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STATE OF THE 'E: Long Term Effects Of Quick Fixes

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Welcome everyone to another edition of STATE OF THE 'E! I wish it were a positive and upbeat one but unfortunately I am not in the state of mind to provide you with that. I'm very pissed off. I understand The Rock being back "means something" to VKM but what does it mean to me? Horse shit.

I'm sick and tired of VKM not relying on the people that are breaking their back for the company and going back to the well for the other guys. Its completely ridiculous that they stopped such a legendary WWE Championship run for a fake sonofabitch who will be leaving as soon as he got there. Why? To get more buyrates? To do "what's best for business"?? Screw that noise.

THE 'E has become WCW in the eyes of people who stuck around. They don't have any storylines completely thought out until the day of the show, they book like they're drunk and they certainly have no type of loyalty to anyone. Of course its a machine and it has to keep running. But the thing is, for 434 days, CM Punk completely carried THE 'E on his back while John Cena had literally and historically the worst year in his career.

The booking for Cena was done in a way that made him look like he was inferior to everyone and everything... now all of a sudden he's Super Cena again? C'mon. This is quite possibly the worst 24hrs of THE 'E that I've ever endured. The Rock is YOUR new WWE Champion. And weirdly enough, "G.I. JOE: RETALIATION" is the sponsor for Elimination Chamber and not to mention for the next three months he has a movie coming out to boot. How convenient.

I'm here to be the voice of the unpopular opinion... CM Punk was a fantastic Champion that even JR said restored legitimacy to the WWE Championship. Its not a prop. It's not a toy... even though it looks like one. And its not propaganda. And this right here is a slap in the face to not just the fans that stayed loyal after "The Attitude Era" but its also a slap to the face of the wrestlers and everyone else who stayed as well.

The Champions that are no longer Champion but still around to help out. Not The Rock, no, no, NO! He has to put himself over to make his ego worth it. Since he's been back he's not put one damn person over. At all. He's beaten The Miz and R-Truth at the height of their popularity as a tag-team. He beat the proverbial poster boy for THE 'E in John Cena and now he's beaten the singular man who's carried that company on his back for almost two years now in CM Punk.

Who does it help? Not a single fucking person in the back and I guarantee that even though VKM and he are working on a "handshake deal" he's still taking 25% of all of WM's intake of money this year when its all said and done. I'm sure he'll get a nice fat piece of the pie just to screw over the mid-carders again this year in their big payday.

And now to add insult to injury, you bring back Brock Lesnar... ANOTHER money hungry bad for business sonofabitch. And what does he do? F5's VKM. I wonder why? Maybe so the literal third wheel of The Attitude Era can get his second shot at him? Not surprised. Haitch VS Lesnar coming to a WRESTLEMANIA XXIX near you!! Yes, that's been the rumored match for a while now but, give us something different damnit.

And speaking of RAW... tonight was quite possibly one of the best worst episodes ever. Tensai in lingerie dancing was the icing on the cake from hell. I'm beginning to hate this company and the politicks that are taking it down. I'm a loyal fan to them and they're nowhere near loyal to me or the other ones who've been around from the 80's domination, the 90's failing then boom and then the big fall from grace during the "Ruthless Aggression" era.

As it stands right now... I'm not doing crap for Wrestlemania and I'm not buying Elimination Chamber either. They're not going to continue to get my money for their subpar outings.


Leave whatever you wish at the bottom. I'm sure I'll get plenty hate for bashing The Rock and his "glorious" return. -_-

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  1. Lupy1234's Avatar
    Seriously people, if you do not like not watch it. I am done with the WWE. My kids will not watch WWE. They no longer have my support. If enough people do this...WWE will have to change. #donewithWWE
  2. ewantu2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nitro
    You must be just as drunk as the bookers! You think Punk was a fantastic champion? And you believe every word that comes out of JR's mouth, about punk restoring legitimacy to the WWE title? JR only says those things, because Vince pays him to say it! Punk was the worst WWE champion in history. Punk may have good wrestling skills, and he may be confident on the mic, but with the worst ratings in 15 years, that tells you that punk has no ability to entertain.
    1. Punk is the worst champion because of a TV rating and you said he can't entertain because of it? This is what you call a sheep.
    2. TV ratings are slowly starting to mean less. Why watch 40 mins of adds when you can DVR it or youtube the full show?
    3. You can't just blame Punk, Most people i know stopped watching because of John Cena's main eventing over and over again.
    4. After Hell in a Cell everyone know every title defense from there would = Punk retaining till the RR.
  3. Vandarius's Avatar
    Anyone who disagrees with Rob on this sound like Rock fan boys ... Lol. We may not see eye to eye, Rob, but this blog hit the nail on the head, and I'm a fan of the Rock. Always have been, but the way they just take the title from Punk was bullshit.
  4. robbreedlove's Avatar
    not intrested in brock or hhh, I would rather see goldust vs cody the story would be much better. the only good thing about brock is it keeps heyman around.
  5. neekowinston99's Avatar
    I ask you this one simple question, if not The Rock taking the title ending the streak then who? Who would be in your mind good enough to break the streak? How about John Cena he works hard..... wait he wins it all the time. Ryback, he's not earned it. Should I go on as I'm sure you would have reasons for everyone not to beat it. Rock is a legit legend and by his being in the title match three of my friends(who haven't watched since the Attitude Era) tuned in to watch the Royal Rumble and Raw, which I'm sure many old fans will have done, this can only be good for everyone on the roster.
  6. Erroneous Fool's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jorts For Life
    God shut up and stop bitching... Rock is an all time great and has nothing to prove to anyone... Punk was champion for over 400 days and it got stale... Ratings have never been lower and Rock will help bring people back in to watch. Punk got his run be happy with it and get over it... Obviously Rock will be around for the next two months until wrestlemania and it's great to see him as champion one more time
    You just proved his point. "...and has nothing left to prove." So why give a man who has nothing left to prove the WWE championship?
  7. Rambaldi's Avatar
    Relaying my thoughts perfectly into a coherent argument, thank you.

    I am a massive Rock fan but guys like him would have never made it to the top and achieved the levels of success they did had there growth been stunted by part timers consistently. People on here talk about the current generation lacking the star power of greats like the rock but i think the real shame lies in the fact that they are not afforded the resources (meaningful character driving storylines, marketing, effective promo time, in ring opportunities) of past talents. The wwe is becoming increasingly conservative in their approach to business and this is hampering the young men desperately trying to break out and become the next big thing (no pun intended).
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