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Welcome to my morgue. You may call me Doctor Deadsector. Yes i'm the same dude that often commets on the intresting stories. But i've taken on great airs, I've allowed my head to grow over large and with a large head one needs a large title. So Doctor Dead will do just fine.
Now the subject, it's on the table lets pull out the Y Saw and get to work. We've got an atopsy to conduct.
The debut. What about them you ask. Right now they suck balls. One of the things that starts a star on his way to greatness is a huge and impactful debut. In the last five years there as been very few intresting and meaningful debuts by new stars. They get a few weeks of video promos and then they come out and squash guys. Maybe I'm missing something, but those kind of debuts are not intresting, they won't hlep a star on his way to the top. Most of this is due in part to WWE being unwilling to take risks. They are on the top right now and there isn't any point in risking that. Thats their mindset right now and it's hard to argue with it. This has nothing to do with the PG era, there have been cases where a star made a great debut under the PG system. Look no farther then the Sheilds debut. They are however a rare exempation from the norm. Some stars, like Ryback are able to overcome poor debuts and slow starts, others like Brotus Clay and Tensai have fallen flat. Right now the booking for debuts is woefuly lacking and it's showing in the intrest of fans. They're having a horrible time getting behind new tallent. Maybe the gimics are off, maybe it's something about the new stars role but fans just aren't buying it anymore. In a way the WWE has become lazy, they are not writing proper cebuts and returns anymore.
Please pull out your historytube and watch Kanes debut. That is the correct way to book a new star, he comes in, he takes out a big name (in this case the undertaker) he feuds with that star (who leaves the title picture for a time) he gets the better of that star in backstage and one on one confrontations but he does not defeat the big star in their first match. He's booked to look very strong (kane needed three tombstones before he' stay down) but he he does not claim victory.
Now the problem is this, WWE is afraid of rushing guys into the title picture. My qusation is this, whyever do they need to be in the title picture to begen with? Do what you did with Kane, he's in a major feud but he's not in the title picture. The main event does not need to revolve around the title picture. Or maybe i should say the co main event, the title should always be the last match of the night (aside from certain dream matches) So a debuting star should be able to make an impact without entering the title picture right away. Therein lys WWE's mistake.
THe other mistake WWE makes is that a vast majority of debuts are the same. Each guy is different, each guy has his own skills and tallents, WWE needs to use them, not ignore them or force them into roles they can't or won't play well. An example of this is Tensai, he's know by everyone as Albert or atrain so giving him a new name when he already has a well liked persona was stupid and cost him a lot of credit. Now he is relagated to dancing with clay.
In order for stars to work they need to get over with the fans, the first step is the debut, if it fails the star will have a very hard time getting out of the doghouse. WWE needs to relize this and spend more time thinking about how they want guys to come in and how they want them to impact the show. The sheild and Bo Dallas were very good starts now lets keep it going and get some more.
So this atopsy is complete lets stick it in the freezer.

Thanks for reading guys, this is my first blog so feedback of any kind is welcome. Please keep in mind that everything i've talked about is my opinion. I hope this makes sense, I'm afraid I don't put my thoughts into wrighting very well at times and my spelling isn't the best. The auto-correct is on so i hope that helped. Again leave all manner of feedback its all welcome. Tell next time.

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  1. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    DUDE you out the nail in the coffin DEAD ON i agree with everything you said great blog
  2. The Piper's Avatar
    have to completely agree. Everyone is looking for the "next face" but they can't find him through a shitty debut
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    yea, but not everyone is 7 feet tall. So a guy like him dominating a star wouldn't be an issue. Issue is most of the stars coming up are small. Big E made a good debut attacking Cena. However, he didn't have a match with him.

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