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DanHero's 5 Things the WWE Should Do In 2013

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Whilst thinking of what the WWE should do with Punk and The Rock, I gave up with that, realising that no amount of internet hate will change a thing and focused on other areas in the WWE and what can be done. While most of these will be a long shot, I’ve included ways that they could work, as well as being written in by WWE Creative.

1: Bring Back The Cruiserweight Division:

WWE repeatedly hires more Cruiserweight talent with no real way to showcase them (apart from occasionally forming a tag team.) then leaving them to be released after a few months / years on Superstars and NXT. So what can the E do? Bring back the Cruiserweight Championship. There’s any easy way to bring this Championship back into existence, unfortunately it’ll have to involve a storyline with Hornswoggle first. Hornswoggle was the last Cruiserweight Champion, so theoretically he still possesses the gold. So for a few weeks he needs to have a rivalry with a heel Cruiserweight, since he technically passes as a Cruiserweight, we’ll choose Cody Rhodes. After Cody Rhodes loses a match to a random jobber (perhaps losing to a 3MB member) he’s complaining backstage to Teddy Long, and Hornswoggle laughs at him, Rhodes insults Hornswoggle which then leads to ‘Swogs costing him a few matches the next few weeks, finally Rhodes has enough and chases him under the ring, grabbing Hornswoggle he pulls him back out who’s clutching the Cruiserweight Championship. Rhodes beats up Hornswoggle and takes the championship. Next week Rhodes says that he declares himself the new Cruiserweight Champion. “Now hold on a minute playa!” Teddy Long comes out and announces a tournament to decide who rightfully is the next Cruiserweight Champion. Now since it’s clearly not gonna draw any money at first unless it’s given a huge name, give it to Rey Mysterio. He’s a veteran champion, the average viewer loves him, and he can add some credibility to the belt. Then after two or three months with Mysterio as champion, he can drop it to any of the long list of cruiserweights in the company (Sin Cara heel turn?) and the belt now has a life of his own.

2: Break Up The Shield

I know, I love the Shield too. But a time will come when it’s time for all three of them to go their separate ways. The most important part of this is that The Shield needs to win at WrestleMania, they need to keep staying strong. And then after WrestleMania they’ll be some internal issues within the group, this will be showed when as The Shield attack a superstar, Rollins leaves the ring and leaves Ambrose and Reigns to get attacked by three members. The week after the lights go out during a match and it’s presumed that Randy Orton is being attacked, when the lights go back up, Ambrose and Reigns are standing above a beaten down Rollins. They then leave the ring, obvious that they just set a trap up for Rollins. This will set up an easy transition into a face character for Rollins. Who knows how the Shield works, and although he can’t be trusted as far as he could throw him, Sheamus teams up with Rollins in an attack on Ambrose and Reigns. The week after as Reigns and Ambrose run to the ring to attack Rollins, Sheamus and Orton come out and Ambrose disappears, this time leaving Reigns to get the beat down but keeps Reigns as a heel character. This leads up to a triple threat match between all Shield members at a pay-per-view. (A cool option here would be for them all to enter the arena at the same time anyway, from different corners, yelling at each other as they make their way down the steps.) Dean Ambrose comes out the victor, since he has also been assigned the leader role, it makes sense for him to come out on top.

3: Give John Cena One Last WWE Championship Run and End It With a “Passing Of The Torch”

It’s going to happen, probably at WrestleMania, but there needs to be a reason for it. Cena’s getting older and his injuries will start catching up with him soon, that’s just a fact. So while I would like to see someone else with the gold, eventually this will be for the greater good. Cena’s championship run this time should be like the Superman storyline in which Luthor blocks out the sun, causing Superman to lose his powers. Cena will still win matches, but barely, normally when he makes his comeback, he celebrates and walks to the back, but this time, after a huge pay per view match, Cena lays motionless still covering his opponent, he’s helped to his feet but doesn’t know where he is. The next month the same thing happens, he hits the AA, but crawls slowly to his opponent and gets a two count, you see the look on his face that he can’t do it again, he manages to however but then collapses again. Cena is a champion, but a damaged champion. And someone see’s this. Not a Money In The Bank cash in, cause that would cheapen Cena’s last run. (And no, I can’t believe I just said that either.) The person who should notice is maybe a younger heel in the company? Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, maybe even a heel Daniel Bryan. The point is that they know that Cena is falling and they’re gonna be the one to finish it. So at the next pay-per-view, we’ll go with Daniel Bryan for this, Bryan has Cena in the No/Yes Lock, it looks all set to be done but Cena gets to the ropes, Cena hits the AA and wins. But he’s taken to the back by doctors and he looks injured. Over the next four weeks, Bryan continues to attack Cena getting him to agree to a rematch, this time Cena loses the belt after Bryan uses a chair while the referee is down, Cena doesn’t lose clean, but it doesn’t take as much to take him down as it use to, a chair shot to the arm followed by the No/Yes Lock and Daniel Bryan has dethroned the champion. The next week Cena doesn’t show up because he’s injured. But the week after Cena comes out in a sling, saying he’s too injured to cash in his rematch, but he’s got some “pull” with the General Manager (because he’s John Cena) and he’s found a replacement for him. And out comes (____________) Honestly, I’m not going to name anyone here, it would just cause a riot in the comments about whether or not this guy is worthy. But this superstar then goes on to take the championship from Bryan at the pay-per-view when the referee is knocked down the same way from Cena’s match, Cena runs to the ring and hits the AA on Bryan and pulls (_______________) on top of him for the three count. Cena can then come back but not in the championship title picture, perhaps even keeping the Bryan feud going, but now that the torch has been passed, Cena can continue to wrestle at ‘Mania’s and in high profile matches outside of the title, like how Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Undertaker have been doing for the last few years. (And no, I’m not comparing them to him.)

