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Juan Cena Unmasked At Houseshow! ((PHOTOS))

Juan Cena Unmasked! *PHOTOS*

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It's been reported about John Cena's Mexican cousin appearing at house shows, following John Cena being fired.

This past week at a house show in Tennessee the Nexus attacked Juan Cena and
the Mexican cousin of John Cena unmasked actually turned out to actually be none other than John Cena.

The Photos attatched are not mine, they are off of the Nexus facebook page.

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  1. Xpacfan's Avatar
    Whoop dee doo...and Santa Clause isn't real either!
  2. dxtaker's Avatar
    Wow were people actually surprised at this?If they were they must be pretty dumb.
  3. edgeheadvnzla's Avatar

  4. daverende5's Avatar
    I'm shocked! It can't be true, it's, i'ts JOHN CENA.

  5. CobraNightviper's Avatar
    No wonder they didn't have this gimmick on t.v.
  6. Allison's Avatar
    They probly did this coz the little kids and girls felt cheated not getting to see Cena's pretty face. I wonder if they're gonna do this at every house show now.
  7. The Brown One's Avatar
    The illusion is gone
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