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Derahk's Royal Rumble Predictions

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If WrestleMania is the biggest night in sports entertainment, the Royal Rumble is certainly the most exciting. It’s the night that anything can happen, anyone can be a star and gives the fans an idea on where they’re going creatively towards WrestleMania. I am going to share with you what I think will happen and also what I hope for as well.

Pre-Show: U.S. Championship Match

The Miz (Challenger) vs Antonio Cesaro (Champion)

With Flair ‘passing the torch’ recently to the Miz, it seems as though they are giving Miz a push which would lead to a victory here, but I don’t think so on this one. I think Miz’s push is going to be ok and intact if he loses this one. It’s compounded by the fact that this is a pre-show and not as many people will be watching. The only reason, at that point, then would be to get the pre-show over and get people excited about them so they won’t miss anything.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

The Royal Rumble

World Heavyweight Championship Match

The Big Show (Challenger) vs Alberto Del Rio (Champion)

I predict the WHC to open the show. I don’t see much going on here. I see ADR trying really hard to get himself over as a bubblegum baby face and as the curtain jerker, trying even harder to have a good match with the Big Show. Paul Wight, having been there-done that, will try to get Del Rio to slow down and have a good match. I don’t think that will happen. I predict a kick-out from Show’s finisher for a clean victory by Mr. Rio.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Team Rhodes Scholars (Challengers) vs Team Hell No (Champions)

I expect an upset here. the Rhodes Scholars momentum has peaked, if not fallen a little, and it’s time for a new level. I am predicting a Bryan vs Kane feud to start here. I see the ‘bond’ of the champions starting to crack here with them losing the titles, a rematch at the Elimination Chamber and then a match at Mania.

Winner: New Champions, The Rhodes Scholars

WWE Divas Championship Match
Tamina Snuka (Challenger) vs Kaitlyn (Champion)

Tamina has an affinity to making her competitors look good which she doesn’t get in return. This match is merely for the piss break and for Tamina to Kaitlyn over.

Winner: Kaitlyn

WWE Championship Match

The Rock (Challenger) vs CM Punk (Champion)

This has schmoz written all over it. For the uninformed, a schmoz is basically when the finish is a cluster fuck. The match is also tainted with the babyface promise. If a babyface makes a promise, he always sticks to his promise. The Rock has promised a victory.
This is what I think will happen. Punk/Rock will have a decent match for about 20 minutes. The Rock will make his comeback, probably going for the People’s Elbow, the lights will go out, the ref will be knocked out either before or after, Shield appears, beats up Rock, Ryback comes out, saves Rock with the Rock getting the win.
What I HOPE will happen is, all that I mentioned before, Ryback saves the Rock, fighting the Shield to the back, then cue Brock Lesnar. Brock finishes the Rock, helping Punk retain the title, for an inevitable Brock/Rock match WrestleMania.

Predictions: Winner and new Champion The Rock

30 Man Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble is always a hard one to predict, but this years is exponentially harder. There is a handful of contenders with varying degrees of probability. I will attempt to dissect each one individually starting with the most probable and what it would mean for WrestleMania.

John Cena: John Cena is the most likely winner, if not anything else, for the reason that he promised a victory. Cena, while mostly staying on top, didn’t have many landmarks last year. A pyrrhic victory with Brock Lesnar and the Money in the Bank winner were his highlights. But Lesnar seemed to have lost the battle, won the war and Cena became the first to not capture the title with the MitB briefcase. The win here would be good for Cena’s stock and would inevitably lead to Cena/Rock II at WrestleMania.

Brock Lesnar: A guaranteed surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble. I expect him, whatever his number is, to clean house. If he enters midway, I expect an elimination, most likely coming from his WrestleMania opponent. If he enters post number 25, I would call it a certain victory leading to a match with champion The Rock.

Ryback: Ryback is on a role. A Rumble win would continue him on his big push. It is also very safe creatively. They could go anywhere with Ryback winning, which makes him such a strong contender for a win. A win here would most likely see him going after Big Show for the title at Mania, which obviously would mean Show would have to best Del Rio at some point. We could also see him chasing Punk, Rock, Del Rio or Ziggler. On the flipside, I could see him losing and fighting Show in a non-title match at Mania or getting his revenge on the Shield.

The Miz: The Miz is still a possibility here. He’s hot off his Flair push, and a Cesaro loss wouldn’t affect anything. It would give that WrestleMania X feel when Bret lost to Owen in the first match, only to win the title in the last match. This would mostly likely lead to a Ziggler or Punk match.

Randy Orton: Orton is in that surprise/fringe area. If he’s in the final four, his victory will be possible in the back of your mind but will be quickly be discounted. Watch out for a victory here, then to chase Del Rio or Ziggler for the WHC title.

The Undertaker: There has been talk of a Streak vs Streak match at Mania between Punk and the Dead Man. Those rumors have died down as of late. An appearance is almost certain, but a win is slight.

