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There are too many main eventers.

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There are too many "main eventers". Or more accurately, there are too many wrestlers that are meant to be perceived to be at main event level by the casual fans. I applaud WWE for trying to create new stars, but it feels like they've tried to push too many guys to World Title level and make them look like contenders.

John Cena
CM Punk
Dolph Ziggler
Big Show
Randy Orton (He's mostly irrelevant, but is still booked like a Superman)
Alberto Del Rio
Daniel Bryan
Wade Barrett* (He's holding a midcard belt, but his booking indicates that he's above the midcard.)
The Miz (He's a midcard jobber now, but WWE still likes to pretend he's important)
Rey Mysterio*
Mark Henry

It seems like they've built up too many people to look like main event players, but it's had a weird effect on the entire roster. There are too many people that Creative feels like they "have" to be on the RAW/PPV every week and it's created a very obvious "US" and "THEM" in regards to who gets showcased.

Right now it seems like the midcard is just whichever main event guys can't fit into the World Title scene at the moment. There is no real midcard. It seems like everyone is either main event, on the fringe of the main event, depushed from the main event, or just a jobber. There are no pure, strongly booked midcarders aside from Cody, Kofi, Sandow and Cesaro, and they're mostly fighting against main eventers as well because everyone else is so far beneath them.

What WWE tends to do is build up a bunch of guys to main event level, and then have them float around. They end up in this weird middle spot where they're "too good" for the midcard, but won't be wrestling for a major title any time soon. They don't get a midcard title either, but in the event that they do, it's never a factor in anything that they're doing. They just float around in meaningless feuds with each other to stay semi-relevant, and/or squash the real midcarders and make them look like jobbers

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  1. TempestH's Avatar
    What they need to do is just let those guys be real midcarders and only step up into the World Title scene when they're actually needed.

    Go back to having one World Title and let the guys like Ziggler, Del Rio, Ryback, etc. have epic midcard feuds for the IC Title and step up to the WWE Title when they need to have a fresh contender.

    Stop having them randomly beating the IC or U.S. Champion and then moving on without caring.

    And if you give the midcard belts to a main event guy, let them actually make the belt look important instead of treating it like a prop or having them go off and do other things that don't revolve around the belt (i.e. Team Hell No).
  2. HellDemon102094's Avatar
    As long as they don't keep pushing guys like Wade Barrett to the main event level, but keeping them irrelevant with a midcard title that they have no reason holding, then their aren't too many main eventers.
  3. alcrissam's Avatar
    If there was a brand split, it would make sense to have these many main eventers. But since there is no brand split, there definitely are too many main eventers.
  4. redblade0's Avatar
    What I don't get is why the WWE just doesn't get the main eventers who aren't doing anything to feud. They had Sheamus feud with Henry and Christian for a while on, but it seems now they refuse to invest in a story that doesn't involve the world title.
  5. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    My favorite all time wrestler is Jake Roberts and he never held the WWE or WCW Titles. He could be in main event programs or could be the guy to prepare others for a main event program, but he still was below Hogan, Andre & Warrior on the WWF pecking order.

    When you have too many "main eventers" you are building guys well, but your product isn't the same. That's why HHH said he wanted title reigns to be much longer and why Punk held the strap for well over a year.
  6. dashkatae's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ToiletBowl
    And honestly, I think this started when Foley won the world title, followed by Jericho becoming the first undisputed champion. Dont get me wrong, I was/am a big fan of those 2...
    Actually I think it all started when they did the brand split. They had two different championships so they created a lot of main eventers to go for the titles. The problem now is that the two championships are kinda irrelevant.
  7. Jorts For Life's Avatar
    Can you explain to me how orton is booked as superman? He loses all the time and just lost **SPOILERS** to mark Henry on smackdown. If anything he has been irrelevant for a whole now and I can't wait for him to turn heel
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