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What is wrong with the IWC?

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Hello again
This is now my second blog and somewhat a continuation of my previous blog which I recommend to many people.
You see my posts do not seem to reach a large portion of the IWC, of course, but I think they should because it seems like the IWC does not recognize it's flaws in relation to the WWE product and it's a shame becausethey are supposedly the "smart" fans.

The WWE is a business
It thrives on what generates most revenue, entertainment infused wrestling has transformed a modest promotion into a multi million dollar machine, this did not happen because wrestling was widely popular based on technical ability, but because they created a brand of entertainment that appealed to millions of viewers. That formula is what has been the basis of WWE's ongoing "progress", what generates revenue are factors like ratings, sponsorships, merchandise, attendance, PPVs. These number exist/spike because fans are vested in top drawing superstars, these fans are WWE's niche and largest drawing demographic. It is all basic formula that is necessary to keep it afloat as a company therefore not many risks will be taken, that may devastate the model, in order to please a minor portion of their fanbase
What that means is that they can keep rehashing the same material and only we will be flustered. Alot of the ideas the IWC think should happen is not what the majority desire (you think they are out of touch with the product? They hire PR workers and specialists)
That being said the people who are always on top are there because they are top draws which is a pivotal part in the business structure. This is why they main event constantly, why they must be kept happy, why the championship is somewhat irrelevant, why part timers are coming back to top spots. The WWE is in a very perile condition because alot of factors (unrelated to wrestling) but the lack of star power plays a significant part.
WWE is like a record label with various artists, if only a few acts are making hits you have a problem.
You can't blame cena for main eventing over punk or rock/Brock for coming back because your beloved workers are doing NOTHING for their company but bitching about spots they don't deserve.

Speaking of talent
Alot of you have favorites which is not a problem, the issue is that you seem to overrate them for lack of exposure (some even turn on them when they get pushes) Virtually noone on the roster is talented enough to be pushed, regardless of how good they can sell moves or how technical they are. The new blood with most potential are ryback, Ryder, Cesaro, Ambrose, ziggler, sandow and, for some reason, sheamus. I see NOONE else with midcard or main event potential and even this lists pales in comparison to a company that once had so many draws they had a legitimate brand split. When you have such a sparse roster you need part timers and old angles to rely on. When every past star is gone and cena retires you will see a very different product.

Your opinion
You are never satisfied, you like to pride yourself on being the smart fan but behave like grown children, instead of thinking rationally you constantly rant because your favorites aren't winning or being used in the way you see fit. CM punk was a low drawing champion yet held the title for 400 days then lost it to a legend...You cry because he didnt put over someone from the dense roster? Zack Ryder gets the US championship and you call him stale? Rock comes back after years and you complain that he's taking spots? The shield debuts and you dont give them time to fall into place before you call them stale and some of you actually think the MIZ is good (heel or face)
What you are is an adult version of their child fanbase, you'll still tune in, you'll still criticize creative, you'll still be dissatisfied without acknowledging the ramifications of your propositions. You need to begin thinking objectively, the product is PG and entertainment sells overs wrestling.

Again I tried to be concise, I left out a few details but this was the basis of what strikes me about the IWC and what I witness here in forums and blogs. I'll be more than happy to elaborate

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  1. Jack Hammer's Avatar
    A truely beautiful Piece*
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Your opinion alone deserves a 5 star rating here!! CLAPS!!
  3. texrodgers's Avatar
    Good read. I look forward to reading your other posts.

    You're like IWC Wolf Pack since the IWC only sees things in black and white...
  4. Earthquake's Avatar
    bit late to the party, brilliant work
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