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A Dennis Blog (The Rock!)

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Welcome to my first blog
`Hey, I have decided to start a blogging about random wrestling related issues that I think are currently prevalent with other members of the IWC. I will hit an issue in this blog and look forward to any feedback other members want to give me in order to make any future blogs better.

Why The Rock winning gold is a good thing.
`I'm not a rock lover, as most people might draw from the bolded statement. I think peoples blind love for superstars like Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow has made them forget some very essential things that Rock's reign could do for feuds in the wwe in the future.

1) Cena beating Rock would be Redemption
Cena talked up his match for an entire year. He lost and was a determining factor of why the face of the company looked super weak for really the entire year. I mean, one could argue that Cena still won Superstar of the year with some miracle, but lets look at reality. Cena lost every title match he had last year, or at least didn't finish the job. He lost a match he talked up for an entire year... Winning the rumble to then walk in and beat the man who started his downward spiral at mania would be nothing less than kayfabe total redemption.

2) The Rock will brings ratings.
This point is kind of obvious but for some of the members of the IWC who for some reason don't know much about raw ratings I will explain. The WWE was in a slump with punk as champion lately. The ratings were super low. I'm sure many members of the IWC would argue that it was competing with Monday Night Football but the ratings were very low. When the rock came back, The ratings shot off the roof. I can't recall the exact numbers but I think it was something like up 50 percent. I don't know how you could really argue against those ratings. I think people often forget that WWE's a business We are smarks I get that, but they need to make money to stay afloat... Don't hate on them for doing their jobs well.

3) Punk still looks strong.
I will go much further into this in my fourth point but this point stands on it's own merit. Punk didn't lose to Cena punk lost to the mega face that seems to be unbeatable. Punk still looks stronger than everyone else on the roster full time because he was able to hold their most prestigious belt for over 400 days. He is still the top heel with out even being around the title for the next couple of months if he does lose to the rock again.

4) Punk vs Cena would be a unpredictable feud.
Part of the problem with punk as champion was that you always had the feeling he was going to win. I mean sure, we all predicted that the golden boy rock was going to beat him but that's after he was champion for over 400 days and rock called the shot six months prior to that event. Cena would be the same Cena that we have grown to love or hate. Punk would be the same guy the IWC loves, and some regular fans are growing to hate. So many members of the IWC love to tell us how Cena is WWE's Superman, why not give him a Lex Luthor? They have given Superman every chance to beat his Lex Luthor over the past year and he keeps failing. WWE's Superman would for the first time since the Apex Predator feuds in the mid 2000's not be the dominating favorite as a champion. The championship match would actually be unpredictable. Isn't that what we want?

So to sum up this blog into four simple points...
1) Cena needs to beat Rock to get his mojo back.
2) Rock brings in ratings for their most important months of the year.
3) Cm punk gets to look strong while losing his belt
4) Superman Finally gets his true "Lex Luthor"

I would like to thank you guys for reading my blog. I hope I have brought some in sight to this situation that you guys may have not thought about. As any member of these forums likely knows, if you want I'd be willing to argue any points that I brought up in this blog, and I can't wait to hear your guy's feedback. Godspeed guy!

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  1. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Nice first blog chief, I hope you are ready for the replies you'll get here though. Definitely an anti-intelligence agenda kicking around this part of the forum.
  2. Holographic_Universe's Avatar
    Im never one for self promotion or MSI but I covered this extensively in two of my 3 blogs, I think you'd enjoy them, I urge you to take a look.

    A good topic for your next one would be potential breakout stars, who on the roster has legitimate drawing power as opposed to just being a workhorse

    Ryback, Cesaro, Ryder, ziggler, sin cara are the best of the new breed, everyone else, minus the team of the usos, is disposable waste
  3. K2Jelly's Avatar
    Boooooooo! Boooooooo! Boooooooo!

    Just heckling you. Meh. It was an okay blog. Keep at it.
  4. knox's Avatar
    Great job bro, I agree with you. If they could incorporate Cena turning heel to beat the Rock to show his true desperation to get back to the top, that would be awesome.

    Keep blogging man, I enjoyed this bro. And do be discouraged because people that comment blogs they disagree with come off very disrespectful and rude. The best part is the ones that bash blogs on this site actually haven't posted one blog themselves lol. Don't let them discourage you and keep blogging man
  5. Mark Hague's Avatar
    The blog is about why Rock winning gold is a good thing, how is Cena taking 1 loss off his record in any way a good thing for anyone but 10-time WWE champion, 2 time royal rumble winner, mr money in the bank, main eventer John Cena? Get his mojo back? He's so built up it took like 3 GTS to stop him and then it STILL had to go to a dodgy finish the last time he and Punk faced each other.

    Is Cena SO built up that a single loss is bad for him? Because last time I checked people were pissed he was in a match for Ziggler's MiTB because Cena, for all his mojolessness, was still getting title shot after title shot without winning MiTB or anything else. Cena does. not. need. anything. else. in his career.
  6. The Piper's Avatar
    oh good, now we don't just have to ridicule you on the forums!
  7. Dennis's Avatar
    Thanks guys for all the positive comments.

    and Mark I think you are one of the fans that may never get the point of a huge loss. Cena lost a match said was a must win. That's a big deal. No title match Cena has ever been in was bigger than that match. There is a reason that match will always be talked about. Cena has lost other big matches as well. One night stand and MITB to name a few.
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