim Edmonton Alberta.
announce team- Jim Ross, JBL Vince Mcmahon

match 1- Brock Lesnar vs Ryback normal singles match. Winner after 15 minutes... Brock lesnar
match 2- Pac vs El genarico vs Sin Cara vs Rey Mystereo fatal four way elemenation match winner after 20 minutes... Pac
match 3- john cena vs hulk hogan singles match winner after 15 minutes... John Cena
match 4- Criss Jericho VS Danail Bryan submission match winner after 20 minutes... Criss Jericho
match 5- Kane Vs Abyss inferno match winner after 15 minutes... Kane
match 6- Mick foley VS Tommy Dreammer hardcore match winner after 15 minutes... Tommy Dreamer
match 7- the Rock vs Steve Austin no DQ match winner after 30 minutes... Steve austin
match 8- HHH vs HBK iron man match winner after 1 hour... HHH
match 9- Randy Orton VS Bobby Roode falls count anywhere match winner after 25 minutes Bobby Roode
match 10- Undertaker vs Sting hell in a cell winner after 40 minutes... Undertaker
Now I relize this is highly unlikly and probably wouldn't work anyway given some of the match lengths but this is a card I'd willing go bankrupt for.
Thanks for reading.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I wouldn't like to see some of these matches. Some of these guys faced each other a hundred times. Don't have Punk on there either. Hogan can barely walk. Same goes for Foley. If these are all guys in their prime, I'd say ok card. I'd like to see Abyss vs Kane too myself. Daniel Bryan vs Jericho is what I wanted for WM29 months ago. Sucks didn't get to have that Hogan/Cena match at WM25. Them 2 stars together in the ring. God, if they had that not finishing the show....that would have been horrible making the same mistake 2x. I still believe Taker/HBK should have finished that Mania. Orton/HHH happened x's.

    Lesnar and Ryback intrigues me. Rather see that than the match with Jericho and HHH.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Taker vs Sting
    Hogan vs Cena
    HBK vs Rock
    CM Punk vs Austin
    Bret Hart vs Kurt Angle
    Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley
    Goldberg vs Ryback
    Kane vs Abyss
    HHH vs Bobby Roode
    Daniel Bryan vs Chris Jericho
    Dolph Ziggler vs Ric Flair

    I could go on and on and on.....JBL vs Ted Dibiase, Dudley Boyz vs Road Warriors, and on!!
  3. Gimboids's Avatar
    Decent shouts, so many other matches on offer.

    RvD vs Shane McMahon in a 'Coast 2 Coast' match (win only via Van Terminator)

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