Dolph Ziggler: Ole Zig Zag is a huge underdog here and everyone loves an underdog. A win here would be huge for Mr. Platinum Doo. I would be most excited for him winning the Rumble. Creatively this would be a gem also. The most likely course being him cashing the MitB briefcase to win the WHC and chasing Punk for the WWE titles at Mania to unify the titles. This is highly unlikely, if anything else, because this would be putting a huge amount of stock in Ziggler, which would be insane for a pseudo-heel that Ziggler is. Insanity that I would love.

Zack Ryder: I know you’re scratching your heads here. His story is an odd one. He was immensely over at the start of 2012 and then fizzled into oblivion by the end of it. It may have been deliberate. They could be retooling him. His name is also not listed as one of the participants, but there are a few slots open. A win would be ‘Where in the world did that come from?’ zone but not unfounded. It’s highly unlikely but it’s there in the back of my mind. A win would most likely see him chasing Ziggler, which was a match they’ve wanted for a year now.

Prediction: Ryback

I hope you enjoyed my predictions. We’ll see happens. I’ll catch you guys after the Rumble.

I've been informed that the Del Rio/Big Show match has a Last Man Standing stipulation. I have the same prediction as before, but more specifically, Del Rio recovering from the KO by Show to make the 10 count. This would put over Rio as having a never-say-die attitude. It also makes it even more likely for Ziggler to cash in his briefcase, since both participants should be decimated after the bout.

Also, I didn't remember that the Shield cannot interfere with the WWE Title match because CM Punk would be stripped of the Championship. That will lead to two possible outcomes. First, is my previous hope of Brock interfering in the match, possibly costing Rock of the title, leading to a Mania match. The second is the Shield STILL interfering, costing Punk the title. I would then lead this to an angle with CM Punk trying to figure out who is the man pulling the strings of the Shield. I am actually going to write a whole blog dedicated to an angle that there is a leader of the Shield and who it would be, at a later time, unless, of course, that is revealed at the Rumble.

Lastly, I hope there is some good testing 'spots' in the Rumble to get crowd reaction. I would LOVE to see a Ryback and Lesnar showdown. This would make a lot of sense. If they were to be face-to-face, and crickets chirping, I would question Ryback's star power, but if there was a pop, with no Goldberg chants, I would anticipate a possible Summerslam showdown between the two.

*Surprise entrant spoilers ahead*
If you've ever seen him in a Rumble or MitB situation, you know that Shelton Benjamin can do some amazing acrobatics in these types of events. It will be hard to top Morrison's Spider-Man impression from a few years ago, but it will be great to see Benjamin try. I'm hoping for a spot with him and Ziggler. If they run a program with the two, they could rewrite history.

One last prediction I failed to mention the first time.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: This would make sense if the Championship goes on last. The long gestating Austin/Punk feud would culminate but Austin/Rock IV would also be possible and would add more suspense to the match. I know the overall feeling is that they will wait for Austin/Punk for WM30, but as of right now, win or lose, Punk doesn't have a strong opponent, in my mind, for WrestleMania (I know Taker has been batted around).

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  1. robofhonor's Avatar
    Del rio is last man standing no pin falls. Sorry im very nitpicky
  2. Hurtts101's Avatar
    I know there will probably be a few people who are going to bash you for the Ryder prediction, but I want to give you a big kudos. No it won't happen, but a very fu entertainign thought none the less. Would have been cool with the whole Zigler Ryder match they planned last year, but Zigs did call it off before Z! ended. I personally am expecting a heel turn with Hawkins reunion in '13...
  3. Hurtts101's Avatar
    I was thinking of doing a Rumble blog myself, but there are more than enough, so I'll jsut say it here; everyone is expecting this big showing from Ziggler in the Rumble so much so I can see them going the way of Micheals in '03 and have him eliminated fast. Some think Cena will start with him, but I would love to see Benjamin. Give them a chance to put on a highlight reel for a few minutes.
  4. Quaz's Avatar
    The Rock/Punk match wouldn't happen like that. There is a stipulation that if The Shield interferes in that match, Punk will be stripped of the title.
  5. whoo i am the man's Avatar
    The answer to all of the royale rumble will be very easy. If the rock/punk match is before the 30 man royal rumble, Punk wins. No way they have rock win and still have a match after his vicotry. If punk/rock closes out the night, rock will win.
  6. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good blog. I love hearing everyone's predictions on how they think things will play out. I think Cena's gonna win the Rumble. But here's what i think about the title match. Brad Maddox comes out as the ref. Rock destroys him. He's helped to the back. New ref comes out, Rock wins the title. Next night on Raw, he's dq'd and stripped for beating up the referee. it'll be shitty, but that's really what I think is going to happen.
  7. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    My original pick to win the Rumble was Ryback when I believed Show would be champion. Now that he isn't....going with Cena. Great blog........
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