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Coffee Talk: The Road To Wrestlemania

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Hey coffee lovers, and wrestling lovers alike. The Savior here with another edition of Coffee Talk. We are on the road to Wrestlemania and with Elimination Chamber upon us in 2 1/2 weeks, we're rounding that far turn of the track and approaching the final stretch. We don't have too many questions answered right now. We know that Wrestlemania itself will feature Cena challenging for the title against, most likely, The Rock. And we have a once again returning Brock Lesnar who will 99.999999% most likely be facing HHH. Everything else is so up in the air. So grab your cup of joe, your latte, your espresso, whatever your poison is, and let's enjoy some Coffee Talk.

How do you guys think WWE should handle the Elimination Chamber? If you think about it, and I've thought about this since Monday but someone already discussed this in the forum, there's really only one Elimination Chamber Match possibility. Punk vs Rock rematch is one. Cena already surprised the hell out of us by saying he's going after the WWE Title instead of the World Heavyweight Title. So, what about Elimination Chamber. WWE has eliminated (no pun intended) the possibility of a WWE Title Chamber Match AND a Number One Contender Chamber Match. Sometimes, I wonder why they even keep with these themed PPV's. Just call it something else and throw and Chamber match into it. Things are much easier that way. But before I stray away from the question...what should they do about it? I personally don't think it would be the worst thing if they maybe put the US Title on the line in one. Cesaro has made that title mean a whole lately with upper mid-carders/border line main event calibers feuding for it. Personally, I don't think it would hurt things one bit if they put a match together with Cesaro vs say, Mysterio, Sin Cara, Miz, Cody Rhodes, and Damien Sandow. Could be entertaining if you ask me.

To me, the biggest thing that's really too far ahead to even speculate on is the World Heavyweight Title picture come Wrestlemania. Will Big Show be in the Elimination Chamber match? Will he be in there with Randy Orton? Sheamus? Rey Mysterio? Daniel Bryan? That seems like a lot for Alberto Del Rio to overcome. Then there's Dolph Ziggler with the briefcase and he can cash it in at any time. I personally think his cash in attempt is going to be soon now because JBL has brought it up a few times in the last few weeks. It may be AFTER the chamber match. But then, what makes for the best World Heavyweight Title match for Wrestlemania? Orton vs Sheamus? Orton vs Ziggler? Sheamus vs Ziggler? Or will Del Rio win the EC, then Ziggler cashes in and wins, and they rematch at WM? I saw their match tonight on Smackdown and it was awesome. There are so many directions they can go with that title right now, as opposed to the WWE title which is all but set in stone. To me, the World Heavyweight Championship picture is becoming very intersting, with so many competitors going after it.

Well, Brock Lesnar is back...Again. There are reports that WWE signed him for 2 more years. Good or Bad? I guess it has it's perks. He can draw and they can put him in a few feuds with some people that might draw some interest. More than likely, he'll be facing HHH at Wrestlemania. But then what? CM Punk? They can feud as Paul Heyman guys? I guess that would be good. Punk makes many people look good. Another match with Cena? Dare I say, a WWE Title Run? But then there's the bad. he's running with this UFC gimmick and personally, I think it's boring. When he was the "Next Big Thing", it was so much better. Now, he barely performs. He's basically a Ken Shamrock reincarnate. He'll have a move here and there but mostly he's doing a kayfabe, fake version of Octagon fighting. Eh. If I wanted to watch that, I'd watch UFC on Fox or Bellator after Impact. If you're gonna have Brock Lesnar back. Bring "BROCK LESNAR" back. Not this half-assed UFC version of himself. I don't know. That's just what I think.

Will the Undertaker fight at Wrestlemania this year? I'm going to say, No. I've been singing this tune since last year's Wrestlemania. There's nothing left for him. He's 20-0. He doesn't have 5 years left, so any record besides 25-0 would just not seem right. I know a lot of people would love to see him face CM Punk, but honestly, that doesn't really do it for me. CM Punk will have to carry the match more than he did against The Rock, and ultimately, he'll lose in a match that I don't really think would touch any of the last 4 Wrestlemania matches he's had. So if Taker can't do what he's done the last 4 years, why bother? But...

What happens with CM Punk at Wrestlemania? If there's no Undertaker, what do they do with him? They can't have him fight Jericho again. that would make WM 29 almost a complete repeat of 28. Any other opponent just wouldn't seem too interesting. Would anyone really care if he fought Daniel Bryan again?....nevermind. Stupid question. . Of course everyone would like to see that. I'm just wondering if there's any other big names they can bring back to do battle with Punk. Would anyone care if he fought Christian? Probably not. You can't just throw Punk into some completely underwhelming match. So who's got some ideas?