4: Get rid of themed Pay-Per-Views

I know this technically doesn’t fall under a storyline, but there would need to be a reason for it to be changed. So this one will resolve around the retirement of Triple H. The problem with the current pay-per-views is you always know whats going to be on that event, maybe Money In The Bank can stay cause that’s a yearly thing, but things like TLC, Hell In A Cell, Elimination Chamber and such could really just go back to being called Backlash and Unforgiven, stuff like that. The way to get to this is have a pay-per-view renamed, and there’s only one person with the ego big enough to get a pay-per-viewed changed to suit his match, The Game. His final match would need something special, and even though no one else probably agrees, he would think he deserves something more than a Wrestlemania finale. So he goes and gets in a little rivalry that builds and builds and builds, and then an event is renamed to something Triple H related, “Fall Of The King Of Kings” or something ridiculous like that knowing how HHH would like it. But then the branding of PPV’s is over, they could introduce a new way of naming Pay-Per-Views similar to the In Your House days. Each WWE Pay-Per-View gets a caption rather than a Stipulation as their titles, bringing back things like Bad Blood, Vengeance, etc. That way there’s always the surprise of when a stipulation is added, and not every pay-per-view needs to have one because that takes away what was special about the Hell In A Cell or the Ladder match. It wasn’t everywhere.

5: Don’t Bring In Any New Talent Until After Summerslam

So this one isn’t really a storyline either, but it needs to be said. There are so many great talents on the roster right now that could fall into oblivion just because there isn’t enough time to give them the spotlight with the speed at which new talents are entering the picture. At the moment in the last year or so we’ve had Antonio Cesaro, Brodus Clay, Damien Sandow, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, AJ Lee, Big E Langston, The Prime Time Players, Ryback and probably a few others, while some have done well for themselves like Cesaro, Ryback Aj Lee and Sandow, others haven’t had their true moments yet, and while The Shield need time to disband and showcase their individual talents, Prime Time Players still need to capture tag gold and show what they can really do. Giving all these talents a few months to breath makes sense in the long run because it actually cements these guys as Superstars, rather than easily replaceable gimmicks that could be taken out at any time and replaced with a Great Khali segment. There’s also a slew of returning superstars coming on, with Mysterio, Sin Cara, Evan Bourne, Tyson Kidd, Ted DiBiase, Jack Swagger, Christian, Curt Hawkins, Mark Henry and others gearing up for returns, there’s so much to do with these guys before someone else comes in and possibly harms a double-your-money possibility. I’m not saying that every single superstar I’ve listed is a guaranteed cash-cow but at least giving them the proper time to shine will be a lot better than getting rid of them too quickly and letting them go make huge money for another company. At the end of the day, would you rather think it over for a long time and end up with a lean, mean, fat reducing, grilling machine? Or are you going to rush into something you think is better and walk away with Pastamaina?

That’s been my blog, I can’t wait to for you to tell me I’m wrong in the comments.

For wrestling ramblings during the week before my Pay-Per-View blogs follow me on twitter at @DanHarrington91.


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  1. thefuture7777's Avatar
    nice blog..
    njoyed reading.....

    I also lyk 2 see D-Bryan once again wrestle for WWE Title.
    And I think Shield should stick together for whole year. This could be done if WWE could pitch new and interesting feuds. They should repeat same types of feud with different feuds.

    In 2013, I'd also lyk to see Women's division get better with good wresrling matches
  2. james.chelsea11111's Avatar
    Bringing back cruiserweight championship and division soooooooo agreed. As for breaking up the shield its inevitable. John Cena passing the torch will happen eventually but probably not this year getting rid of themed paperviews agree with everything except for EC and MITB but i think the only people who have never been world champion should be involved in the mitb matches. As far as waiting till after summerslam to debut new superstars i think its a horrible idea. but ur blog was great
  3. The Piper's Avatar
    (_______________) Is my favorite wrestler right now, (_______________) really deserves to be on top of the mountain!
  4. bsorrell's Avatar
    good blog....
  5. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    I agree with everything you said ..... Not all of it will happen but one can only hop GREAT BLOG nice read
  6. A.C. Sativa's Avatar
    I agree with everything said... except for #5. This company is stale as shit right now, they need to cut loose the guys that aren't going to to go anywhere (Bourne, Ryder, Hawkins, Christian, the PTP), guys that spend too much time on the DL (convince Rey to retire and make him a agent or something and ship Cara's ass back to Mexico), and guys that aren't any good to begin with (Brodus, Miz, Ryder again, pretty much every Diva) and replace them with NXT guys and guys from the indy circuit. I'd bring in a couple more guys from Mexico (Averno is pretty sweet) and Japan to bring in international fans too.

    You're spot on with #s 1-4 though, this might be the best blog I've read on here.
  7. TempestH's Avatar
    Hornswoggle doesn't still have the title. He was stripped of the title on screen and they just didn't bother to put the title back up for grabs. He doesn't have to be involved in a Cruiserweight Title angle.

    I think SOME of the gimmick PPVs like Hell in a Cell and Money in the Bank need to go, but I think TLC could stay, and be the new event for the MiTB ladder match.

    If John Cena is going to pass the torch, he should drop the belt to Ziggler, possibly having Ziggler unify the titles. If you're bringing back the CW title, one of the other belts have to go as well. Drop the World Heavyweight Title as well as the United States Title. Either bring back the European Championship or introduce a new "WWE Television Championship". I personally think they should bring back the Light Heavyweight Title instead of the Cruiserweight Title. WWE should be using all of its own titles, and retire all of the WCW leftovers.
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