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OO: Ozfan's Opinion - WWE Elimination Chamber Predictions

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Hey everyone. I'm back with another opinion of mine. I know it is a little early, there will another match or two announced for this event BUT I would like to share with you my predictions for Elimination Chamber. I hope you all enjoy.

[B]WWE Championship
The Rock (c) vs. CM Punk[/B]

A rematch from the Royal Rumble. It wouldn't be the Road to WrestleMania without a big match BEFORE The Grandest Stage of all. No doubt, Rock will most likely retain since Vince McMahon wants Rock vs. Cena II and WWE Creative want CM Punk to challenge The Undertaker. I don't think there will be an interference from The Shield (FOR ONCE) so I think they will have a great match. My opinion on how they could improve from Royal Rumble? Have CM Punk hit a GTS or two, plus have Rock hit the Rock Bottom in the ring. Also, I think this time they should either have Punk tap out to the Sharpshooter or get pinned after a Rock Bottom.

[B]Winner and STILL WWE Champion: The Rock

World Heavyweight Championship
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Big Show

[/B]Why are we having this match again? We saw Del Rio win the title in a Last Man Standing match, retain the title in a Last Man Standing why are we having another match between these two? Both World Title matches at WrestleMania are one on one why not make this a Triple Threat match? A superstar who would be a great third opponent would be Wade Barrett. But because that won't happen, my pick will be Del Rio to win...again.

[B]Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio

Elimination Chamber match
Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Rey Mysterio vs. TBD vs. TBD

[/B]Okay, I know not all the participants have been announced just yet but my money on the last two will be Kane and Jack Swagger. This match can go different ways. I cannot see either Bryan or Kane winning or Mysterio for that matter. So its either Swagger, Orton or Henry. I don't think they would have Swagger in the main event this quickly. If Del Rio retains the World Title, then yeah, I predict Henry to win. If they have Big Show regain the World Title, then I predict Orton to win. This is a tough outcome but I will go with the same conclusion that I did with Swagger: Its too early for Henry.

Order of elimination:
Kane by Bryan via pinfall after a roll up
Bryan by Mysterio via pinfall after a roll up
Swagger by Orton via pinfall after an RKO
Mysterio by Henry via pinfall after a World's Strongest Slam on the steel
Henry by Orton via pinfall after an RKO

[B]Winner: Randy Orton

Six Man Tag Team match
John Cena, Sheamus and Ryback vs. The Shield[/B]

Everyone thinks Cena's team will win. I actually took a close look at possible outcomes. One that I thought of was Cena's team LOSING to The Shield. No matter what happens, Cena will challenge the WWE Champion at WrestleMania but what would be left for Ryback and Sheamus? Here's a good one...a match against each other. Ryback and Sheamus could have a falling out, start brawling and Cena could get taken out and Shield could capitalize and steal the win off Cena's team.

[B]Winners: The Shield


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  1. Mark Hague's Avatar
    Cena's team can lose, it just won't be Cena who gets pinned and he will more than likely AA each member of the SHIELD after the match is over just to prove that he COULD have won it single handedly if not for the screw ups Sheamus and Ryback. Because Super Cena.

    It's obvious Rock will win the match, the sad part is that they will job the longest reigning champion in a quarter of a century to the Rock TWICE for a boring rematch at Mania.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I agree with everything except for the 6 man result. Do you think Shield will challenge for the tag titles at Mania?
  3. grave's Avatar
    I see swagger win the EC, it is now or never for him, and the kid can go, so they need to give him a second chance after his failed last run

    for the six man tag, shield will lose, ryback, cena en sheamus?? those are the 3 biggest faces if you count the rock out, WWE is going to drop the ball on the shield and drop them back to jobber status, like they always do when they have great talent
  4. ScottyTruelove's Avatar
    Well I like how you laid out everything and the way you went, but being two weeks out I holding out hope that creative gets more here are my thoughts....
    CM Punk vs Rock
    This one I think is the toss up given the status of the dead man. One outcome is Rock retaining like you said and then we go on the see Rock vs Cena 2 ruining the whole once in a lifetime hoopla. Other than Rock retaining I can see Punk getting the title back and leading to a triple threat match because Cena struggled against Punk too much last year and also losing to the Rock last year and that would be a way for Cena to claim his spot as the face of the company and still keep Punk relevant after WM and Rock pass the torch. Cena beating the "Best in the World" and "The Great One"........the only variable I am stumped on is Paul Heyman due to the fact that since Brock Lesnar has returned he has not been seen with Punk....
    Del Rio vs Big Show
    Now this one can go a couple of ways as well....I still see Del Rio retaining but I also see him losing it due to Ziggler cashing in.....I think after Del 'Rio beats Show, he gets the WMD and Ziggler takes advantage, but I could be wrong....Big Show could also win, but I don't see it happening......
    No. 1 Contender for the WHC EC Match
    This is where Creative can get really creative, Orton, Mysterio, Bryan, Mark Henry, ?, ?. I don't see Kane being the last one I can see Swagger maybe being one of the last ones picked, but you got to think maybe a swerve here if this is after the WHC match. If Big Show is to lose maybe he is one of the last ones to enter or if this before the WHC match maybe Ziggler being thrown in not winning it but being thrown in to it or we could see a long shot and see Brock Lesnar thrown into the mix I doubt it but he is a former Champ..... We could also see Undertaker be a last addition with someone costing him the title setting up his WM fued....I was thinking Sheamus would be in this match but I don't see it happening...
    Cean, Ryback,Sheamus vs. The Shield
    Well I know it hasn't been announced yet but this one I can see being a chamber match...since there is no WWE Title chamber or no. 1 chamber match.... This will be a war games type match and add to the buyrate for the ppv i believe. I see Team Cena getting the win, but there is a part of me that says expect the unexpected in this match because I do not see "The Shield" getting squashed here and losing their status as a strong force maybe we find out who is behind the group during this match or see more additions to the group... but these are just my thoughts hope it wasnt too much but I will have a posting later about how these matches and outcomes lead up to WM and what we should expect on the road to WM....
  5. Mikee Riggs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Hague
    Because Super Cena.
    When I commit assault at an old folks home for no reason this will be my defense in court.
  6. Mikee Riggs's Avatar
    Also I really think the Shield should win this match simply to add to there credibility. I can understand that Super Cena isn't going to get pinned but have Sheamus take the fall and Ryback and Cena avenge him right after the win still adds to the cred of the shield and makes for some more storylines.

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