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Smark Calaway II

Smark Calaway's Shoot o' Three #1 - A look at the matches for Mania

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Good morning/afternoon/night. Here is Smark Calaway II with the first of what ought to be many Shoot o’ threes. In this series of scribbings and brain drains I shall be looking at all different aspects of what we have come to know and love as professional wrestling and taking a sidewards and hopefully enjoyable look at just the what fuck is going on. Each sermon, or blog post or whatever will features three main points all centered around a single connector. So why not waste a few minutes and listen up.

This week I’m going to look at three possible matches for the upcoming Wrestlemania and debating if they will be any good or not.

Firstly it is worth taking a look at Rock vs. Cena II. Frankly since it has been confirmed I have not been very excited about it. What made their first match interesting for me what the unpredictability of it all, the promos were Ok, the wresting itself was Ok, but until the very end I still didn’t know who was going to win. This time round it is very, very clear. It is very clear that the Rock is a successful movies star with a lot of work on his hands and he will not be around after Wrestlemania. Does the world really need another John Cena title reign? Really? John Cena has been on the top of the roster for far, far too long. Yes, he has taken a bit of a backseat over the last year but...good! Sorry to be another person on the internet hating Cena but there is a very good reason people do not like him.

Another match which may be on the cards but hasn't really been reported very much is Jericho vs. Ryback. During the F4W Online review of the Royal Rumble 2013, Dave Meltzer said that this was planned for this year's Mania with Jericho as the heel and I for one believe him on this one. Personally I wouldn't have any issue with this match at all. Ryback needs some serious rehabbing after all the stunts Punk pulled on him. That was some great booking by WWE huh?. Why was Ryback put into all those matches he couldn't win? Yes he is still pretty much undefeated (i.e. he hasn't been personally pinned for a 3-count) but his character seems dumb and phony. Hopefully Y2J can provide a killer match to firmly establish Ryback as a main event player and not just another big guy.

CM Punk vs. Undertaker is a match with a big question mark above its head. The idea of it is fine, it is just unknown whether or not Taker will be able to wrestle. I was a bit disappointed but the only other match of theirs I have seen, a quick opener on a Hell in a Cell PPV but given a good storyline, enough time on the card and some good (hopefully great) ideas this could be an all-time classic.

So that just about wraps up this first edition of Shoot o' Three. It's time for me to put my gun down and find something better to do. Now fuck off motherfuckers!
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Smark Calaway II

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I'll comment on the Jericho/Ryback match. I would prefer to see Jericho vs Daniel Bryan while Ryback vs Big show.
  2. Smark Calaway II's Avatar
    I'll comment on your comment Grate One. Jericho vs. Bryan sounds great (of course) but I think they should save it for when Cena is champion and the PPVs main events are boring as fuck. Ryback vs. Show...all I can see in my head is Ryback botching the Shellshock. If he can't lift Heyman....walking before running etc. Plus it should be quite intresting to see Ryback actually wrestle as oppose to brawl and scrap

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