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Top 10 matches in Mick Foley's WWE career!!

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After making top 10 moment blog with Foley....decided to follow up with top 10 matches in his career. This time, I decided to be a bit more specific because folks really were hard on me for not featuring stuff from Japan. I'm sure they will expect the same here which is why I decided just to make this a WWE blog of just his WWE career. Didn't see much WCW, ECW, or Japan matches. I've seen a few Vader, Sting, Sabu, Sandman, among others o. Havn't seen a match or watched a Japan wrestling show in my life. I've seen highlights of matches he had with Terry Funk in Japan, but how can you rank it if you didn't see the match. So let's hope this is received better from all of you. Here you go, Top 10 matches in Mick Foley's WWE career which began the day after WM12.

10.vsStone Cold Over the Edge 98-Starting this off with a Dude Love match that brings back a lot of memories. This is the match where Vince was the ref, but at the end Austin counted for Vince while he was out.
9.vs HHH No Way Out 00-A HIAC vets first HIAC match HHH vs Cactus Jack. Great story telling and ending to one of Foley's best feuds in WWE. Concept, Cactus said he was going to jump off the top of the cell on to HHH. Doors began locked, but after aiming for HHH's head he got his way out to put on another classic with HHH.
8.vs The Rock St.Valentine's Day Massacre 99-A match that is overlooked between Rock and Mankind happened in their Last Man Standing match. Everyone wants to talk about the empty arena match or the I Quit. This Last Man Standing match was great as well as it ended in a draw.
7.vs HBK In your House 96-A rare match between HBK and Mick Foley. Wish both could have worked a longer program together, but Mick had a great performance in this match. Started the night with a great promo to make sure he was booed in front of a ECW town.
6.& Edge vs Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer One Night Stand 06-I'd proclaim this more of a WWE match than ECW even though it was Extreme Rules with a great performance that stole the show. 1 of the last big stage matches for Terry. Having fire is something WWE fans arn't used to, but Edge and Mick did use it during their match at WM22. Great heel ending with Edge's spear on Buelah.
5.vs Edge WM22-Named match of year in 2006. Need I say more?
4.vs Randy Orton Backlash 04-Probably still Orton's best match he ever had in his career to date. Loved the feud these two had as well.
3.vs HHH Royal Rumble 00-One of the best matches in boths career along with being one of the best matches in the history of the Royal Rumble. Putting over another young heel is something Mick did best.
2.vs The Rock Royal Rumble 99-In my opinion, the best and most memorable match in the history of the Royal Rumble. When you think "I Quit" you think Rock vs Foley.
1.vs Taker King of the Ring 98-How can anyone argue with this placement? No, Mick was never a great technical wrestler, but he put his body on the line. He gained the respect of the fans that night and became a main event talent.

There you have it!! The top 10 matches in Mick Foley's WWE career. Did I miss any? What is your top 10? How'd I do? Leave that in the comment section below. Thanks for reading....hope you enjoyed!!

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  1. mr.onemanband's Avatar
    His matcbh with sting at lockdown. was good u
  2. AJ1981's Avatar
    Good list, the only one I don't think belongs on the list is the 6-person intergender bout from One Night Stand 2006. Other matches I would include for consideration are:

    Mankind vs. The Undertaker (Boiler Room Brawl, Summerslam 1996, Buried Alive Match, IYH: Buried Alive, WWF Championship IYH: Revenge Of The 'Taker)
    Mankind vs. HHH (KOTR Final 1997, King Of The Ring 1997, IYH: Candian Stampede, Steel Cage Match, Summerslam 1997)
    Cactus Jack vs. Chainsaw Charlie (Falls Count Anywhere, Raw Is War 02/02/98)
    Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie vs. New Age Outlaws (Dumpster Match For The WWF Tag Team Championship, Wrestlemania XIV)
    Mankind vs. The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock (Triple Threat Steel Cage Match to determine the no#1 contender to the WWF Championship, IYH: Breakdown 1998)
    Mankind vs. Ken Shamrock (WWF Intercontinental Championship, IYH: Judgment Day 1998)
    Mankind vs. The Rock (WWF Championship, Raw Is War 01/04/99)

    You say you've never seen a Japanese wrestling show. I strongly recommend you should, especially New Japan who have probably the best in-ring product in the world right now. They have iPPV and loads of matches are available on Youtube. Look out for guys like Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kazuchika Okada, Karl Anderson, Prince Devitt & Shinsuke Nakamura
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  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mr.onemanband
    His matcbh with sting at lockdown. was good u
    wwe career

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