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Main Event: Where every match is the main event

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Main Event:
The Night starts off with the awesome theme song by the spectacular band Shine Down. Michael Cole and JBL start off by introducing the show, followed by the once dashing Cody Rhodes on his way down to the ring. Cody Rhodes seems to think that he makes the rules, unfortunate for him, he doesn't. Sheamus can't stand it when he doesn't get what he wants, and he sure as hell wants a fight. Cody can't seem to get that through his thick head, he's seems to think that he can push around the Celtic Warrior. After some terrible, but entertaining impressions on the part of Sheamus. A few harsh words, and some hits to the noggin lead us to the first match of the night.
Back from Commercial, Sheamus dominates the first few minutes of the match, with a number of headlocks. Cody Rhodes eventually takes control, trying to keep Sheamus grounded with a series of headlocks as well. Sheamus tends to take a lot out of his opponents, showing in this match with Cody having to take some breathers outside the ring. Sheamus showing that he is still a dominant force in the WWE by taking control for a good portion of the match. Their is nothing to take away from Cody Rhodes though, he still has a few tricks up his sleeve. Cody can't seem to get the upperhand in this match, every time it looks like he may have a chance to turn things around, Sheamus knocks him down, again and again, and as we all know, the Irish love a good fight, and that is exactly what going on here. Cody finally gets some offense in, showing why he is employed in the WWE. As we all well know, once Sheamus gets started, their ain't no stopping him. Cody Rhodes suprisingly finds a way, taking a page out of CM Punk's book, using the Shining Wizard. Showing his strength, Sheamus shows us why hes the former world champion, and not Cody. Sheamus reigns dominant tonight on Main Event.
Daniel Brian and Damien Sandow are both here to prove who truly has the better facial hair. Damien's superior intelligence going against Daniel Brian's in-ring prowess, who will win this sure to be great match-up. Damien always likes to start the night off insulting the fans, and praising his intellect. Lets not forget how much he likes to insult anyone gets what he wants. We learn something new every night, according to Damien Sandow, Daniel's new name is "Bearded Goat Face." Daniel Brian shows the world why he is the tag team champion. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long, as Damien Sandow takes control of the match. Once Daniel gets the upper-hand, his fellow tag team champion shows enough kindness to come to ringside to stand in the corner of his team-mate. Daniel doesn't tend to play nice with others, and neither does Damien Sandow. Damien Sandow's superior intelligence emerged victorious over Daniel Brian's incessant need to argue with his tag partner.
Cameron and Naomi may have to watch their man Brodus Clay, if they don't want Tamina and Aksana to steal him away. Brodus proves loyal to his funkadactyls, by staying away from the cocky, self-assured divas.
A video package showing the Shield's dominance over the WWE locker room over the past few months is highlighted The Shield have truly been a force to be reckoned with, and the locker room has shown them Last Monday Night that they are not going to be taking their beatings sitting down. John Cena had issued a challenge to the shield for them to take on himself, Sheamus, and Ryback in a tag team match. Which leads us to last match of the night.
With only a few minutes left on the clock, this ones looks to be a quick match. The Funkadactyls are finally making their tag team debut. They have only had a few matches in their careers, and this is sure to tell where they are in actual wrestling ability. The heels, who have a little more experience under their belts seem to be dominating throughout most of the match. Aksana and Tamina are spending the majority of the match keeping Cameron isolated from her partner. After a few mistakes on the part of Aksana, Cameron gets the chance to get some offense in, and tag in her partner Naomi, who shows her flexibility in this match. Naomi has proven that she can truly play with the big dogs, bu defeating Aksana with a fantastic showing. Once again, we get to see the Funkadactyls show off their moves in their signature entrance with the Funkasaurus Brodus Clay.
Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read my very first blog. Comment, and tell me what you think, and what I need to improve on.

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  1. ewantu2's Avatar
    You could space it out. Like space each match apart from each other. Also i find it funny how main event has better matchs 90% of the time then on RAW.

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