The last thing I want to talk about, and this is a bit off topic from the Road to WM. What is this huge desire to have a Cruiserweight Division? What does a Cruiserweight Division do for everyone? Let's break down what a Cruiserweight Division would be. Here's how I would see it happening. They introduce the new title. They have some sort of tournament. Sin Cara, Justin Gabriel, The Colons, Maybe that Bo Dallas kid. I wouldn't see Rey Mysterio in that division. Who else is really going to fill out that division? WWE isn't going to do what WCW did and grab all these low card, but extremely talented, luchadores and Japanese performers to have 4 on 4 matches with on a weekly basis. And you know what would end up happening. They'd have these high flying awesome performers, and Santino would be the champ and lay these guys out with the Cobra and the jumping headbutt for the pin. And that would be such a waste.

Well everyone, my cup is now empty. This was fun. Let's hear what you guys think about the questions I posted here today. Thank you for joining me this week for Coffee Talk.

Be Safe and Enjoy the Superbowl.

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  1. Dime Store Saint's Avatar
    I could see the US or IC elimination chamber match at the PPV. Good chance for mid careers to step up. Maybe even throw in a NXT one? I normally like this PPV because it has a low expectation but usually delivers a good card.
    I think your right about Taker, which sucks as ill get to go to a WM this year and not seeing my all time fave wrestler is disappointing. Expect Punk to be added in a triple threat with Cena and Rock to make Cena's win even bigger beating the Best In The World and The Great One.
    I think Ziggler has to cash in at EC. I think he is ready to carry the belt into WM as a headliner and have a lengthy run with the strap.
  2. LostOmega's Avatar
    I'm a bit iffy on Undertaker's situation. I feel like if he would have been unable to perform at full capacity this year, then he would have at least made an appearance by now.

    If I may be honest, excluding CM Punk's reign, I think this may have been a very lackluster and boring and it's leading up to what seems like a very low-shelf Wrestlemania. It all just seems repetitive as even the in-ring action has gotten stale.

    Ziggler's situation is weird to me. The briefcase gives him credibility but he loses all the time. It would be a drastic change if he went from losing all the time to being a dominant force overnight. It would take some getting used to, to be honest.

    I don't really watch theEC PPV so whatever happens at EC happens. Personally, I would like to see Punk reclaim the championship but that's just a pipe dream now.
  3. cjstonecold's Avatar
    I think they will add one more elimination chamber match. I thin it will be the Shield vs. Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback. They will have a War Games type atmosphere to it. As far as the Undertaker goes, I do believe he will wrestle CM Punk this year. And Taker's last stand will be next year against Cena. I think this whole Rock vs. Cena II for the title is going to suck. BUt as I think about it, they had to have Rock win in his hometown last year. It will be the passing of the torch this year.

    I thought an intreging storyline would have been if Lesnar gave that shield/Heyman footage to McMahon and set up for Punk vs. Lesnar. thought that would have made an epic match. I do agree that Lesnar is very dull. He needs to get back to wrestling and quit this UFC crap. It annoys me to no end.
  4. Cross's Avatar
    I like the whole conceptulazation of your blogs being a coffee talk. Just wanted to point that out. Anyways, having an EC Match for the US and/or IC Title would be great. It really helps the prestige of the title and would even be commodious for midcard stars to get on the card.

    For CM Punk, his best bet, if not the Undertaker, is more likely Lesnar, although I would rather have him stick with this consanguinity with him and the Shield, though it is more of an affiliation then anything. I do believe it would be better though if he was in a Triple Threat Match with Cena and the Rock. There has just been too much build for a 3 for all then just a one on one match.

    If not any of those choices, he could help push a face that really needs to get over. Not saying Punk should not win, but giving a face whoever faces him edge and drive to face Punk in a strong storylined built up rivarly would be great.
  5. ScottyTruelove's Avatar
    well my friend this is an awesome blog and I agree with you 100%, but just my personal opinion though. I do see triple H and Lesnar at WM going down. My only problem is like you said where does CM Punk fit in to all of this and I have a couple possibilities. 1: I see Punk regaining the title at EC leading to rock demanding a rematch and cena already next in line and presto we have a triple threat match saving us from Rock vs Cena 2.
    Next I believe Undertaker will be at WM cause I don't think Triple H wouldn't have said what he said at the slammy's if they were uncertain about his status. But who would he face?? Chris Jericho maybe?? or since he has made recent comments about wanting to face the Deadman maybe Sheamus....just a thought or since all participants have not been announced yet maybe Taker could be a participant....
    as for the WHC I have no freaking clue of where to start here, there are so many ways to go about this that i just don't know....I am leaning toward maybe mark henry costing big show and maybe a match at wm..but that is a long shot, but I dont know where we see Ziggler cash in at, because we all know its inevitable but do we see it at EC or WM or somewhere in between.
    But to sum things all up creative has plenty of ways to go about things if they just use their creativity and not screw it up. But those are just my thought so what do you guys thing
  6. Zekic's Avatar
    Hmm if you ask me IC title Elemination chamber is just better idea, then US, i don't know why but IC title looks way more imoportant and worthy then US. On punk situation i think he will get in the foud with one of those guy's who don't get into WH title picture, Randy or Sheamus for example, tough they would have only one month of a feud to build up witch is not enough.

    Also maybe, just maybe wwe will surprise us and punk turn's on Heyman, and faces Brock?

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